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This is a list of Trader abilities.

Basic Abilities

These are attained at first joining the guild.

  • Market Advantages (Haggling Bonus)
  • Contract Trading
  • Pack Animals & Caravans
  • Trade Route Justice
  • Rumor System
  • Ledgers
  • Embroidery Bonus
  • Gem Pouch Verbs (GATHER, UNTIE, COMBINE)

Circle Based Abilities

Circle Ability Notes
Circle 2 Commodity Trading
Circle 3 Therengia Trading
Circle 5 Interprovincial Trading
Trader Shop Access: Crossing
Hireling: Attendant
Circle 8 Hireling: Locate Level 1: In-Town
Circle 10 Caravan Corpse Dragging
Circle 12 Gem Pouch Selling Typically available at roughly this circle. It happens when Charisma x ( Appraisal + Trading ) >= 2100
Speculate Coin Guildleader Kworlin in Muspar'i
Access to Banquet Halls
Circle 15 Shardstar Shipping Services
Fur Packing Crates and Services
Circle 17 Hireling: Crier Level 1: In-Town
Circle 20 Access to Market Tables
Certificates and Coupons
Trader Shop Access: Muspar'i
Trader Jewelry (begins around 80-100 Appraisal)
Circle 23 Hireling: Locate Level 2: In-Province
Circle 25 Horse Trading
Caravan Stable Transfers
Hireling: Messenger Level 1: In-Town
Player Owned Caravans
Circle 28 Hireling: Crier Level 2: In-Town and Surrounding Areas
Circle 30 Auctioneering
Player owned shop (Surfaces: 1/1)
Hireling: Delivery Level 1: In-Town
Circle 35 Storage Boxes included with caravan rentals
Stable Multiple Horses
Kregkeirels Rentals on Aesry
Circle 35 Advanced Riding technique (learn)
Circle 38 Hireling: Messenger Level 2: In-Province
Circle 40 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 1/2)
Circle 43 Hireling: Delivery Level 2: In-Province
Circle 45 Speculate Chaffer Guildleader Imaar in Ratha
Advanced Riding technique (teach)
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 2/2)
Circle 48 Hireling: Locate Level 3: All Provinces
Circle 50 Trader Shop Access: Ratha
Financing: Remote Gem Shops
Financing: Remote Furriers
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 2/3)
Circle 55 Adoptions
Circle 60 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 3/4)
Circle 63 Hireling: Delivery Level 3: All Provinces
Circle 65 Speculate Luck Automatically learned. Overwrites bad (and good) luck when used. Duration grows as you circle. Seems to cap out at 35 minutes duration with a 20 minute CD (to be confirmed).
Circle 70 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 3/5)
Circle 75 Trader Shop Access: Emmiline's Cottage
Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 4/5)
Circle 80 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 4/6)
Circle 90 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 5/7)
Circle 100 Plaza Shops (Surfaces: 5/8)


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