Hodierna's Solace

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An ancient towering tree within the Endrus Forest holds the Chapel of Hodierna's Solace. Irregularly shaped stained glass windows are embraced by the branches of the tree; depicting Hodierna as a young woman gowned in white and the holy symbol of the Goddess, the Unicorn. The Holy Book of Hodierna is housed here. Numerous carvings of Elanthian wildlife adorn the walls and dome of the cylindrical life-sculpted chapel. The tree reaches such heights that the stairs leading to the platform atop the leafy crown are quite exhausting. Here you will find a niche to make offerings to Hodierna as well as the unholy Maelshvyean symbol of the three-tine claw Archrost the Necromancer used to bind Hodierna's Avatar and weaken Her before Her Champion Karszen broke the evil enchantment's power.


Hodierna's Solace is located in the province of Zoluren south of the Segoltha River, in the Northern Endrus Forest, west of the Southern Trade Route and can be found here.



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