Stones of the Cloud

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The tall stone, or menhir, is white quartz, with a single upright groove near the top. It is twice the height of a Halfling.


The Second Stone is a striated prism of clear quartz. Two deep, horizonal grooves are etched near the top of the tall elongated stone.


The Third Stone is black like the native basalt of the island. Twice as tall as a Halfling, it has three long upright grooves scraped into the surface near the very top. All edges of the stone are roughly rounded, giving the stone a nearly octagonal shape.


The Fourth Stone is a smoky black quartz that retains its long narrow hexagonal crystal structure. The four grooves are deep and leave the top scored with pronounced crenellations.


The four Stones of the Cloud is located in different areas of Aesry, in the province of Qi'Reshalia.