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This is a list of Trader abilities.

Basic Abilities

These are attained at first joining the guild.

  • Market Advantages (Haggling Bonus)
  • Contract Trading
  • Pack Animals & Caravans
  • Trade Route Justice
  • Rumor System
  • Ledgers
  • Embroidery Bonus
  • Gem Pouch Verbs (GATHER, UNTIE, COMBINE)

Circle Based Abilities

Circle Ability Notes
Circle 2 Commodity Trading
Circle 3 Therengia Trading
Circle 5 Interprovincial Trading
Trader Shop Access: Crossing
Hireling: Attendant
Circle 8 Hireling: Locate Level 1: In-Town
Circle 10 Caravan Corpse Dragging
Circle 12 Gem Pouch Selling (Typically available at this circle)
Speculate Coin Guildleader Kworlin in Muspar'i
Access to Banquet Halls
Circle 15 Shardstar Shipping Services
Fur Packing Crates and Services
Circle 17 Hireling: Crier Level 1: In-Town
Circle 20 Access to Market Tables
Certificates and Coupons
Trader Shop Access: Muspar'i
Trader Jewelry (begins around 80-100 Appraisal)
Circle 23 Hireling: Locate Level 2: In-Province
Circle 25 Horse Trading
Caravan Stable Transfers
Hireling: Messenger Level 1: In-Town
Player Owned Caravans
Circle 28 Hireling: Crier Level 2: In-Town and Surrounding Areas
Circle 30 Auctioneering
Player owned shop (Surfaces: 1/1)
Hireling: Delivery Level 1: In-Town
Circle 35 Storage Boxes included with caravan rentals
Stable Multiple Horses
Kregkeirels Rentals on Aesry
Circle 35 Advanced Riding technique (learn)
Circle 38 Hireling: Messenger Level 2: In-Province
Circle 40 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 1/2)
Circle 43 Hireling: Delivery Level 2: In-Province
Circle 45 Speculate Chaffer Guildleader Imaar in Ratha
Advanced Riding technique (teach)
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 2/2)
Circle 48 Hireling: Locate Level 3: All Provinces
Circle 50 Trader Shop Access: Ratha
Financing: Remote Gem Shops
Financing: Remote Furriers
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 2/3)
Circle 55 Adoptions
Circle 60 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 3/4)
Circle 63 Hireling: Delivery Level 3: All Provinces
Circle 65 Speculate Luck Automatically learned. Overwrites bad (and good) luck when used. Duration grows as you circle. Seems to cap out at 35 minutes duration with a 20 minute CD (to be confirmed).
Circle 70 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 3/5)
Circle 75 Trader Shop Access: Emmiline's Cottage
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 4/5)
Circle 80 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 4/6)
Circle 90 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 5/7)
Circle 100 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 5/8)


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