Net and Bait

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Net and Bait
Province Therengia
Town Langenfirth
Map Ranik's Map 40
Owner Lodo
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Fishing Supply shops, Food shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums
  • Outside the store are the fish buyer and a blackboard listing winners of biggest fish catches.

[Net and Bait, Fish Market]
The market reeks of fish although it sells a variety of goods. Once nothing more than a shop for bait, it now buys the local catch and sells many sundries along with the fish to travelers and locals alike. A large barrel marked "Today's Special" sits in a corner near the door. Shelves of sundries line the wall and there is a selection of tackle along another. The sound of fish being slapped hard on wood, and the rending sound of a knife through scales is heard from the back. You also see a fish-weighing scale hanging from the ceiling on a ragged rope, a long counter with a worn catalog on it, and the halfling Lodo.

Page 1 - Dried and Fresh Fish
Item Price Done
dried salmon 300   
fresh lake perch 402   
smoked clams 606   
salted catfish 606   
Page 2 - Other Sundries
Item Price Done
bread loaf 180   
cheese wheel 202   
local brew 480   
berry wine 300   
Page 3 - Fisherman's Supplies
Item Price Done
fishing pants 960   
fishing shirt 960   
fisherman's hat 340   
oilcloth cloak 1,360   No
picnic basket 1,380   !!
hip waders 1,440   No
folding fishing pole 750   
Page 4 - Other Supplies
Item Price Done
knapsack 1,602   
portable stove 1,004   
water jug 500   No
Page 5 - Bait
Item Price Done
fish eggs 99   No
meat 99   No
live minnows 99   No
live fish 99   No
handmade worms 99   No
Page 6 - Hooks and Lines
Item Price Done
size 20 hooks 60   No
size 50 hooks 125   No
type 5 line 60   No
type 8 line 25   No