Leaping Dolphin

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Leaping Dolphin
Rooms: Unknown


[Leaping Dolphin, Main Deck Starboard]
Barnacles are piled along the bulwarks of the wooden craft, in a pool of salt water, as are several barrels and crates belonging to merchants. Crewmen scurry through the rigging or dash up the three masts like spiders. A series of doors lead inside the ship, to the lounge and cabins. You also see a rock, a dark barrel and a mangonel.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: aft, port, forward to port.

[Leaping Dolphin, Lower Deck]
Damp, stinking air flows into the lower deck through a short passage that leads to the hold, condensing on the walls and fittings to rust metal and rot wood. The darkness below decks is undiminished by what little light filters through the hatch in the ceiling, however a single tallow candle flickers fitfully in a soot-stained glass lantern that hangs from the exposed joists of the ceiling. You also see a white door and a brown door.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: none.

[Leaping Dolphin, Stern] Looking down from the far back of the ship, one can sea the strong rudder directing the ship's route, and the wake left in its passing. Coils of rope are wrapped around the gunwales, and crewmen work at the boom and sails above the deck. You also see the ship's wheel and a dark hatch.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: forward to starboard, forward to port.

[Leaping Dolphin, Starboard Stern]
Cables along the ship's bulwarks support several small dinghies to be used in the event of an evacuation. However, possessing gutted interiors and broken oars, the lifeboats do not look to be very safe. The deck here is rather slippery from the salty water splashing aboard due to the ship's rocking. You also see a mangonel.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: forward, aft to port, port.

[Leaping Dolphin, Amidships Starboard]
Several sailors sing while they work in the rigging above the deck, or work at scrubbing the deck itself. Stacked beside the gunwale are half open crates filled with ammunition to work the ship's cannons in the event of battle. You also see the Andreshlew and a mangonel.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: forward, aft, port.

[Leaping Dolphin, Central Hold]
Net bags hang from the ceiling joists, holding wax-coated wheels of cheese out of reach of the local rodents. Swaying tin disks fastened to the ropes ensure that any attempts to gain access to the food does nothing more than dump the pilferer upon the deck. Below the deck, the dank stench of mildew is accompanied by the sound of water sloshing in the bilges. A brass lantern hangs from a central support beam, providing a flickering circle of illumination in the darkness of the hold. You also see a wheel of Sorlaen goat cheese. Obvious exits: up.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[Leaping Dolphin, Aft Hold]
A group of off-duty sailors huddle in a circle around a cleared space in the aft hold, cheering on a pair of rats that battle for a bit of hardtack or cheese. The winner of the cruel sport will grow plump on his prize, while the looser will fatten the belly of some predator of the sea. One sailor stands guard near a short passage, ready to warn his mates to scatter should an officer approach. You also see a short passage.
Obvious exits: down.
Ship paths: forward.

[Leaping Dolphin, Bilge]
Water sloshes in the bowels of the ship as the ocean seeps through the caulking between the wooden planking of the hull. A pair of sailors work a pump, returning the water to the ocean from which it came in an ongoing battle against the sea. A fitful circle of flickering light surrounds a lantern which hangs from the ceiling joists, but the comfort of the candle only serves to emphasize the darkness. Obvious exits: up.
Ship paths: none.