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This command allows Empaths to establish a diagnostic link, which displays their patients' current wounds and allows the Empaths to perform healing and shifts.


These options are available, dependent on the Empath's Empathy skill:

  • TOUCH <PLAYER>: Displays all wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> MINOR: Displays only minor wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> HARMFUL: Displays only harmful wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> DAMAGING: Displays only damaging wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> SEVERE: Displays only severe wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> DEVASTATING: Displays only devastating wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> USELESS: Displays only useless wounds and scars.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> BLEEDING: Displays only bleeding wounds, regardless of severity.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> BLEEDING <INJURY SEVERITY>: Displays only bleeding wounds of the given severity.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> WOUND: Displays only wounds, regardless of severity.
  • TOUCH <PLAYER> WOUND <INJURY SEVERITY>: Displays only wounds of the given severity.


Use the familiar window to view wounds. If you have the familiar window open, wounds go to there instead of the story window.