Ranger Guildhall (Langenfirth)

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This Ranger Guildhall is found in the northern part of Langenfirth, south from Kamze's Repairs.

[Ranger Guild, Courtyard]
A neatly kept yard covered with wispy grass surrounds a large log building with a high-peaked, green roof. A wooden door swings back and forth on a creaky hinge in the front of the cabin. The courtyard opens up to spacious yards on both sides. From the distance the twanging of bow strings and the thunk of arrows hitting their mark can be heard.
You also see a simple lean-to.
Obvious paths: north, south, out.

[Ranger's Guild, Practice Yard]
Along the far side of the yard are split logs propped upright with targets drawn on them. Many arrows are imbedded in the wood, although some have missed their mark and lay scattered about the yard. Several bowman stand about testing the pull of their bows and examine the arrows stacked in their quivers.
You also see a mottled blue target and a mottled red target.
Obvious paths: south.

[The Rangers' Guild, Practice Yard]
The area here has been set aside for the practice of woodland and survival skills. Several pits have been dug to be used for building and lighting fires and to use as cooking sites. A half finished lean-to stands near a corner of the yard, and a pile of wood, much of which is partly carved into what eventually will be useful items, sits in another.
You also see a waste bin.
Obvious paths: north.

[Langenfirth, A Simple Lean-To]
Several flat pieces of wood lay precariously upon some makeshift sawhorses, creating shelves for the wares sold in this quickly constructed shop. Sawdust thrown on the ground makes for cushioned stepping and defines the area well. Several clerks stand about talking to each other, barely noticing any customers who enter.
You also see the courtyard.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ranger Guild, Hall]
This large rustic hall is lined with many wooden benches guarded by trophy heads mounted high on the walls among an exquisite collection of bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts. A raised platform against the far wall bears flickering torches and a large awards case that proudly displays honors achieved by guild members.
You also see the Ranger Guildleader Tolle and a silverwood stand with a guild register on it.
Obvious exits: out.