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This timeline, taken from the Simutronics webpage, describes events that took place during the Outcast War.

April 8, 2004

On the 11th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe (Day 291) in the year of the Iron Toad (375), an army of desert warriors - Outcasts all, marches forth from the wastelands beyond the Velakan desert down through Muspar'i towards the cities of Therenborough and Riverhaven. Meanwhile in a surprise move, Prince Saeward of the Ker'leor Gypsies leads his own band of brigands in an attack on the great Keep itself.

With the Warrior King Raenilar himself leading the advance, a forward attachment of at least a thousand warriors reaches the outskirts of Theren. Prince Saeward turns his forces south, moving on the idyllic enclave known as Langenfirth in an obviously coordinated effort. The Outcast forces move to the east and toward Riverhaven via Rossman's Landing, the remaining divisions being brought up from behind.

As the day waned, Prince Saeward's forces secure Langenfirth while the Outcasts capture Riverhaven, snatching it from its beleagured defenders. Saeward's Gypsies barricade the way to Rossman's, effectively cutting off Therenborough. Across the lake, Orcs and Goblins assist the Outcasts in locking down Riverhaven and securing the city. In an unusual display of mercy, the ferry entrance is left available for the refugees to evacuate the city and the dead to be extracted. The refugees arrive in Zoluren late into the night.

April 9, 2004

Day 295 and the embattled citizens of Therengia valiantly reclaim Langenfirth, driving the Gypsies out with the aid of King Talorc, who dispatches Saeward and retreats with the Gypsies further into Ker'Leor. There are sporadic attacks on occupied Riverhaven as the Outcasts' defenses are tested, most are repulsed easily while evacuations continue. The Zoluren Navy battles with a schooner in Arthe Bay, driving off the encroaching pirates. Zoluren's forces are prevented from assisting Therengia full-scale as they are forced to contend with attacks from the west by Ogre Chieftain Naarg as well as the Pirates in Arthe Dale proper. They were assisted by the miscreant Grishnok and his motley assortment of Cyclops, Adan'f and Goblins, along with Jomay and the horde of Orcs at her command.

April 10, 2004

By Day 300 the attacks in Zoluren have intensified, with waves of Ogres and Goblins striking from the west as Orcs travel the Northern Trade Route. The last of the barricades in Langenfirth are destroyed by the Theren defenders. The known Pirate ships The Black Star and The Ornery Wench sail into Riverhaven's harbour, followed scant hours later by the Talinak and Reaver. There is a flurry of activity as the Outcast armies appear to be preparing to set sail with their Pirate comrades. Scattered skirmishing continues, but does not deter the Outcasts from provisioning the ships and other preparations. A majority of the forces board the Pirate ships in anticipation of departure, while a couple thousand continue to patrol the city and oversee the supplies.

In desperate attempts to help with fortifications, the town gates are upgraded and reinforced in both the small town of Kaerna and its southern neighbor Arthe Dale. Siege weaponry to be used as defense is hastily deployed in both Crossing and south in Shard.

April 11, 2004

The occupation of Riverhaven continues through day 304. The harbour becomes a busy thoroughfare as ships rotate into the docks, are loaded to the brim with men and supplies, then depart. The last of the Outcast forces depart aboard the Talinak and Black Star, leaving small units behind to oversee the Orcs and Goblins now controlling the barricades.

Immediately after the primary withdrawal, General Amlach leads the Baron's forces against the occupying forces in a tremendous display of leadership, taking down the northernmost barricade and allowing defenders to breach the city. Bloody fighting continues well into the next day as the last of the invaders is killed and the city itself is reclaimed by joyous Therengians.

Meanwhile out on the high seas, the outbound Outcasts are detoured by a run-in with the ZEF -- who pitch several battles against the heavily armed schooners, thwarting their movements and driving them from the mainland routes towards Qi.

April 12, 2004

Apparently using the Dirge fortress as a base of operations, the city of Riverhaven is attacked once more as enemy forces are relayed north via Moongate, in a belated attempt to reinforce what few barricades remained standing. Ultimately they were destroyed and the city's full control returned once more to its own citizens by Day 310. The city continues to be subject to sporadic attacks, some heavy at times -- tying up the majority of Therengia's defenses. Chieftain Naarg marched once more on Crossing's West Gate down in Zoluren, briefly entering the city before being driven back like whelps.

During the melee, the region of Leth Deriel was attacked by Pirates in a focused attempt to reach the city. The Pirates were aided by Orcs, acting in league with one another to free the Pirate Magnoona from her prison within the city. The combined Cavalry Units of Zoluren operated in tandem with allies from Shard and the Infantry to drive all enemy forces from the fabled Elven stronghold. While they lost the prisoner, they certainly won the day for Zoluren and her allies.

April 13, 2004

The dawn of Day 314 heralds a free Riverhaven. Having been forced eastward by the harrying ZEF, the Outcasts and their Pirate companions put into the Pirate Haven to restock and repair their ships. Once completed, they emerge once more and launch a surprise attack on Ratha.

Outcast forces spearheaded the attack, quickly taking over the Uaro and Neh docks before the citizens could rally to their defense. The Pirates forces establish at least three outposts, effectively cutting the islanders off from the docks.

Having turned Ratha over to the Red Sash, the Outcast forces withdraw to their ships, preparing to depart. The island of Ratha has suffered heavy losses, while the rest of Qi scrambles for its defenses. The mainland continues to get harried by attacks in both Therengia and Zoluren as Grishnok and Jomay use Wyren to facilitate their troops' movements.

A coordinated assault by Naarg's, Grishnok's and Jomay's forces assault the city of Crossing, perhaps two anlaen before Ratha is hit. Naarg's forces fail to reach the West Gate, while Grishnok's Adan'f and Cyclops are met and successfully held at bay at the Northeast Gate. Jomay's forces however, encountered little resistance and entered the city, at one time cutting off the Cleric Guild from the rest of the city and causing much mayhem before finally being routed by Zoluren's staunchest defenders.

And thus the sun rises on Day 316 ... Elanthia waits for the next move.

April 14th, 2004

Day 318 and harried islanders continue to scramble to reclaim their beloved Ratha with a series of fierce battles that stretches out over the course of days. With no intention of leaving their land in the clutching grasp of the Red Sash the citizens wage a constant war to recoup what is theirs, the normally peaceful streets echoing with the valiant cries of the defenders.

Ogre Chieftain Naarg marches out from his western stronghold once more, threatening the precincts outside of Crossing's West Gate. In a tense standoff lasting several anlaen, his forces block off Wolf Clan and were determinedly driven back up into the stark hillsides of their home.

Throughout the day Votary Wyren, operating from a fortress in Dirge, used his abilities to further the enemy's causes by assisting their forces with a series of Moongates to tactical locations. The brave citizens of Therengia entrenched themselves even further in the defense of their harbor city as Wyren kept placing fresh troops from Grishnok, Jomay and even Naarg's forces virtually on their front steps. If they thought they would own Riverhaven once more however, they were sadly mistaken as they confronted the full brunt of Haven's defenders.

April 15th, 2004

After days of bloody fighting, by the time night falls on Day 320 the fair jewel of Ratha has been snatched back from the claws of the Red Sash - the Pirate scum driven from the shores in droves. Unfortunately they found another fruit ripe for the plucking, regrouping their forces they moved rapidly toward the smaller island of M'Riss, taking the island by force in a swift and barbarous assault. The battles waged were exceptionally brutal as the Pirates met an unexpected level of resistance from a small community of highly skilled defenders. The Pirate Captain Jourok actually met with the thirteen after a run-in with the island's own Captain Jafe, however the Goblin Grishnok was swift in his retribution. During the fierce fighting the Outcasts alleged Viceroy Egolan was struck down while trying to assist Jourok; enraged Outcasts go on a rampage as a result - decimating the island.

Back on the mainland Votary Wyren is kept busy in the transportation business, masterfully gating assorted troops assembled from Grishnok's Jomay's and Naarg's respective forces to the front lines of RiverHaven. Quick-thinking citizens begin to anticipate his actions after careful and constant observation of the Dirge Fortress. A few well-placed sigils thwart any number of Wyren's attempts to wreak more havoc.

April 16th, 2004

It is now the 3rd day of the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine, Day 323 in the year of the Iron Toad (375), thirty-two days into some of the most exhaustive fighting Elanthia has ever seen.

With M'Riss secure, the Pirate Jourok was spotted setting a new course ... back towards Ratha.

April 16th, 2004

M'Riss remains held in an iron vise by the Pirate hordes as Day 325 draws to a close, its residents battling valiantly to try and rout the marauding Sash. Turning their eyes to the shining tiers of Ratha, they arrived in force and tested the island's defenses throughout the day. Not only was Grishnok spotted, but the vile Pirate Jourok led the fray alongside the nefarious Bretari. Wicked skirmishes led from the blood-soaked beaches up into the tiers as the city was pillaged and barricaded at the enemy's whim.

The mainland saw its share of action as enemy forces continued to harry the various Clans with swift and violent raids. The battle-weary city of Riverhaven held off numerous raids as more attempts were made on this once peaceful harbor town.

April 17th, 2004

Having brutally ripped their provisions from the belly of Qi, the fleet sails on for Aesry. The Outcast armies freely aided the ill-reputed Captain Aedem of the Red Sash as they spearheaded a brutal assault on the docks, his forces spreading out behind them to breach the inner ring of this island sanctuary. The Warrior King Raenilar through his thoughts conversed openly with Aedem, reminding him that their "debt" would soon be paid in full. While never disclosing what that might entail, their voracious forays into the islands leaves little doubt that they are what hang in the balance. Having not had their fill on the steps of Aesry, they then moved swiftly over to Ratha. Despite the vicious tenacity of the islanders, enemy forces, bolstered by the Outcast armies, secure the first three tiers of Ratha by Day 328

Votary Wyren continued to aid in the persistent haranguing of RiverHaven, utilizing his skills to mobilize troops into their vicinity. Despite his continued efforts, the city remains free and has withstood all advances since being reclaimed by Therengia.

April 18th, 2004

The brisk autumn winds filled the sails of the schooners that sailed against the mainland around Day 330. In a series of lightning-fast maneuvers, scores of Red Sash troops were offloaded to the docks, only to have the ships swing around and engage the naval forces. Both Zoluren and Therengia have cause to celebrate, having successfully sent a schooner apiece to watery graves with all hands onboard. Leth Deriel and Riverhaven were both struck hard by violent Pirate raids, eventually driving them from their shores handily.

Crossing's western defenders enjoyed delivering a crushing defeat to Ogre Chieftain Naarg's troops today, they were barely able to reach the west brook before elite Zoluren forces decimated them. The Ogres seemed almost overwhelmed, and sadly presented little challenge for some of the Zolurenites engaging them. However with all eyes and resources turned to the west, Jomay's Orcs breached into the city proper via the North Gate. Meeting little resistance, they proceeded to rampage through most of the town before being routed by scrambling defenders.

Embattled Ratha continues to dig itself out from under their Pirate oppressors, their fierce resistance slowly gaining them their home back one destroyed timber at a time. As the sun sets on Day 333, there are faint reports that Votary Wyren has moved squads of Grishnok's troops right into Crossing's Town Green ...

In what can only be described as a moonbeam melee, Zoluren's defenders try to ward off Wyren's attempts as best they could. Using his own strategy against him, citizens cried out when they felt a sense of unease as he tried to locate their whereabouts -- after which his beams were tracked down and destroyed as sigil after sigil crashed to the ground. Like hounds to the scent they chased the mad fox about the city, preventing untold loss of life. Then came the stunning report from the north, Wyren had been captured and was unconscious in Throne City! The wily Votary was soon on his feet however, leading his would-be captors through the dark recesses of the ancient city. The air was fraught with tension and for a short time he was bereft of moons, his capture and a victory seemed imminent. Then Katamba rose, its unfathomable darkness almost ironic as Wyren swiftly harnessed it to make his escape, diving back into the safety of his fortress.

April 19th, 2004

Thanks to the quick work of provincial engineers, the city of Crossing now boasts functioning battlements. From their new perches above the city's walls, Zoluren's defenders will be able to have a bird's-eye view as well as first shot and anyone looking to encroach upon the city. The militia was seen happily scaling the structures as they examined them for the best vantage points and locations to install siege weaponry. While the North Gate still remains in a state of disrepair, between this and the upgrades to the West and Northeast gates Zoluren has surely been granted a boon to its defenses. Despite these attempts at reinforcements, Naarg's forces managed to impinge upon the northwestern precincts of the city late in the afternoon on Day 335. Eventually driven from the city like unwanted curs, they remain a constant threat to Zoluren's western front.

Unfortunately, the enemy seems bent on fortifying their positions as well. There was a flurry of activity up at the Dirge Fortress as construction teams were seen working at fortifying the imposing fort gates. From safe inside this enclave, the highly sought after Votary continued to sporadically move troops into RiverHaven and down into Crossing. Even with his level of skill, he must be finding it more and more difficult to work, as all eyes are on him and the people band together to thwart all of his favorite ploys. His polite inquiries on the gweth are often met with derision and responses from such a wide myriad of locations that it must surely be more work for him to narrow down his targets. Though with a small measure of dismay, the Goblin Grishnok was spotted back on the mainland -- returning to the Dirge Fortress from his island holiday and thus making their threat all the worse. To the south, another schooner was caught lurking off the coast of Arthe Dale. With a minimum of fuss our own ZEF removed it of its ability to stay afloat and thus dispatched the threat before it could do any serious damage.

Meanwhile out on the islands their tenacity is being rewarded as they gain their homes back inch by agonizing inch. Voices made harsh from exhaustion cheer in celebration every time a tower falls in Ratha. Several more were destroyed through the night of Day 337, the Pirates are losing their toeholds on the rugged island. Over on the ringed jewel of Aesry, the fierce inhabitants have destroyed yet another of the reinforced barricades, much to the enemy's chagrin. More pirates arrived on the shores late into the day as the enemy was forced to call for reinforcements. Qi continues to hold its own, hopefully their dogged determination will see them victorious.

April 20th, 2004

Cries of celebration echo through the tiers of Ratha as the embattled islanders finally shake off the Pirate's iron grip on their island by Day 340, the Red Sash will find no haven there. Aesry and M'Riss remain under siege, though if the Pirates thought this would be an easy task they are finding themselves choking on their own blood as they try to retain their footholds. Back on the mainland Riverhaven finds itself subjected to continued assaults. With Grishnok's return they've upped the ante as Wyren gated a company of Goblins into the beleaguered port city. Despite the renewed intensity of the offensive, the citizens were able to repel the invading hordes and keep claim to their homes. Wyren's moonbeams are now sought after like treasure, the crashing of sigils sound much like laughter in the face of his frustration.

The Red Sash hit idyllic Arthe Dale hard from the bay. During the assault, Orcs were gated into the town, blocking access to various spots including the Trader outpost. While the defenses scrambled, Grishnok busied himself by raiding the Commodities Pit, completely wiping out the stores there. The security of the Crossing and Leth Deriel pits are now seriously in question. During the attack a scroll was found on the Leaping Dolphin, wrested from a dead Pirate. The scrawled writing carries news of the worst sort, the Red Sash is sailing for Zoluren in force and with it ... the entire Outcast army.

The Ogre Chieftain Naarg himself led a large group of troops in an assault on Crossing's West Gate. The ferocity of it drove some of the defenders back; they breached the town and managed to block off areas for a short time, including the bank. However the Zoluren forces rallied swiftly and once more drove them back out of the city. More construction was seen inside the Dirge Fort, the gates have been fortified with metal and now bristles with archers at the ready. The rancid stench of burning oil roils down from cauldrons kept boiling atop the gates.

April 21st, 2004

The oceans off the coast of Leth Deriel were awash with blood, bodies and debris as the ZEF saw some of their fiercest fighting by Day 344, with heavy losses taken on both sides. The Talinak and the Lugpuur went to battle with Zoluren as the Dawnsinger, Ornery Wench and Black Star worked to deploy Outcasts and provisions in Acenamacra.

Unable to match the ZEF's skill, the Pirates could do little more than scramble like rats as the Talinak and the Lugpuur were reduced to shattered bits of soggy kindling. They did not go quietly however, before the smoke cleared Zoluren's forces suffered a crushing blow as the Proud Nissa sank beneath the surface to her doom, courtesy of the Dawnsinger. Thankfully her crew was saved and will be able to rally and fight another day. As if our sodden defenders did not have enough to contend with, a hard strike on the Leaping Dolphin resulted in a stunning loss for Zoluren -- the current heir, young Lord Keresyk si'Allvar, was washed overboard. Before the ZEF could swing around and rescue him, he was spotted being fished from the stormy waters by none other than Captain Aedem himself and remains in the Pirate's custody.

With their confidence high and demonstrating their superiority on the high seas, they did not neglect to remind Qi that they still have a hold there. Captain Aedem posted his terms of occupation to the residents of Aesry in a move that looks more like extortion than for political gain. Demanding money, services and sovereignty for Shark Clan, it is unlikely he will be met with anything other than derision by the ferocious island defenders.

A prolonged coordinated assault was launched against the inhabitants of the Dirge Fortress by a coalition of Zoluren and Therengian forces. Time became the enemy on both sides as the gates sustained heavy damage and were repaired as rapidly as the drones inside could do it. Fighting hard through the night and throughout Day 345, the exhausted military offensive finally proved successful as the inept Votary Wyren bolted like a rabbit driven from his hole moments before the fort fell. He was eventually found back in the region of Leth Deriel, having once more barely escaped with his life.

Weeks of intolerable waiting draw to an end as the Outcasts return to the mainland. With the aid of their Pirate allies they land in droves in Leth Deriel. Driven by history and the Warrior King Raenilar, they shrug off Zoluren's forces and set their eyes directly south. The ground trembled all up and down the Southern Trade Route as the divisions marched inexorably south. They finally drew to a stop on the northern side of the area known as the Gash, making camp and working on provisions and rest -- obviously regrouping for their next offensive.

April 22nd, 2004

The howls of snowbeasts that usually echo through the Gash were drowned out by battle cries by Day 348. One has to wonder what these desert dwellers thought of the snowy wastelands of northern Ilithi; surely it cannot be what they bargained for. While Wyren launched an assault on Leth Deriel, effectively detracting any would be aid from the north; Warrior King Raenilar's forces gathered en masse near the chasm.

In a surprising display of skill and with no small effort, Wyren managed to use his gating abilities to move Raenilar's forces into northern Ilithi with only minor casualties (namely himself). This was accomplished while defenders bound and determined to impede their progress if not halt it completely pummeled the Outcasts at every turn. Despite the military's efforts the Outcasts doggedly moved onward, regrouping in northern Ilithi.

Meanwhile across the waters, the small island of M'Riss and its hardy inhabitants shrug off the last of the Pirates grip on their home. Destroying the last of the towers they drive the brigands off, forcing them to retreat back and turning the tides on them.

April 23rd, 2004

Day 350 and Ilithi mountains reverberate with the screams of warriors and the moans of the wounded and dying. The Outcasts consider their brutal assault, pushing hard to the south as they head for the city of Shard. Every ponderous step is met with incredibly fierce resistance and their fearsome countenance slips a little as their numbers begin to wan in the face of the ferocious defenders. Reports that they've hollowed out a hidden encampment and begun moving supplies in trickle up from the south.

The Surlaenian Council gives the Pirate Aedem an answer to his terms, a resounding "No!" that is echoed swiftly by the crushing defeat of the remaining pirate forces on their fair island. By the passing of Day 352 the Province of Qi is finally free. Remote bands of pirates are still ranging the deep interiors of Aesry, Ratha and M'Riss, but are no longer prepared to mount an onslaught.

April 24th, 2004

Bloody fighting continues to rage through Ilithi, with the Warrior King Raenilar's troops forming as close as the North Gate of the city by day 354. The exhausted Ilithi militia, bolstered by assistance from the other Provinces, refuses to relent. Unwilling to give up even the smallest concession, they fight until they drop. The fiercest fighters remain on point through the night, proving to the Outcasts that Ilithi is homeland to others as well, and they will not give in to their ancient claims. Raenilar's forces take heavy losses, unable to master terrain so foreign to them.

The city of Riverhaven was assaulted from the water, getting hit hard as a schooner moved into the harbor. Docking at the pier, they offload troops of Red Sash Pirates before fleeing back out into open waters. A little further south, Zoluren intelligence confirms reports of a hidden Outcast encampment, though scouts have thus far been unable to locate its exact position. The Goblin Prince Tnok pays a visit to Zoluren, offering his aid, willing to send his troops to engage those serving Grishnok.

April 25th, 2004

The morning sun moves through the sky on Day 359, illuminating a field of carnage. In what was surely a stunning defeat, the bodies of thousands of Outcasts litter the ground before departing at the feet of Ilithi's defenses, led by Aurica Tearchild, an Elothean Warrior Mage of incredible skill. The desert storm that threatened to explode into life over Shard dissipates like a summer squall. The Warrior King Raenilar gathers the remnants of his forces and retreats to his encampment, the promise of vengeance riding heavily on the air.

Despite the celebrations to the south, Zoluren is kept busy with its own troubles. Ogre Chieftain Naarg sends his forces against Crossing, once more hammering the Western defenses and assaulting anyone in their path. During some of his moongate shenanigans, Votary Wyren stumbles across the Zoluren Bard Guildleader, Silvyrfrost. Sensing his opportunity he attempts to affect her capture, failing miserably in his trademark style. Later Grishnok is spotted sneaking into the city of Crossing and is quickly chased off.

His Majesty, Prince Vorclaf of Zoluren, puts bounty on the Pirate Captain Aedem. He offers one thousand platinum kronars to those who would capture the nefarious pirate and bring him to Zoluren for justice. He also confirmed the intelligence reports that Grishnok was marshalling troops to march on the city of Crossing from three directions, in order to allow the citizens to best prepare their defenses.

April 26th, 2004

In the wee hours of Day 364, a schooner arrived at Acenamacra under the cover of darkness. Offloading its troops and supplies to the unguarded pier, a gleeful Wyren launches an attack into Crossing, causing the defenses to scramble into action to repel him. The Zoluren Cavalry has since doubled its efforts and the hapless Votary remains one of the most sought after villains.

Beyond that the lands catch their breath in the relative quiet, the mainland and island alike slowly coming to life with some sense of normalcy as they try to make repairs on people and property alike. Scouts continue to return without information of the hidden encampment, however the wilds of Ilithi are vast and difficult to scour.

April 27th, 2004

The Pirate Jourok and Votary Wyren were spotted aboard a schooner on Day 368. They arrived in Acenamacra and offloaded a bevy of Red Sash troops. Oddly enough rather than join them, they boarded the schooner and rapidly left. Apparently on a mission versus a pleasure cruise, they were overheard talking about the missing ship, The Reaver. Having taken serious damage during the fighting at sea, it had put in for repairs. There is speculation on whether or not there are Outcasts still aboard her, as well as if there are any of their sisters and brethren left to fight in the deserts.

Viceroy Egolan, Koromas and Yhaman were all spotted at the encampment, having obviously survived the heavy fighting. They evinced some anger and frustration, but an overall sense of purpose - as if this were simply a minor setback versus the loss of the majority of their forces. Scores of wounded were being moved about the tents, their harsh cries ringing out from the distance as they were tended to.

April 28th, 2004

The Pirate Captain Aedem is overheard arguing with an Outcast Leader on Day 373, confirming that The Reaver was indeed a transport ship and not all the Outcasts were decimated in Ilithi. Meanwhile up north Prince Saeward reemerged from the depths of Ker'Leor, assaulting the city of Riverhaven with murderous intent the night before last. The tide was quickly turned on him however and it was only with the skillful, albeit risky help of Wyren was he able to escape his pursuers.

A schooner slips into the Arthe Bay, managing to offload even more Red Sash troops before making a hasty departure. They work swiftly to block off the port in Arthe Dale, invading the small town with ferocity and engaging the Zoluren forces heavily. With the defenses distracted, Jomay's Orcs and Mammoths launch an offensive on Dirge, retaking the fort. However Zoluren is unwilling to give up the smallest parcel of land to these miscreants and musters a vicious response, causing Grishnok, Jourok and Wyren to all join the battle against the tenacious defenders. Their efforts were to no avail and they were driven like sheep from the Dirge Fortress.

The Ogre Chieftain Naarg slipped his forces toward Tiger Clan, erecting a barricading and blocking the small hamlet off for his own uses. Crossing's western defenses would hear none of it however and battered the Ogre's brood of henchmen throughout the day until they fled back across the grasslands and the Clan was reclaimed.

April 29th, 2004

The embattled region around Dirge sees more activity around Day 376 as Grishnok is spotted lurking around the area with some of his Adan'f forces. Jomay's Orcs make a march on the city of Crossing, sending a few waves of attack without seeming purpose other than to tire the defenders of the teeming city.

During the melee, a schooner is sighted off the coast of Leth Deriel, but it vanishes quickly, before it can be identified. From the merchants in Zoluren comes an unusual report - a marked increase across the province of weapons sales.

April 30th, 2004

Day 380 and a relative calm has fallen over the mainland as Goblin hordes and Pirate thugs seem to take their ease for a change. There is a small commotion in Zoluren as a local Trader is arrested for smuggling provisions south to the Outcasts. His caravans were confiscated and he was placed in the dungeon to await His Majesty's decision regarding his fate.

The Dawnsinger, bristling with mercenaries and moving at a furious clip, was spotted chasing down a schooner that had been captured by a ZEF patrol. While the schooner's inventory had not been taken, it must have been of some significance. The Pirates managed to board it and eventually sink it with all hands on board. There were no survivors.

May 1st, 2004

In the bitter cold of Day 384 Zoluren saw some of the heaviest fighting in recent weeks. Ogre Chieftain Naarg marched the largest force seen to date across the western grasslands of Zoluren. They were halted before breaching the West Gate of Crossing and began to make short work of the western front. Naarg's forces erected sturdy barricades and fortified his holding with a siege tower, securing the grasslands for his use. Meanwhile scores of Goblins and Ogres swarmed into Wolf Clan and Tiger Clan, capturing them quickly and erecting outposts.

The picturesque hamlet of Arthe Dale was battered once more, proving that any access to open waters leaves a vulnerability to be exploited. Schooners raced through the choppy waters of the Bay to swiftly offload troops and provisions at the docks. They immediately moved to block off the road to the port, fortifying it with a tower and men. The network of enemies proves strong as Jomay's Orcs, working in collusion with the Pirate forces, march into Arthe Dale. They erect barricades that stall the offenders as they proceed to pillage the city, stripping it of provisions that are then taken to the waiting schooners.

With Naarg and Jomay working with the Pirates to the south of them, the Goblin Grishnok and Votary Wyren set their goal as reclaiming the already trampled city of Dirge. The heavy fighting served its purposes as the fort was taken with no resistance. Meanwhile the Goblin's army of Adan'f and Mammoths moved into the town itself, securing the city proper. A new fortress gate was swiftly erected as they set up shop in Dirge once more.

Prince Saeward lashed out at Riverhaven again, hitting the city from the north. He was supported by Wyren, who used his Dirge base to gate reinforcements into the Haven attacks. While the cities are being raided for supplies, yet another Trader is arrested for arms smuggling, demonstrating a growing internal problem as greed supplants loyalty. Ilithi is not immune to these strikes, as Viceroy Yhaman of the Outcasts is spotted hitting Steel Claw Clan. Meeting almost no resistance he raids the weapons stores and the Trader's Guild. With his fresh success he takes the time to move on Fayrin's Rest as well, leaving the Shard outskirts reeling.

The most disturbing news comes not from the fighters at the fronts, but from the travelers from the north. A large contingency of Outcast forces, numbering a few thousand fresh soldiers, moves out from Muspar'i. With a single-minded purpose they make no stops or engage in any skirmishing. In short order they move via moongate, first to Riverhaven then down to the newly reclaimed Dirge outpost. There they appear to be making final preparations for another large move.

May 2nd, 2004

With ferocious tenacity, the Zoluren militia ripped the western Clans from Naarg's grip by Day 390. Reclaiming both Wolf and Tiger Clan, they oust the Ogre's forces back into his mountainous home. Arthe Dale groans under the weight of its oppressors, remaining under heavy siege as it is systematically raided for supplies. A surge of defenders manages to destroy one of the towers at the Arthe Dale docks, bolstering the morale of the militia as they work to reclaim the small town.

The Reaver is spotted on open seas, moving toward the mainland.

May 3rd, 2004

The Votary Wyren spends a busy day manipulating his moonbeams as he works to support the non-stop raids on Arthe Dale by Day 394. Systematic attacks on the barricades result in little damage as the reinforcements repair them at the first break in the fighting. Orcs and Pirates strike the city in wave after wave, each drawing the militia away from the barricades in order to defend the city.

The city of Leth Deriel is hit for supplies as well, though rather than coming through Acenamacra, Wyren gates Goblin units directly into the city in a lightning raid. Meanwhile Velmix, Jourok and Grishnok are all spotted up around Dirge - their combined forces raiding the remaining Dirge stores. The Goblin doesn't stay in one place however, and sends his forces to support the Ogres as Naarg strikes Wolf Clan again and secures it with fortified barricades.

From across the ocean there is no word as to the fate of Zoluren's heir.

May 4th, 2004

The rustic clearings of Wolf Clan are converted to trampled battlefields as Ogre Chieftain Naarg reinforces his holdings, sending more troops and fortifying the barricades by Day 396. Arthe Dale squirms in the savage grasp of its attackers, working to shrug off its barricades as the militia grits its teeth and fights tirelessly to free it for Zoluren.

Goblin forces bypass Crossing completely and push through Leth Deriel, raiding the shops at every opportunity. The morose city of Dirge seems even more so as it bears the weight of a continued siege, the occupying army slowly sucking it devoid of any sustenance. Just to the north the Pirate hit Riverhaven again, seeking a strong vantage point and place for supplies. They're no longer facing green defenses however; the militia handily dispatches them back to where they came from.

During the resulting melees there is a stroke of luck, the Pirate Jourok is captured and rapidly moved deep within the confines of Throne City. For a time it looked like there may have been an end to his gibbering and brutal attacks, but it was not to be. Both Grishnok and Wyren moved swiftly to rescue the sorry tar, with the Votary having the advantage at being recently captured there himself.

May 5th, 2004

The heavily bloodied Day 400 brings cause for much celebration as one by one, the sieges are broken and the occupied territories freed. On the western Zoluren front Wolf Clan and Tiger Clan are littered with the rubble of shattered barricades and the debris of Naarg's fleeing forces. With the militia beyond exhausted, the push on through the night and finally free the city of Arthe Dale - driving the Pirates into the sea and demolishing the last of the structures. In a desperate maneuver, the Pirates tried to mimic their southern counterparts and barricade the city of Riverhaven. However the battle-savvy citizens managed to destroy their efforts and maintain the port and city as free.

The forces garrisoned at the Dirge fort are suspiciously quiet, the Outcasts seemingly unwilling to venture forth any interest in the fights for Zoluren and Therengia. Perhaps they do not wish to detract from their purpose or weaken themselves further, yet lie in wait as provisions arrive.

May 6th, 2004

A new year arrives with little break in the hostilities. On the 2nd day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Emerald Dolphin (376) the Outcasts are seen persevering at replenishing their supplies in as they try to recoup their losses and regroup. The Outcast Warrior Yhaman himself led raiding parties in hard strikes against the sylvan enclave of Leth Deriel, demonstrating a taste for the Elven weaponry and food supplies.

The beleaguered city of Dirge resembles a skeleton picked clean by scavengers; their meager stores having been completely stripped and the shops closed down while the occupying forces continue a relentless assault. The Northern Trade Route became a treacherous thoroughfare as scores of Orcs and Adan'f battled with Zoluren up and down its length - the exhausted militia gamely holding its own while beating the enemy back to their own frontlines.

May 7th, 2004

Day 8 saw heavy activity in and around Acenamacra. Numerous caravans and trade vessels were sighted, the heavy traffic at the pier raised a lot of suspicion, but no attacks or arrests were made. Viceroy Egolan and Jomay were sighted traveling together in southern Zoluren. Before they could be followed, they disappeared deep into the surrounding forests, giving no indication of their purpose or destination.

The hamlet of Kaerna was the focus of some unusual attention. An Orc squad was spotted rapidly fleeing the area after a minor attack on the town's gates. The damage to the gates was negligible, leaving witnesses curious as to the purpose of the assault.

May 8th, 2004

Zoluren forces rallied by Day 12 and mounted a retaliatory strike on the Dirge Fort. They were repelled with some significant effort by the Fort's residents, only after being bolstered by squads of Outcasts who were ordered into the fray. Meanwhile Jomay and Velmix were overheard having an obscure conversation regarding some type of "transformation." The details are inadequate as to their nefarious designs, but point to their working together toward a common goal.

The Goblin Grishnok dispatched a division of his troops; they were seen exiting the Fort numbering around a thousand all tolled. The Zoluren militia was lying in wait for them, cutting down at least two full units before they could do any significant damage. The bulk of the forces showed no interest in engaging the militia however, and with some effort vanished into the rocky hills surrounding Stone Clan.

May 9th, 2004

One could call Day 14 the "Day of the Goblin" as Zoluren seemed rife with them. Goblin troops engaged Zoluren forces heavily at both the Northeast and East gates of Crossing in a bloody display of base savagery. After an exhaustive battle which forced them back into the wilds, the enigmatic Goblin Prince Tnok approached Zoluren with an offer of assistance, offering his own Goblin troops to aid the resistance against Grishnok's and Naarg's forces. Before the sun had set, Prince Tnok himself had been struck down - his attacker or attackers unknown.

To the south across the mountains, Prince Fayne of the Mountain Elves also met his fate, twice in swift succession. The cause of his demise was unable to be determined, though rumors have trickled out that it was the result of a ... royal display of temper.

A red-sailed schooner slunk into Arthe Bay, docking very briefly. It set out again before its purpose could be determined and was engaged by the Leaping Dolphin, where the naval forces sunk it with practiced ease.

In what can only be classified as a conclave of evil, Votary Wyren, the Goblin Grishnok, Captain Jourok, Velmix and Jomay were all spotted together, meeting in a heavily guarded location. Intelligence reports warn the citizens and militia to be on their highest alert, as there were talks of a major offensive in three to four andu, targets undetermined

May 10th, 2004

The forces of the Goblin Grishnok and the Ogre Chieftain Naarg combined their forces for a collective assault on the Western front of Crossing, marching on the quiet outpost known as Wolf Clan on Day 20. The Goblin Prince Tnok, true to his earlier word, sent a regiment of a thousand goblins to aid Zoluren. This unexpected ally crushed the first wave of ogres beneath its collective feet. Despite the early gains, the combined forces proved to be too much for our newest ally. While Naarg's forces took heavy losses as a result of Tnok's aid, they eventually overwhelmed the Goblin allies and were able to secure Wolf Clan, erecting a siege tower to strengthen their hold. Prince Tnok himself was seen struck down, his helpless body dragged through one of Votary Wyren's moongates by none other than Grishnok himself. His fate remains unknown.

Regrouping, the enemy then moved relentlessly eastward, descending on the haven known as Tiger Clan, who could offer little resistance. The Clan was taken and another tower erected, tightening their grip on Zoluren's west. From here they launched wave after wave upon the Zoluren defenders, the grasslands becoming a quagmire of blood and debris as the militia gamely worked to keep them from the city gates. Schooners swept into Arthe bay, offloading a full regiment of Red Sash. The Sea Devil itself offloaded a bunch of building supplies. The Pirates ransacked the hamlet without mercy and quickly secured the harbor. They then moved to take the entire town of Arthe Dale, erecting no less than three towers. While the eastern front struggled to meet this threat, Jomay's Orcs launched an assault from the north, moving swiftly down the Northern Trade Route. Zoluren's resources by now were stretched thin, nigh unto breaking as they scrambled to match each new threat on their lands.

In a superlative display of coordination, Therengia was crippled from sending any aid south by attacks on both Riverhaven and Therenborough. Prince Saeward launched a heavy assault on Therenborough, barricading the city and throwing the strength of his Gypsies at the stalwart militia. Meanwhile schooners attacked Riverhaven, at least one of which was sunk before it could retreat. Despite the active defenses, at least one schooner managed to make it to port, dropping a regiment of pirates for the embattled city to contend with. If that were not enough, Wyren made certain to send some Goblin forces to Riverhaven as well, managing to supply them with significant reinforcements.

During the ensuing chaos, the remaining Outcast forces suddenly appeared to be acting with purpose. Demonstrating their tactical advantage by the multi-provincial assaults, they organized rapidly and were gated south to Leth Deriel by Wyren, along with the remaining allied troops in Dirge. Almost as if on cue, the missing Reaver sailed boldly into Acenamacra, where the remaining Outcast reinforcements swiftly disembarked and regrouped on shore with their eyes turned south. Yhaman himself organizes the forces and after a brief march, they are gated southward, once more by Wyren, arriving in Ilithi and on the borders of Shard itself.

With a swiftness born of vengeance the Outcasts move to the gates of Shard, surrounding the city. Despite the most valiant efforts of the Ilithi militia and what allies could assist, the fair city was breached late into the night on Day 21. With some very quick thinking and a tremendous display of skill, the citizens manage to evacuate at least two members of the Elothean "Three" to the relative safety of Zoluren. Prince Vorclaf was quick to offer them refuge and what security he could. The Ferdahl, loathe to leave her city or her people, was finally moved to Horse Clan. The Warrior King Raenilar was not one to give up easily, not with the prize within his grasp. Her defenders managed to stay one step of his efforts for a time, but eventually she was captured and carried off the Outcast Camp.

The Outcasts allies arrived in droves, hampering the militia at every turn. The grisly fighting lasted throughout the night; until it was clear that without aid, there was little more they could do besides sacrifice themselves. A blood red sun rose over an occupied Shard ... the shining city had been taken.

May 11th, 2004

As the harried Ilithi militia retreats to safe ground to regroup and plot their course of action, more of the Outcast allies arrive in droves, their work done elsewhere. The Goblin Grishnok and Jomay throw their forces against the militia all along the routes outside the city, while the Outcasts work to strengthen their hold on the city by erecting metal barricades and patrolling the desolate streets by Day 23.

Intelligence reports monitoring the enemy's actions come in; they mention that in conjunction with Jomay, the Necromancer Velmix was remotely witnessed engaging in some obscure ritual. It involved the death of the Goblin Grishnok, it is unclear as to why or if he was even willing. The end result was the Goblin's heart was removed and set ablaze as some bizarre type of sacrifice. Scholars even now are hard at work trying to decipher their machinations.

With a fierce resolve the Zoluren militia slowly breaks the chokehold on their western front. One by one the barricades and towers fall, with Naarg's forces being whittled down in the process. Wolf Clan is finally freed and Zoluren forces battle on through the night and the next day in order to free Tiger Clan as well, driving the straggling forces back to their rocky homes.
May 12th, 2004

As Ilithi bears the weight of occupation, to their north the Zoluren militia struggles tirelessly. With grim determination they fight on, the dead and exhausted dragged from the fields. The screaming of twisted metal and the cracking of crude timber reward their efforts as the towers and barricades begin to fall, unable to withstand the relentless attacks of the militia. By Day 29 both Arthe Dale and Dirge stand as free Zoluren once more, the last of the invaders being driven off like the curs they are.

Prince Vorclaf met with a delegation sent from Ilithi to discuss the current situation and what could be done. He pledged Zoluren's assistance to her ally, ordering troops to prepare for a march on Ilithi. Commander Kirew was sighted in Shard, working tirelessly to locate Protectorate Viirin, to no avail. She is presumed alive, but in hiding. There is no indication of her whereabouts though Ilithi holds out hope for her survival.

May 13th, 2004

After a temporary lull in the fighting, a flurry of activity is seen in and around the Outcast encampment. Votary Wyren gated the captive Ferdahl back into her former city, taking her directly the Great Tower and before the Warrior King Raenilar himself. Also in attendance were Captain Jourok and Jomay - oddly enough there was no sign of the Goblin Grishnok. With firm resolve and no interest or evidence of remorse, the culmination of six hundred and fifty years rested on the tip of the unusual blade in Raenilar's hand. She met his gaze without flinching, defiant to the last. His strike was swift and sure and she sank to the ground without a cry, mocking him even in death. Her eyes closed on her beloved city as the brutal assassination took the favor with her Gods along with her life. As the brilliant comet streaked across the sky, the collective voice of a people wailed in mourning and disbelief. The air was soon heavy with the palpable grief, causing a sense of unease as the enemy's alliance members feel the tension and begin perhaps to question the deed.

On the 32nd day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram, in the year of the Emerald Dolphin (376) - the Ferdahl of Shard and leader of the Elothean people, Lady Kukalakai Alec'i'neir, is dead.

May 14th, 2004

Outrage over the Ferdahl's death resonates across the land, Prince Vorclaf himself vows to avenge her death. On Day 36 he names Ambassador Lindryl as interim Royal Steward of Zoluren and mobilizes the militia for the march south to reclaim Ilithi. Zoluren Guildleaders - Darius of the Paladins, Annael of the Empaths, Silvyrfrost of the Bards and Gauthus of the Warrior Mages, join His Majesty's forces and head to meet the Outcasts. They are joined in Leth Deriel by none other than Baron Gyfford Theren himself, along with the Therengian army.

During their preparations, a Red Sash schooner sails into Acenamacra to launch an attack. Quick thinking and valiant effort on the part of the Secret's crew quickly show the pirates the shortest route beneath the waves, sinking it. Reports reach the Northern Alliance that Paladin Guildleader Snow is seen scouting the Outcast's defenses, eliciting a cheer of appreciation from travel weary throats.

The Outcasts rally swiftly and move north to meet the oncoming forces; the two armies collide south of Leth Deriel in an epic battle that ravages the lands of the Southern Trade Route. During the fighting, an attempt on Prince Vorclaf's life is prevented by the Opreina Moracul Zoranyl. He dies while protecting the Prince and before he can be aided, the Outcasts capture him, taking him south behind enemy lines before he can be recovered.

As the exhaustive battle rages on long into the night, it seemed the Outcasts might win the day and open a hole right into Zoluren. However all was not lost. In a scene reminiscent of fables and bedtime stories, the Mountain Elves arrive to assist the Northern Alliance. The ever-capricious Queen Morganae commits her forces to the battle and Prince Fayne arrives, leading an army of Mountain Elves to engage the Outcasts. The scale swung once more toward a balance as her forces appeared to be well matched to the desert warriors. The brutal fighting continued well into the next day, with Morganae's assistance the Outcasts were finally beaten back after taking heavy losses.

Word arrives from the south that Commander Kirew himself has been rescued and evacuated from the city. The Ilithi forces celebrate and rally around one they thought lost, preparing for the next battle to reclaim their beloved city.

May 15th, 2004

The elusive Queen Morganae makes an appearance, holding court with Prince Fayne, the Lady Eluresturi and Getalva on Day 40. After consideration and certainly for her own unfathomable reasons, she offers her aid in the fight against the Outcasts. She sends Getalva to Prince Vorclaf as a messenger, informing him of casting their lot with the Northern Alliance.

Bloody fighting continues throughout Ilithi as the militia hammers relentlessly at the occupying forces. The Outcasts fortify their positions further, erecting metal gates and barricades that are exceptionally difficult to damage. The Outcast Yhaman becomes the target of multiple attacks, in retaliation the Opreina Moracul is made a vicious example of and executed.

May 16th, 2004

The Ogre Chieftain Naarg marshaled his dwindling forces and launched another assault on Wolf Clan around Day 43. They are held at bay by the western defenses and are left gnashing their rotted teeth in frustration. A schooner sweeps into Acenamacra, unloading Pirates bound for Leth Deriel. It is quickly sunk and the assortment of tars is decimated before they can even leave the beach.

Prince Vorclaf and Baron Gyfford lead their combined forces southward, engaging the Outcasts is southern Zoluren in a fierce battle. Meanwhile the Mountain Elves launch an attack on them from the south, separating their forces and causing heavy damage. During the melee, the rogue Barbarian Raellia attempted a surprise attack on the Zoluren militia. With maniacal glee she confronted Zoluren's Captain of the Guard, proclaiming her no challenge. In a lethally efficient response Captain Shaheyra killed Raellia and had her corpse transported to Ulf'Hara Keep. Once restored, she now rests in Zoluren custody, languishing in the dungeons to await the Prince's justice.

Meanwhile reinforcements to the Northern Alliance arrive as Rathan forces commit to the battle. The hardy folk of M'Riss throw their lot in as well, and forces arrive in Leth Deriel to speed south in answer to Prince Vorclaf's call for aid. Later, during a break in the fighting, the Necromancer Velmix manages to place a curse upon Vorclaf. Fortunately those in attendance of him realized it and acted swiftly, managing to break it and remove it before he was possessed. His Majesty is being monitored at all times for fear of another attempt.

May 17th, 2004

The Northern Alliance of Zoluren and Therengia mobilizes their forces and marches on Ilithi. Securing the Southern Trade Route and the north side of the chasm, they focus their efforts on breaching the Outcast defenses in occupied territory by Day 48. The tiny enclave known as Fayrin's Rest becomes a haven and a battlefield alternately as the battle fluctuates around them. The Warrior King Raenilar himself leads forces into the fray to meet them, his awesome fighting ability leading him once more to victory and questions as to whether or not he can be stopped.

The Necromancer Velmix, Jomay and Captain Jourok are observed discussing plans surrounding the use of the Goblin Grishnok. While transformation is mentioned, it is unclear as to purpose or even victim. The Goblin himself remains conspicuously absent and even his forces lay low. Jomay and Velmix are also witnessed discussing further attempts on Prince Vorclaf, increasing the security measures around him.

The remnants of Ilithi pull themselves together and Commander Kirew is promoted to General, taking command of the ragged Ilithi forces and moving to coordinate their dwindled resources. Meanwhile Prince Vorclaf and Baron Gyfford setting in and around Fayrin's Rest, making camp and planning their next moves.

May 18th, 2004

The Northern Alliance pushes hard alongside their Ilithic brethren and by Day 53, Warrior King Raenilar pushes back. Moving his forces northward he appears to have turned his eye toward the southern precincts of Zoluren. After heroic efforts, he is stopped at the Gondola and can go no further. The Outcasts dig in and set up barricades.

The Outcast Yhaman leads a patrol even further northward; he strikes at Leth Deriel in a lightning supply raid. Meanwhile the ravishing Pirate Kendyll turns her eye to Zoluren, her Pirates attack Arthe Dale, Crossing and even Leth Deriel for some late-night pillaging.

Guildleaders Tolle of the Rangers and Macfrae of the Bards join the fight against the Outcasts, pitching in along side Prince Vorclaf and Baron Gyfford. Tolle even manages to give Raenilar a taste of his bow, an indication that perhaps he is not invincible after all.

September, 2004

The roiling fog of war no longer blankets the lands of Elanthia. From high atop the Great Tower of Shard, Raenilar, the Warrior King of the Outcasts, gazes out over the shining city that he as claimed as home for his people. Invoked in blood, he has fulfilled a centuries-old prophecy which has led his people back to their ancestral lands. After months of vicious fighting and heavy losses on all sides, the leaders of the other three Provinces joined Queen Morganae of the Mountain Elves to meet with the interloper. On the edge of a charred battlefield south of the fair city of Leth Deriel an uneasy truce was forged.

In accordance with the treaty, the heir to the throne of Zoluren was returned (albeit through questionable means). The goblin Grishnok was brought north as a prisoner to face his crimes against the people of Elanthia. King Raenilar dissolved his alliance with the notorious Red Sash, distancing himself and his people from the sordid lot of mercenaries that had served to torment the villages and towns of Elanthia these long bloody months. In return for these concessions the provinces of Zoluren, Therengia, Qi'Reshalia, and Queen Morganae all agreed to recognize King Raenilar as ruler of the city of Shard. Wax the color of blood now bears the seals that have removed the Elothean people from the city they called home.

Their people scattered, their ruler executed, their city taken ... the Three step into their preordained roles to help heal the Elothean people. They have moved north and east in order to rebuild their society and select a new Ferdahl. King Raenilar's former allies have faded into the background, though recent murmurs in the darkest recesses of taverns and dockyards abound with rumors of foul deeds and continued unrest. Trade between the provinces has resumed, though not without difficulties. Bandits have become numerous along the Southern Trade Route, infusing the once peaceful countryside with a distinct and lethal element of danger.

There is talk of rebellion in the province of Ilithi...