Noble Inn Stables

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Noble Inn Stables
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
Owner Derlyk, Samlet
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Stable shops, Horse shops
This store only accepts Lirums
  • Found 1 room west from the north Riverhaven gate. Can also be accessed from the foyer of the Noble Inn.


[Noble Inn, Stables]
The inn's vast stables are so elegantly appointed that the word 'luxurious' is not out of place here. The tall arched ceiling is made of stone, and decorated with colorful inlaid tiles. A raised brick walkway runs between twin lines of wooden stalls. Each stall has its own marble waterbasin, fed by bronze spigots set into the wall. A few horses clustered together in one corner are the only beneficiaries of this opulent home.
You also see a door leading to the inn, the Trader brokerage office, a small corral behind the stables and the tack room.
Obvious exits: out.

  • This room is the horse stable to store and return your horse, the room leads to the trainers & tack room and the office leads to the horse brokerage.

Brokerage Office

[Noble Inn Stables, Brokerage Office]
Traders congregate at the local stables, buying and selling horses and ponies. The office lacks the usual plush accouterments found in the Traders' guild. Instead of working behind polished mahogany desks, the clerks perch atop piles of sweet-smelling hay as they record the sales.
Obvious exits: out.

Tack Room

[Noble Inn Stable, Tack Room]
Even the small tack room shows the marks of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brick floor is laid out in a herringbone pattern, and the terrazzo walls are polished to a soft gleam.
You also see Stableman Derlyk, the stablemaster's office, a basket, a large trunk and a feed box.
Obvious exits: out.

Ask Derlyk about tack
Item Price Done
1. a silver-edged blue leather saddle 25,000   No
2. a brass-trimmed leather bridle 1,800   No
3. a quilted blue saddle pad 13,500   No
4. a blue and tan striped horse blanket 1,500   No
5. a lead rope 800   !!
6. a silver-belled leather halter 1,400   No
Ask Derlyk about feed
Item Price Done
1. some hay 45   
2. a cube of salt 10   
3. some grain 2,000   
4. a juicy carrot 5   
5. a small apple 5   
Ask Derlyk about groom
Item Price Done
1. a stiff brush 300   !!
2. a brass hoof pick 1,000   No
3. a boar-bristle curry comb 250   
4. a brass-backed mane and tail brush 350   No

Stablemaster's Office

[Noble Inn, Stablemaster's Office]
The stablemaster's office lacks the opulent amenities offered to his charges. The brick floor is laid out in a herringbone pattern, and the terrazzo walls are polished to a soft gleam, but the only furnishings are a wooden stool and a flame-scarred oak table. A loft overhead presumably leads to a storage area, but no ladder is in sight to let you get there.
You also see Stablemaster Samlet.
Obvious exits: out.