Cleric Shop (Riverhaven)

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Cleric Shop
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
Owner Othorp
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Cleric shops, Clothing shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Public Room

[Riverhaven, Cleric Shop]
Although only a small window exists in this shop, it does not suffer from a lack of lighting. Just about everywhere a lit candle could safely sit, you see one. Thick fabrics line the walls behind the shelves of goods, quieting the room and protecting the ears from the sounds outside. Behind a small simple table sits the owner, Friar Othorp. You also see a fabric curtain.
Obvious exits: out.

Page 1 - Clerical Needs
Item Price Done
holy oil 1,000   
altar candle 120   
blessed incense 50   
fragrant herbs 500   !!
wood violets 400   !!
small grey-brown feather 30   
blue-grey plume feather 75   
Page 2 - Receptacles
Item Price Done
pierced metal pomander 1,100   !!
gold chalice 800   
crystal bottle 400   !!
silver censer 600   
Page 3 - Holy Items
Item Price Done
sacramental wine 300   
prayer beads 400   !!
prayer chime 900   

Cleric-Escort Required

[Cleric Shop, Storage Room and Supplies]
A small opening in the thick fabric leads out to the main room of the cleric shop. Tucked neatly on shelves are boxes filled with various clerical supplies. Tables are layered with wares for sale, imported by Friar Othorp from the finest merchants around. A robed attendant tends to the merchandise, stocking the tables as needed. You also see a silk-lined ebony tray with several things on it, a carved ebony rack with a somber black shaman's robe on it and a polished ebony table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the polished ebony table - (Tools)
Item Price Done
silver wood shaper inlaid with a black pearl jackal 6,000   
obsidian wood shaper with a leather-wrapped handle 3,000   
steel wood shaper set with a blood-red ruby scorpion 5,000   
silver-edged carving knife with a pale lacewood hilt 5,000   !!!!
obsidian carving knife with an etched ironwood hilt 3,500   
steel carving knife with a knotwork-engraved rosewood hilt 2,000   
elegant bottle crafted with spirals of silver and pearlescent glass 3,000   
cloudy glass bottle set with a brooding onyx vulture 2,500   !!
shadowy black glass bottle embedded with mottled red scorpions 500   
On the silk-lined ebony tray - (Cambrinth)
Item Price Done
delicate cambrinth figurine of the goddess Eylhaar 120,000   
bone and cambrinth ring set with a reclining onyx jackal 12,500   
cambrinth vulture pendant suspended from a fraying blood-red ribbon 5,500   
tarnished silver armband inlaid with black cambrinth scorpions 11,250   
cambrinth chimaera 17,500   
On thecarved ebony rack - (Clothing)
Item Price Done
somber black shaman's robe 12,000   !!

Stock from store in 2002, no longer available

On the felt-lined tray
Item Price Done
cambrinth centaur painted along its back with crude battle markings 25,000   
cambrinth neckband wrapped with leather strips burned with charging boars 40,000   
wolverine-stamped cambrinth medallion attached to a leather headband 25,000   
On the jewelry rack
Item Price Done
tooled leather Kuniyo emblem hung from a tarnished silver chain 6,100   
rough-edged bloodstone Trothfang emblem hung from a gold chain 9,500   
heavy bronze Everild emblem hung from a braided leather cord 7,500   No
On the accessories table
Item Price Done
strand of deep red ruby prayer beads clasped by a large polished bloodstone 78,000   No
silver-inlaid bronze vial 7,000   No
blood-red prayer shawl adorned with a series of roughly cut wooden beads 5,000   
hunter green prayer shawl edged with leather fringe 5,000   No
bronze-colored prayer shawl edged with leather tassels 5,000   No
engraved bronze censer suspended from a sturdy chain 9,000   No