Warrior Mage Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Warrior Mage Guildhall is found through the gate one room SE from the Riverhaven north gate. In addition to guild training, it contains the Riverhaven Warrior Mage Guild housing area.

A Garden Path (Entry)

[Riverhaven, A Garden Path]
Walled with high, neatly trimmed hedges, this gravel path leads southwest to a large marble building and northeast to a gate. Entrance to the structure is through an intricately carved arch, inlaid with gold leaf. Large torch lamps placed every few paces, battle back the darkness of night.
Obvious paths: none.

Entrance Hall (Guild)

[Warrior Mage Guild, Entrance Hall]
The polished elegance of this grand chamber is muted in the pale light of several glowing spheres set about the room. A grand staircase of white marble rises to a large balcony above. The Guildmistress lounges in a plush, blood-red leather chair in the center of the dimly-lit hall, idly stroking a flame-shrouded wand in one hand.
You also see an air elemental, an announcement board, a silver plaque set on the wall beside the staircase, a marble stand with a guild proclamation on it and Guildmistress Karazhil.
Obvious exits: north, out.

  • The staircase here is for Guild-members and their guests only.

Residential Halls (housing)

[Warrior Mage Guild, Residential Halls]
A dark mahogany paneling, polished to a mirror finish, covers the walls of this narrow hallway. Soft carpeting hushes footsteps that might disturb the residents enjoying their privacy.
You also see an oak door painted with the fabled Corik's Tomb on Meshor inlaid in tomiek with a Harawep's Spider.
Obvious exits: north, south.

Air Floor (housing)

[War Mage Tower, Air Floor]
A dark grey carpet decorated with a pattern of crossing black lightning bolts covers the floor, matching the decoration on the grey-painted walls. A constant, low thrum hangs just inside the range of hearing, its source nearby not readily apparent. Doors spaced in an even circle around the perimeter lead to initiates' cells.
You also see an iron-trimmed laurelwood door and an ornate brass staircase.
Obvious exits: south, up.

Earth Floor (housing)

[War Mage Tower, Earth Floor]
Bare, dark soil forms the floor underfoot. The stony walls surrounding this circular room are similarly devoid of decoration, keeping instead the plain, natural look preferred by those mages who favor the element of Earth. Doors leading to the initiates' cells line the walls.
You also see a pine door and an ornate brass staircase.
Obvious exits: none.

Water Floor (housing)

[War Mage Tower, Water Floor]
Deep blue carpeting covers the floor, its surface cut in a manner that suggests the rippling of waves upon the surface of a lake. Bright blue spirals, representing the element of water, fill the walls between a series of doors leading to initiates' private cells. The air here is moist and cool upon the skin.
You also see a willow door.
Obvious exits: up, down.

Fire Floor (housing)

[War Mage Tower, Fire Floor]
Lush, red carpeting covers the floor, muffling any ambient noise into oblivion. Images of bloated red suns, representing the element of fire, fill the walls between a series of doors leading to initiates' private cells. The air here is significantly warmer than on the tower's other floors, although the reason is not readily apparent.
You also see a rusty black iron door marred at the bottom by large claw marks.
Obvious exits: up, down.

Aether Floor (housing)

[War Mage Tower, Aether Floor]
Carpeting the color of a death shroud covers the floor, devouring the light as hungrily as Aldauth consumes souls. The walls are devoid of decoration, instead painted a uniform black to match the floor. Only the doors leading to initiates' cells betray any hint of color in this otherwise cold, bleak room.
You also see a walnut door with a scene of Wyvern Mountain.
Obvious exits: down.