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Province: Ilithi
Currency: Dokora
Population: 6,000
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Elf
Dominant Guild: Barbarian
Government: T'Kiel
Guild Halls: Barbarian
Patron Deity: None


The Steelclaw Clan Barbarian guildhall crest is a dragon soaring above a worn mountain range or an image of Jaindur's chair, depending on source. The local trader outpost symbol is a gilded wolverine. Description: Steelclaw Clan is an outpost of Elven warriors and barbarians. The locale is most famous for hosting what is perhaps the finest weapon shop in all the lands.

Government, history, and background

Government type

The local Barbarian guildleader is the head of Steelclaw Clan. The position is currently held by T'Kiel. There have only been three leaders since the Clan's founding.

Prominent people


T'Kiel's sister Raellia was the former Pit Master of Steelclaw Clan, but she desired to depose her sister and lead the clan. She hired the Gnome mercenary Callava to steal the Barbarian guild registers and assassinate prominent guild members. Once Raellia's plot was discovered she was exiled from the clan, and she later put in with the Outcast alliance during the Outcast War. She was captured and was being held in the dungeon of Ulf'hara Keep when it exploded.

Locations about town


  • Throne in the Barbarian guildhall.
  • Steelclaw Clan Chapel, dedicated to Everild and his aspects.
  • Kirm Morzindu combat arena

Unique shops and services


Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts

Important activities


Task givers






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