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A Prydaen Hub is the central village within a given territory. There is only one Hub per territory and it is not uncommon for one Prydaen to leave one to live in another.

Groups of Prydaen / Social Groups

Special note: A Pryde is not a recognized term for a group of Prydaen. In Prydaenese, it is essentially a nonsense word. In general, these groups should be considered Hubs, even lacking a central village, they are a community of Prydaen that have presumably established a territory or are nomadic like the late Desert Prydaen Hubs of the West.

In reference to a "family" of Prydaen, there is not a Prydaenese word for the term, as this is more of an Eastern concept. For Prydaen, the Hub raises and takes care of a kit together. Parents, brothers, sisters, they are all part of a Hub, not seen as any kind of special nuclear group that would set them above any other member of a Hub.

Status / Importance

Typically, to a singular Prydaen, the importance of people operates in the following order:

Any Kit
Not necessarily a kit of their own, but ANY Prydaen kit is seen as especially important due to the belief system of reincarnation. A Prydaen kit is given so much protection and importance in order to prolong the longevity of the entire race.
Prydaen Mothers
As with hierarchy, this often extends to Prydaen that are "soon to birth." Up until a time where the mother should not be active or need to be removed from a position, their importance and hierarchy are that of whatever group they belong in and they are expected to perform their duties, hunt, etc. Their status and importance raises briefly once the kit is nearing birth or born up until the kit is able to be left with others.
Only if applicable and generally only when soul bonded.
This includes any personal beliefs, values, religion, health, etc.
While not always true, those Munan that have made themselves known a Prydaen may hold a social status or importance higher than that of a Prydaen's own Hub. This is due to the unique position of a Munan not always being a part of a Hub, but still being an important person among all Prydaen.
All Prydaen within a Hub hold a similar place of importance. This is not to be confused with hierarchy. In terms of importance, a crafter within a Hub is just as important as the Hub Leader.
Guildleaders / Nobles
Grown from the adaptation to Eastern life, a Prydaen that exists outside of a Hub or has given allegiance to a particular province generally sees these nobles or any Guildleaders on the same level of importance to themselves.
All others that exist outside of the Hub are lumped together here.

Hub Hierarchy

Claw (Eu/Demrris/Tenemlor) Member
Hold an equal voice with Elders and a Hub Leader, but hold final say on topics of religion if there are disagreements. Typically, a Hub has one member from each Claw that do not leave the Hub, but others may come and go. Not all Claw Members are Munan and a Claw Member may not be a Hub Leader.
Hold an equal voice with Claw members and a Hub Leader. May travel between Hubs or live on their own. Frequently hold positions as storytellers or teachers. Some Munan may be Claw Members or a Hub Leader.
Hub Leader
Hold an equal voice with Claw Members and Elders, but holds final say on topics of supplies and safety of a Hub/Territory as well as any decisions to move the Hub and territory. A Hub Leader is not always an Elder and may not be a Claw Member.
Held in the highest regard, the children within a Hub are protected by Hub Warriors before all others. Kits are tutored by Claw Members and Elders in group settings or one on one.
Prydaen Mothers
Those that are "soon to birth" and live within a Hub are held just below living kits, as their own child is yet to be born. Prydaen mothers are protected by Hub Warriors until they are able to leave the Hub, then their status reverts back to whatever it was before. Known to be wildly unpredictable, if a Prydaen mother is a Claw Member or a Hub Leader, an alternate is chosen to take their place until the mother is recovered. Mothers are not consulted on major decisions. These mothers are typically kept near the center of a Hub in a private area that visitors are not allowed into.
Hub Warriors
Protectors of all Hub members, their primary objective while within the Hub is to protect the children and expectant mothers. Warriors may come and go as they please, but there are always a handful within a Hub at all times. They typically work closely with the Hub Leader in matters of Hub safety.
Crafters/Claw of Azca
Holding a status just below Hub Warriors, the Crafters within a Hub work with the leftovers of kills to create needed items or items for trade. Crafters may or may not be Elders or members of Claw of Azca, but are never consulted on important matters of the Hub unless specific supplies are needed. The Hub Leader may make requests of these Prydaen, and the Crafters may accept or decline. Crafters come and go from a Hub or territory frequently and may not always have a home territory.
Prydaen - Treated with respect and allowed into most areas within a Hub. Not allowed near kits.
Non-Prydaen - Commonly treated with great mistrust and not allowed into certain areas of a Hub.

Known Hubs

Hub Name Location Active Opened to Public
Amberglen Hub Far West Jungle (Beyond Barrier) No
Silverclaw Hub Forest of Night (RanikMap60c) Yes 8th month of 416
Sunfall Hub Mountains near Kaerna Village, (RanikMap9c) Yes 1st month of 416
Sunfell Hub Far West (Beyond Barrier) Yes
Sungrove Hub Far West (Beyond Barrier) No
Sunmark Hub Far West (Beyond Barrier) No
Windhowl Hub Far West Mountains (Beyond Barrier) No
Dawnvale Hub Tref Bain (unreleased) Yes
Dawngrove Hub Tref Bain (unreleased) Yes
The following information taken from Triquetra Chronicles Vol 1

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