Recite command

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RECITE <text>. Separate each line by a semicolon. For example:

 RECITE The wind was a torrent of darkness;Among the gusty trees...

Others will see:

 [Character] recites:
   "The wind was a torrent of darkness
    Among the gusty trees..."

Unlike with the SING command, you cannot alter your reciting with emotes such as "wistfully" or "angrily".

Usage Note

Using this command to draw attention to yourself (e.g., to sell something or ask for healing) is considered disruptive and may be abuse.

Example Recite

Recite Phelim, give me strength for my righteous vengeance;Chadatru, guide my sword to swing in justice;Everild, give me the power to conquer my enemies;Truffenyi, let me not lose sight of compassion and mercy;Else, I will become like those I despise;Urrem'tier, receive into your fetid grasp these wicked souls;May the Tamsine's realms never know their evil ways again

Note for Genie Users

You'll need to put a backslash (\) in front of each semicolon to make the recite work, since Genie uses semicolons as a return/enter. So ...vengeance\;Chadatru... etc.