Gaethrend's Court

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Gaethrend's Court
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1g
Owner Gaethrend
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Gaethrend's Court, Barroom]
Plush red carpet surrounds a glistening pinewood bar where thirsty travellers stop for a taste of Gaethrend's finest brew. A seemingly endless array of bottles are lined up in front of a classic long bar mirror. You note a few of the bottles contain actively swirling elixirs, twisting about in their containers as if alive. You also see an elegant menu.

"Where The Discerning Patron Is Well Served"
Item Price Done
1 - Golden Ale 15   !!
2 - Imperial Brandy 30   
3 - Starry Road Sherry 25   DG
4 - High Elven Wine 28   !!
5 - Wild Hive Mead 18   !!
6 - Venom Root Elixir - (For Our S'Kra Mur Patrons) 29   !!
7 - Mudrock Brew - (The Gor'Tog's Choice) 21   !!


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Gaethrend's Court
Location: Crossing, Zoluren (RanikMap1)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 8 (0)
Last Checked: 11 Jun 2020

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Hallway - 1 Middle Class, Urban Flamejen silverwood door elaborately carved with blooming vines
Hallway - 1 Middle Class, Urban Selarr yew door
Hallway - 2 Middle Class, Urban Saragos brass-trimmed laurelwood door
Hallway - 2 Middle Class, Urban Athlock pure black obsidian arch
Hallway - 3 Middle Class, Urban Taerah traceried gloomwood arch
Hallway - 3 Middle Class, Urban Mirinjosua maple door carved with the figure of Morganae
Hallway - 4 Middle Class, Urban claimed, but not entered cross-braced and reinforced plank door
Hallway - 4 Middle Class, Urban Misida laurelwood door