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Male and Female Gnomes Description

A famous Gnomic saying goes, "If you want to undo a knot by hacking it to death, get a Gor'Tog. If you want it unraveled, get a Gnome." This simple truth is a cornerstone in understanding Gnomes. Though smaller in stature and physically weaker than even the Halflings, Gnomes are wily, quick on their feet, and excellent at solving problems.

Originally, Gnomes eked out a desperate, savage subsistence at the bottom of the food chain. At some undisclosed point in history they formed an alliance with the Gorbesh Empire. In exchange for safety from predators, they provided the war-like race with clever inventions and served as advisors. Nearly all the Gnomes in the Dragon's Realms were among, or descended from, those who defected with the Kaldar to journey north. Gorbesh Gnomes are almost never seen outside the Empire cities, as they are guarded over as jealously as treasure.

Character Creation

The figure speaks in a clear, light voice: "I am a Gnome, perhaps one of the smallest of all that the gods ever created, but definitely the fastest, lightest, and the most nimble. Invention is my genius, but it is not my only skill. Let the others bash their heads against the world trying to make it do what it wants -- we know the truth. Gnomes manipulate rather than force, persuade instead of pummel. If you want to undo a knot by hacking it to death, get a 'Tog. If you want it unraveled, get a Gnome."

You regard the small Gnome. Tiny in comparison to a Human or Kaldar, it is a shade shorter than the Halfling with an exuberance similar to that race, except that in the place of overbearing bubbliness is a razor-keen wit. The Gnome's ears are slightly pointed, and its fingers are constantly twitching, as if it were eager to be doing something.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 4 +3
Reflex 14 -2
Agility 12 -1
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Intelligence 14 -2
Stamina 6 +2


Gnomes are another long-lived race, sometimes living to 200 years. Like Elotheans, Gnomish longevity drags out senescence without substantially deviating from the Human norm.

Normal Longevity People See
0 to 14 0 to 14 a child
15 to 30 15 to 30 young
31 to 59 31 to 89 an adult
60 to 88 90 to 148 mature
89 to 116 149 to 186 patronly/matronly
117 to 144 187 to 224 distinguished
145 to 172 225 to 262 ancient
173 to 200 263 to 300 an elder
201+ 301+ archaic


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 1.75 feet 2.5 feet
Female 1.75 feet 2.5 feet


Average gestation period: 4 Elanthian months

Gnomes can conceive children with the following races:

Points of Interest

  • Albaria: Home of the Gorbesh, their wicked cool gods, and some other races.
  • Gorbesh: Informational page on the Gorbesh, the beginnings of the Kaldar, and tidbits of religious lore.
  • Gorbesh Verbs: Verbs utilized by Kaldar and Gnomes.
  • Gorbesh Calendar: Information regarding the Calendar system used by the Gorbesh.
  • Remembrance (book): A First Person Definition of the Gorbesh by Elder Duveus

Religion Information


Language Information


These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with Gnomes.

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