Eat command

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The EAT command is used to ingest a substance, generally food or healing herbs, or for role-playing purposes.


  • EAT <self>: : You nibble on your lip.
<Player> gnaws on <his|her> lip.
  • EAT <person>: produces different messages depending (in part)on the demeanor and race of you and your target. You may be seen to bite, nibble, nip, snap or bare your teeth.
Warm: You nibble gently at <person>.
Friendly: You nip <person> playfully.
Neutral: You bite <person>!
Reserved: You bare your <teeth/fangs> in warning at <person>.
Cold: You snap at <person>, your teeth barely missing <his/her> flesh!
  • EAT <object>: if the thing is consumable, EAT will produce the expected message, seen by the room if you're visible.
You take a bite of the steak -- Mmmmm. Hearty and satisfying.


You can eat a healing herb from within an open container in your inventory.