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Katamba is the largest of the three moons and figures most prominently in the mythology of the provinces. Historians say that Katamba shone with golden light in ancient times, but that it was burnt by the breath of the World Dragon. Katamba's surface -- black as soot and encircled by a faint, miasmatic atmosphere -- lends credence to the tale. Due to its mass, Katamba dominates the tides of Elanthia. While Xibar and Yavash also influence the movement of the oceans, sailors the world over have learned to look to Katamba first.

Moon Mages ascribe to Katamba dominance over Moonlight Manipulation magic as well as influence over Perception and Transduction magic. Astrologers also claim that Katamba is not merely a dark moon, but that it emits shadows in the same way that the other moons emit light.

Technical details

Orbital period
The interval of time between Katamba rise and Katamba rise alternates between the following times:
  • 11 anlas, 21 roisan (5 hours, 51 minutes)
  • 11 anlas, 22 roisan (5 hours, 52 minutes)
Setting offset
The interval of time between Katamba rise and Katamba set (the time it's visible) fluctuates between the following times:
  • 5 anlas, 26 roisan (2 hours, 56 minutes)
  • 5 anlas, 27 roisan (2 hours, 57 minutes) (usually)
Rising offset
The interval of time between Katamba set and Katamba rise (the time it's below the horizon) fluctuates between the following times:
  • 5 anlas, 24 roisan (2 hours 54 minutes)
  • 5 anlas, 25 roisan (2 hours 55 minutes)
Phase period
The most common duration of a single phase out of the eight in a cycle is approximately 1691 roisaen (minutes). This varies based on the gravitational pull of the other moons. This makes the average interval between new moons:
  • Approximately 37.57 days (9.4 days)

Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer
Start: End:
Date: 0th day 399th day
Time: Varies Varies
Skillsets Affected:
Armor Skillset
Other Information:
Circle: 1st Telescope: no
Starlight Sphere: None

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