Book of Chadatru

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A sacred book located in Theren Keep.

In the orders of creation upon the planets and planes of our existence,
In the domain of Truffenyi, still the Immortals have their laws and schemes,
Their forces of eternal creation and destruction,
Swinging in the balance, each yet has its say.
Upon the beam of life, praise the presence of Chadatru
The voice of infinite truth, that pervades the weakest mortal and highest king.
Those that seek to cloak truth to further their own small existence and purpose --
None can deceive the Blind One, the crucible of life.
No vision to deceive, Chadatru holds upon the point of his sword the terrible heart of fact,
To set forth upon the feasting table the barest, leanest, harshest, greatest dish.
Take it to thy nourishment, grow strong with that holy milk,
Undiluted, unflavored:
Drink the bitter, drink the sweet, drink the draft of the undauntable --
Behold and embrace its fiercesome force --
The weak cannot abide it, only those of true power are capable to swallow it up,
To face whatever Is.
The Blind One sees none but the grain's heart,
The heart's seed, the seed's germ, the germ's speck,
The speck's star, the star's fire, the fire's heat,
The heat's fuel, the fuel's faith.
The faith's knowing, the knowing known.

Thus my teacher spoke to me, the Voice of the Lion:

The face of Chadatru
Who beholds him, walks in his shadow,
From the book of knowing
I sought to name the spirit,
Drew his name in the dust
Pled to pledge my sword arm to his fair sight,
Sought to know his mind and might.
Into the grim darkness I stared,
Chanted his name,
Prayed to meld my thoughts to his --
The fearful be vigilent, for thy foe
As a roaring lion walketh about
Seeking whom he may devour --
We who hold faith steadfast, let the Lion
Blindly hold our gaze
For thou shalt not prevail
But it be the hand of truth --
Bind thyself to his word-bond
That his victory be thy sooth.
For in the quiet laurels of his battle
Do thou justly, yet still _love_ mercy
And walk humbly before thy god --
Go to study this wisdom to thy knowing
All else is naught but
Embellishment and musing.


  • READ BOOK: To read the book silently to yourself.
Clerics can gain Devotion and Theurgy experience from reading the book in it's entirety.
  • PREACH BOOK: To read the book aloud.
Clerics can gain Devotion and Theurgy experience from preaching the book to listeners in it's entirety. A Paladin's soul state can be improved by listening to a Cleric preach the Book of Chadatru in it's entirety.