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This was the boat belonging to Ka'len, on which he famously died in 232 BL. Dolfaren in Old Gamgweth means "Victory". The ship, a brigantine, sank in the Segoltha Sea after being ambushed by five Elven warships, two of which went down as well.
The Brigantine is a named constellation looked to by Moon Mages. Legend says that in a time of great storms, a single star (appropriately called the Dolefaren star) will shine brightly from what would be the masthead of the great ship.
The ninth month is named after her - the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine.


There was a ship present at the first Feast of Eluned, the second Feast of Eluned & the Hollow Eve Festival 436 that sold food, named The Dolefaren, Common Room. It is unclear if this is the actual ship of Ka'len, however from the room description outside the inn, it does appear this may be the shipwreck that has been repurposed into a building on Andreshlew:

A wooden structure rises above the street, the seaweed-covered building clearly once part of a ship. The hulk is rotted away in some places, but has mostly been refitted, and an oak sign proclaims that it is now used as an inn. The smells of exotic foods fill the air from within. Carved upon the side of the ship is one word, partially obscured through time: Dolefaren.