Great Barrier

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The Prydaen and Rakash peoples fled eastward from their homelands, pursued by the undead hoarde of the Necromancer Lyras. At the ruins of Journalai, Vael, who lead the Prydaens, called a halt. The priests and other magic users joined hands and formed a line a mile long. Through their combined efforts, a magical barrier was cast down from the sky, forming a wall between them and the undead.

It has been said that the Great Barrier was "part magic, part god-wish" and that when the last of those who created it died, the Barrier would fall. The Great Barrier was all that stood between the eastern lands and the undead minions of Lyras.


On day 341 of the year 393 AV Balam and Felinda, the last two remaining Elders, returned to the Wheel, and Clerics received this vision:

A pale shimmer materializes in front of you. It gradually intensifies until it is a solid-looking wall of blinding gold, unfurling vertically as far out as the eye can see. You notice greasy, invasive veins pulsating within the glare, and soon the entire surface is consumed by their taint, the golden hue shifting to an ichorous crimson-streaked black. Just as several grotesque silhouettes begin to emerge, the vision blinks out of sight.

This vision marked the fall of the Barrier and the death of all the remaining Prydaen Elders who participated in it's raising.