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Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Velaka Desert
Type: outcast
Associates: Raenilar

Human nomad from north of Velaka. He is blood brother to the King Raenilar and referred to by Raenilar as his left hand.

Reputedly a 135th circle War Mage with knowledge of Blackfire.

He has a white tailed leopard and a spotted falcon named "Aman".

Hates Elotheans for a wrong done to his great-grandfather.


You see Yhaman , a Human.
He has a square-jawed face with almond-shaped black eyes and a broken nose. His black hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids. He has leathery skin and a brawny build. A scar runs from his right eye down his cheek to the corner of his mouth giving him a perpetual sneer.
He is middle-aged for a Human.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a scruffy goatee twisted into a thick braid.

He is holding an emblazoned tower shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a reinforced osage Elven war bow hand-tooled with an undulating wave pattern, an albredine crystal ring, a brushed silver torque inlaid with an onyx coyote silhouetted against a cambrinth moon, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a dark cambrinth armband engraved with elemental symbols, a sand-scarred chain balaclava, some chain greaves, a chain-linked thigh quiver, a chain-linked greatsword scabbard with a fire-gilded flame-wreathed lion down its length, a black and white horse-skinned hooded cloak, some scarred leather boots splattered with bloodstains, some sand-scarred chain gloves, some fine Elven chainmail etched with a flame-wreathed lion, a sturdy grey backpack, a dark cambrinth armband engraved with elemental symbols and a platinum ring.