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Kriley Lambrodonk
Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Location: Mer'Kresh - Barber Shop (Ranik Map 107)
Type: shopowner
Relatives: Budd (brother)

Kriley is an unscrupulous barber in the city of Mer'Kresh, though he has other talents as well, relating to body artwork.


You see Kriley Lambrodonk, a Gnome of, well, average size (for a Gnome). His ears are respectably pointy, and his fingers are Gnomishly nimble. His eyes are bright, and the little wrinkles at the corners tell you he smiles a lot. Or maybe he's just middle-aged. Hard to tell with a Gnome. His light brown hair is neatly trimmed and stylishly, uh, styled. He's a barber, after all.

Conversational Responses


  • BUDD: ?
  • ESCAPE: Kriley says, "They say there's no escape from the Penal Colony, but then, they'd say that, wouldn't they? I've heard there's a band of bravos that helps the few who manage to break out."
  • HAIRCUT: "I'll be happy to discuss that with you," says Kriley, "just as soon as I get my new scissors and razors from Crossing. Stop back in a few days, why don't you?"
  • M'RISS: Kriley says, "Don't know much about the place -- never been there, but one of these days I'll pack a picnic basket and take the galley ride across the bay."
  • MER'KRESH: Kriley exclaims, "Wonderful town! Just wonderful! Nice people, good weather -- what more could you ask for?"
  • SECRET TOPICS: Click for spoiler

Atmospheric Messages

  • Kriley picks up a rag and dusts off a large painting of a battle titled, "Beriff Casparas's Next-to-the-Last Stand."


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