Kweld Gelvdael

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The Kweld Gelvdael is a temple located in the Zaulfung (Map31a) and overseen by High Priestess of Eylhaar Sharalti. It is shaped like a chimera, with the head of a vulture, body of a jackal, and tail of a scorpion, reflecting the three aspects of Urrem'tier. The name is Gamgweth for Death Grotto, and it serves as a church primarily for Eylhaar, but contains parts dedicated to Urrem'tier and Aldauth. It was constructed by Druids long before the swamp was corrupted and became known as the Devil Swamp, or Zaulfung. The swamp corrupted the Druids' hunting dogs into the Shadow Hounds that infest the area around the temple.


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Kweld Gelvdael
Location: Riverhaven, Therengia (RanikMap31a)
Class / Type: Middle, Upper / Rural
Restrictions: None
Justice: None
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 4 (4)
Last Checked: 18 May 2019

Kweld Gelvdael.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Kweld Gelvdael - 1 Middle Class, Rural Unclaimed modest wooden door
Kweld Gelvdael - 2 Middle Class, Rural Unclaimed rusty black iron door marred at the bottom by large claw marks
Kweld Gelvdael - 3 Upper Class, Rural Unclaimed arched holly oak door
Kweld Gelvdael - 4 Upper Class, Rural Unclaimed sturdy wooden door