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Damsel In This Dress
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410
Owner Fritha
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Top It Off

[Damsel In This Dress, Top It Off]
Normally dull metal walls have been painted with scenes from the countryside, showing rolling hills of varying shades of green and colorful flowers. Painted blue sky stretches across the ceiling, adorned with a few fluffy clouds that look soft enough to touch. Carefully placed to enhance the space are copper and bronze trees stretching out their branches to create shelves along the realistic background. Stumps crafted from the same two metals create tables and stands, scattered about almost randomly. You also see a bronze and copper arched doorway shaped into twisting branches.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the petite bronze table crafted like a tree stump
Item Price Done
braided goldweave ceinture with trailing ends 135,300   No
braided aquamarine watersilk ceinture tied into a complex knot 63,140   No
slim ceinture intricately plaited from strips of white marquisette 315,700   No
slender ceinture intricately plaited from strips of champagne rosecloth 586,300   No
braided golden silk ceinture with trailing ends 45,100   No
On the small copper table shaped like a tree stump
Item Price Done
braided black silk ceinture tied into a complex knot 45,100   No
braided sunset orange firesilk ceinture tied into a complex knot 63,140   No
thin ceinture intricately plaited from strips of moonsilk 81,180   No
braided black armure ceinture with trailing ends 72,160   No
braided white turbaurs ceinture with trailing ends 676,500   No
On the squat bronze stand shaped to look like a tree stump
Item Price Done
flowing black starlight velvet cape clasped at the shoulder with a midnight onyx 1,271,820   No
flame red Velakan linen cape fastened at the neck with a lava sphalerite clasp 685,520   No
moonsilk-trimmed deep blue scalene cape clasped at the neck 1,082,400   No
flowing grey zibeline cape clasped at the shoulder with a dendritic opal 640,420   No
dark jade zerarin wool cape fastened at the neck with an inkdrop agate clasp 1,641,640   No
On the bronze shelves made from tree branches
Item Price Done
pair of goldweave slippers fitted with aged iroko pattens 568,260   No
pair of teal cire slippers secured to mistwood pattens 225,500   No
pair of violet thornweave slippers tied to silverwood pattens 315,700   No
pair of crimson rosecloth slippers secured to alerce pattens 405,900   No
pair of silverweave slippers tied to smokewood pattens 496,100   No
On the copper shelves woven from tree branches
Item Price Done
pair of eggshell-hued eolienne slippers fitted with glitvire pattens 586,300   No
pair of pale yellow firesilk slippers tied to flamewood pattens 90,200   No
pair of deep blue scalene slippers fitted with e'erdream wood pattens 108,240   No
pair of grey zibeline slippers secured to dragonwood pattens 126,280   No
pair of black silk slippers tied to witchclaw wood pattens 90,200   No

Fine And Fancy

[Damsel In This Dress, Fine And Fancy]
Vivid colors depict a light-speckled forest across the metal walls, the leaves stretching to cover most of the ceiling, allowing only bits of the sky-blue pigment to show through. Mossy-green plush carpet has been spread across the floor, highlighted with sunshine yellow and tiny specks of purple. Tables of bronze and copper are crafted to resemble tree stumps, each sitting next to matching racks that climb the walls, blending into the trees around them.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the short bronze table molded to look like a tree stump
Item Price Done
dark blue jaalmin bliaud with voluminous bronze skirts trimmed in goldweave 1,578,500   No
muted silver watersilk bliaud with flowing teal cire skirts 595,320   No
crimson gemfire velvet bliaud with full skirts of layered cream rosecloth 2,435,400   No
white armure bliaud with voluminous pale grey skirts trimmed in black zibeline 225,500   No
silverweave bliaud with voluminous celadon skirts trimmed in gold 405,900   No
On the heavy copper table shaped to resemble a tree stump
Item Price Done
purple thornweave bliaud with full skirts of layered violet marquisette 1,984,400   No
dark gold starlight velvet bliaud with flowing eggshell-hued skirts 1,353,000   No
pale yellow firesilk bliaud with flowing flame red skirts 225,500   No
moonsilk bliaud with full skirts of white scalene 1,046,320   No
dark jade zerarin wool bliaud with flowing white turbaurs skirts 2,796,200   No
On the tall copper rack that is painted like a tree
Item Price Done
fitted bronze jaalmin cotehardie embellished with aged iroko wood buttons 1,443,200   No
tailored aquamarine cire cotehardie with lustrous mistwood buttons 883,960   No
pure white thornweave cotehardie secured with silverwood buttons 1,758,900   No
fitted cream gemfire velvet cotehardie with pale alerce wood buttons 2,706,000   No
tailored silverweave cotehardie with dusky smokewood buttons 766,700   No
On the short bronze rack that is covered in painted leaves
Item Price Done
eggshell-hued starlight velvet cotehardie secured with glitvire wood buttons 1,894,200   No
fitted red Velakan linen cotehardie with banded flamewood buttons 694,540   No
tailored white scalene cotehardie with e'erdream wood buttons 1,569,480   No
pale grey armure cotehardie secured with dragonwood buttons 306,680   No
fitted white turbaurs cotehardie embellished with witchclaw wood buttons 2,751,100   No

Dress Up

[Damsel In This Dress, Dress Up]
An elegant rose garden has been created with hundreds of shades of paint and the artful use of fabric, each bloom detailed down to the smallest petal and thorn. Brambles grow into climbing vines, covered in sprouting flowers, flowing across the ceiling to dangle silken creepers. Underfoot a carpet of silk petals hides the ugly metal floor, giving the bronze and copper tables that are shaped to appear like dense bushes a place to grow. Petite stands seem to sprout from the floor, crafted into the shapes of twisting maples.
You also see an important-looking silverwood sign, a stately mannequin carved from bronze with a gauzy pale grey turbaurs dress densely adorned with floral patterns of silverweave on it and a tyrium-bound iron trunk displaying a sturdy lock.
Obvious exits: south, west.

An important-looking silverwood sign reads:

"The gowns on the mannequin are limited to ten sales each.
Two of each gown can be purchased per family."  (OOC:
Gowns are limited per account, per gown.)
On the bronze table shaped like a thick rose bush
Item Price Done
vivid goldweave houppelande with flowing bell sleeves 469,040   !!
deep teal watersilk houppelande with flaring sleeves lined in silver 225,500   !!
golden Elven wool houppelande overlaid with silverweave 550,220   !!
deep blue scalene houppelande with flowing bell sleeves 1,416,140   !!
violet thornweave houppelande overlaid with white marquisette 1,939,300   !!
On the short copper table crafted to appear like a dense rose bush
Item Price Done
champagne gemfire velvet houppelande with flaring sleeves lined in cream 1,957,340   !!
black starlight velvet houppelande with flowing bell sleeves 1,190,640   !!
pale yellow Velakan linen houppelande overlaid with sunset orange firesilk 604,340   !!
black zibeline houppelande with flaring sleeves lined in pale grey 225,500   !!
onyx zerarin wool houppelande with flaring sleeves lined in dark green 2,227,940   !!
On the petite bronze stand shaped into a twisting maple
Item Price Done
pale aquamarine cire kirtle laced at the sides with silver cords 721,600   No
back-laced dark purple thornweave kirtle with gathered skirts 1,398,100   No
front-laced crimson rosecloth kirtle with a pleated champagne skirt 1,668,700   No
back-laced pale gold eolienne kirtle with gathered skirts 1,668,700   No
front-laced flame red Velakan linen kirtle with a pleated pale yellow skirt 586,300   No
On the twisting copper stand crafted to resemble a maple tree
Item Price Done
front-laced bronze jaalmin kirtle with a pleated dark blue skirt 676,500   No
celadon Elven wool kirtle laced at the sides with golden cords 496,100   No
moonsilk kirtle laced at the sides with deep blue cords 451,000   No
back-laced white turbaurs kirtle with gathered skirts 1,939,300   No
back-laced pale grey armure kirtle with gathered skirts 451,000   No
On the stately mannequin carved from bronze
(Limited item)
Item Price Done
square-necked creamy dergatine gown with slashed sleeves 2,074,600   !!
On the tyrium-bound iron trunk displaying a sturdy lock
(Former, now sold out Limited item)
Item Price Done
backless spun glitter dress dyed shimmering silver 1,127,500   
blackberry eolienne gown trimmed with pallid duchess satin ribbons 3,743,300   !!
clinging ivory farandine gown with a rose marquisette bodice 3,517,800   !!
deep green gemfire velvet court gown with a silver-embellished train 3,608,000   !!
deep violet duchess satin court gown embellished with silverweave 1,713,800   !!
delicate thistle-hued cire gown with a full skirt enveloped in pale turbaurs 3,743,300   !!
draping white marblesilk gown embellished by a twisted green gold hip-chain 992,200   !!
elaborately beaded cire and turbaurs gown with an airy eolienne overskirt 4,059,000   !!
empire-waist orchid cire gown with a layered skirt of indigo-framed scales 3,698,200   !!
ethereal silver marquisette and moonsilk dress with a jeweled halter neck 1,713,800   !!
flowing black scalene gown with a baroque goldweave corseted top 3,247,200   !!
gauzy pale grey turbaurs dress densely adorned with floral patterns of silverweave 3,111,900   !!
illusion-necked titian cire dress with sunkissed chiffon sleeves 1,804,000   !!
off-the-shoulder moonsilk gown with a navy starlight velvet bodice 3,066,800   !!
pale green jaalmin ballgown whimsically layered over magnolia white thornweave 3,608,000   !!
provocative nightshade-purple duchess satin dress trimmed with zerarin lace 1,443,200   !!
pure black cire gown with layers of pale gold shadesatin skirts 6,765,000   !!
pure white scalene gown with a rich gold-trimmed layered skirt 3,202,100   !!
refined sheath dress of claret cire with a long trailing skirt 2,931,500   !!
revealing vixen-red marquisette dress with a daring hemline 631,400   !!
scandalous arsenic-hued shadesatin gown embellished with soft black bloodlace 1,623,600   !!
sheer black bloodlace dress layered over lustrous incarnadine shadesatin 1,984,400   !!
shimmering tea rose ballgown draped in layers of apricot and persimmon watersilk 3,382,500   !!
spun glitter dress with a long skirt of scalloped layers framed in dusky jewels 4,510,000   !!
strapless black gemfire velvet dress with flirty spun glitter skirts 5,556,320   !!
striking gown of amber jaspe with a gold-framed ulhari prism shoulder clasp 4,510,000   !!
stunning court gown of sapphire cire flaunting a richly embellished bourde skirt 9,471,000   !!
whimsical black and white marblesilk gown with raw silk texturing 2,282,060   

Glitter And Shine

[Damsel In This Dress, Glitter And Shine]
Snow-covered fields cloak the walls in white and grey hues of paint, leading upward into a monochromatic sky. Sparkling snowflakes hang from the ceiling on varying lengths of wire allowing them to swing and sway as if threatening to finish their fall. Silk carpeting of pure white covers the floors, parting like snow to allow the growth of copper and bronze stumps and trees that turn their branches into long shelves.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the stubby copper branch that has been flattened into a shelf
Item Price Done
dark blue jaalmin ribbon with a goldweave border 130,790   No
silver watersilk ribbon edged with dark teal 101,926   No
dark purple thornweave ribbon with a swirling white pattern 135,300   No
crimson gemfire velvet ribbon with a swirling champagne pattern 162,360   No
celadon silk ribbon with a silverweave border 108,240   No
dark gold starlight velvet ribbon edged with black 135,300   No
sunset orange firesilk ribbon edged with pale yellow 101,024   No
white scalene ribbon with a swirling blue pattern 144,320   No
pale grey armure ribbon with a black border 92,906   No
white turbaurs ribbon with a dappled black and green pattern 153,340   No
On the long bronze branch that stretches out like a shelf
Item Price Done
strands of chaos chalcedonies 721,600   No
strands of Reshalian tourmalines 992,200   No
strands of swirling charoites 451,000   No
strands of grapefruit rubies 360,800   No
strands of mermaid's chalcedonies 270,600   No
strands of midnight onyxes 992,200   No
strands of lava sphalerites 162,360   No
strands of cloud turquoises 234,520   No
strands of dendritic opals 180,400   No
strands of inkdrop agates 270,600   No
On the slim bronze tree
Item Price Done
gracefully looping gold necklace set with a midnight onyx 667,480   No
orichalcum necklace featuring a lava sphalerite set within intricate loops 938,080   No
artfully looping silver necklace set with a cloud turquoise 229,108   No
labyrinthine animite necklace curling delicately around a dendritic opal 2,029,500   No
delicately looping palladium necklace set with an inkdrop agate 277,816   No
On the crooked copper tree
Item Price Done
cleverly looping gold and bronze necklace set with a chaos chalcedony 517,748   No
intricate silver necklace curling delicately around a Reshalian tourmaline 635,008   No
platinum necklace featuring a swirling charoite set within intricate loops 432,960   No
complex gold necklace curling delicately around a grapefruit ruby 351,780   No
electrum necklace featuring a mermaid's chalcedony set within intricate loops 288,640   No
On the short copper tree stump with long roots
Item Price Done
set of etched glitvire wood combs 162,360   No
set of gleaming flamewood combs 99,220   No
set of curved e'erdream wood combs 108,240   No
set of arched dragonwood combs 117,260   No
set of rounded witchclaw wood combs 99,220   No
On the bronze tree stump with twisting roots
Item Price Done
set of sculpted dark iroko wood combs 270,600   No
set of polished mistwood combs 92,004   No
set of glossy silverwood combs 92,004   No
set of chiseled alerce wood combs 126,280   No
set of shiny smokewood combs 225,500   No