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The 6th planet from the sun, Elanthia, is home to the inhabited landmasses of the known Races. The term Elanthia covers a wide range of geographical features and an enormous amount of land.


Map of the five provinces

Kermoria is the continent on which most of DragonRealms occurs, specifically the eastern portions of it. Ages ago, a great empire controlled the lands, and when it fell, five provinces were established.


Map of the Zoluren

Prnounced Zo-lu-ren, this province is home to all Seven Races as well as immigrants from the Gorbesh and far Western lands, Zoluren is racially and culturally diverse, and enjoys the commercial advantages of its geographical position in the center of the defunct Seven Star Empire. [from H-Gamgweth Zohlu Ren, "First Land"]

Areas of Interest: Tiger Clan, Wolf Clan, Knife Clan, Stone Clan, Gorbesh Fortress, Kaerna Village, The Crossing, Dirge, Leth Deriel, and Arthe Dale.


Map of Therengia

Of the Humans of antiquity who wore the Seven-Starred Crown, over half were members of the powerful Theren family. Their noble heritage still shines in the Royal Province of Therengia, considered by many to be the true seat of power in today's Realms.

Areas of Interest: Fornsted, Sicle Grove, Greater Fist, Muspar'i, Zaulfung, Riverhaven, Langenfirth, Dunshade Manor, Therenborough, Rossman's Landing, and Throne City.


Map of Ilithi

The "Elven Nation" means different things to different people; to some an obsolete artifact of a former time, to others a hope that the balance of power will be redressed and former glory regained; but none dispute that mountainous Ilithi is where most of the world's Elves and Elotheans make their home.

Areas of Interest: Fayrin's Rest, Obsidian Pass, Steelclaw Clan, Shard, Undershard, and Chyolvea Tayeu'a.


Map of Qi'Reshalia

The volcanic isles of Qi have long served as a haven from persecution; originally for the S'Kra refugees from the distant eastern continent where the dragon Eerayn nests, and then for Bards and others fleeing the tyranny of the Dragon Priests.

Areas of Interest: M'Riss, Hara'Jaal, Taisgath, Aesry Surlaenis'a, and Reshalia.


Map of Forfedhdar

In the mountains west of Zoluren and Ilithi lies the Dwarven territory of Forfedhdar, also inhabited by the Gor'Togs. While Dwarves have always been known for their reticence, in recent memory no commerce and precious few rumors have come out of this region.

Areas of Interest: Hibarnhvidar, and Nenav Dalar.

Western Realms

Long blocked from exploration by the great magical wall of the Great Barrier, only recently have details of this land been trickling in. Once the home of the Prydaen and Rakash, they fled eastward due to the genocidal war waged by the necromancer Lyras. While mostly still inaccessible, a number of the Prydaen Hubs, or cities, has been documented.


The continent to the southwest of Kermoria, travel to and from has long been prevented by a malevolent swamp known as the Dark Hand. Home to the militaristic Gorbesh Empire, it is the former home of the Kaldar and Gnomes.

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