Noble Inn

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Noble Inn
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Noble Inn, Dining Hall]
A long banquet table runs across the center of the room, flanked on each side by padded benches upholstered in delicate embroidered silk. Smaller round dining tables sit in private nooks in the walls, next to tall brass candelabra which shine with a low flickering light. A low murmur of conversation carries from parties of guests seated about the area. The walls are hung with tapestries matching the embroidered burgundy rug covering the floor.
Obvious exits: out.

MENU 1: Main Dishes
Item Price Done
1) razor-clam chowder in a creamy dill-laced broth 32   !!
2) cold jellied eel in a delicate seaweed aspic 30   
3) steamed red crayfish in a spicy Rakash sauce 34   !!
4) steamed salt crabs with melted butter 35   
5) poached salmon in a lemon-butter sauce 38   !!
6) baked capon stuffed with wild rice and apricots 39   
7) pepper-seared steak in a wild mushroom sauce 40   !!
MENU 2: Side Dishes
Item Price Done
8) steamed seaweed in a spicy garlic sauce 20   !!
9) baked autumn vegetables in a brown sugar glaze 22   
10) steamed brown rice dusted with saffron 25   !!
11) salt-crusted boiled new potatoes with butter 22   
12) sliced fried potatoes dusted with sea salt 20   
13) a basket of hot buttered bread 18   
MENU 3: Desserts
Item Price Done
14) baked green apple in a creamy brown sugar glaze 22   
15) poached golden pear in a red wine sauce 24   !!
16) chocolate torte drizzled with brandied cherries 35   !!
17) white chocolate mousse with glazed raspberries 30   
18) apple pie topped with melted cheddar cheese 25   
MENU 4: Beverages from the Bar
Item Price Done
19) dark brown ale - brewed on the premises 15   !!
20) spring wheat beer - smooth and cool 18   !!
21) harvest mead - sweet and fruity 20   DG
22) hot buttered rum - chase the chill away 22   !!
23) gingered dark rum toddy - good for head colds 25   
24) potent apple brandy - made in Therengia 28   
25) dry red wine 32   !!
26) sweet sherry 32   
27) tart raspberry liqueur 35   
28) red currant cordial - imported from Arthe Dale 25   !!


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Noble Inn
Location: Riverhaven, Therengia (RanikMap30)
Class / Type: Upper / Rural, Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 3 (1)
Last Checked: 18 May 2019

Noble Inn.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Hallway - 2 Upper Class, Urban Persophina wooden door
Hallway - 2 Upper Class, Urban Bilgrath elegant ebonwood door
Hallway - 2 Upper Class, Rural Elyaas dark mahogany door