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A sacred book located in Hodierna's Solace. It was recovered from Misenseor Abbey by Brivibas, Selquist, Lilea, Vereth and various other intrepid adventurers.

Brivibas announced the discovery of clues leading to the Sacred Book of Hodierna while visiting and viewing the Book of Chadatru located in Theren Keep. Asking assistance, Lady Lilea of Theren, Seneschal Selquist of the Theren Guard, and the wise Moon Mage Vereth followed Brivibas on the trip south to a trail splitting off the Northern Trade Route just before the Reaver mines that led to Misenseor Abbey. After discovering the abbey and its secret passages, the book was located in the catacombs of the temple along with various undead.

Text of the book

"Some things we know by understanding, and thus accept as truth. Some things we know as truth, and thus by our acceptance come to understand.

Within the central heart, there are some born for whom truth burns bright by their unquestioned acceptance of the gods and the divine word that they know in their hearts. I spent some time with a community of such individuals, in a land far from my home. This community painted and sculpted, sang and recited, and danced their truth.

By this they brought answers to those that feared and wished to know before they would accept the great truths of the universe. So among them I journeyed and studied, and bring with me now such an example, as brought me to see as they know."

A sound stirred
earth warmed
droplets formed like thoughts
upon a harsh dark
cold nothing
moved across the slate
and there in motion come
spark and fire
hope, desire
longing, reaching
the spiral bridging
nothing and all
a thread of soul silk
spun of light
all colors dissolved and mixed
and weaves the substance
of raptured Life.
With the immutable form
of unicorn
gallops forth the soul
her horn
of life-sound
held before to connect
the spirit and the ground
where as metaphor
she steps and bows
her shape and essence
fills and flows
'til in the dreams
of mortals born
we behold an impossible
truth, the Lady's form.
Not to be caught
or ever held
the myth of planes
and worlds agree
but Innocence's belief
in what cannot be
makes the unicorn
pause to stay
and lay her head upon the knee
in gift of trust
that mortals value
such a fragile shift
of motion, that in a fracted glance
may come and go
the resplendent pleasure of our knowing
in Abiding the tenacious, but tenuous, "Be."

"By my hand, recorded, for those of us in the plane of Abiding, so lives the waking spark, and thus the knowing our breath fans the flame of spirit to life, whilst Hodierna grants it so."


  • READ BOOK: To read the book silently to yourself
Clerics can gain Devotion and Theurgy experience from reading the book in it's entirety
  • PREACH BOOK: To read the book aloud
Clerics can gain Devotion and Theurgy experience from preaching the book to listeners in it's entirety
Empath listeners gain a temporary bonus to maximum attunement which can be viewed using the MANA command.[1]


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