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Prime Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Location: Dirge

You see Rodent Referee Ziblix, a Gnome.
Ziblix has a triangular face, some tiny icesteel-framed spectacles with carmine tinted lenses framing tilted viridian eyes and a button nose. His ash-blonde hair is short and wavy. He has fair skin and a scrawny build.
He is short for a Gnome.
He appears to be young.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an official looking Referee's whistle, a tiny yet official looking Referee's shirt with thick black and white vertical stripes, a black leather rucksack tooled with the image of two rats engaged in a ferocious battle, a some rugged black canvas pants and a pair of tiny black leather boots with matte silver buckles.