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Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male

A renowned Gnome enchanter. The distinguished artisan derived inspiration for many of his mystical incantations from observations of natural phenomena in the surrounding environment during his many expeditions.

There is no documentation on what inspired Lograr to develop the energy bow. Instead, only rumors have filtered down through history. One verbal account is that Lograr saw a falling star and was inspired to create a weapon based on its appearance. Other accounts mention silver fish darting through a stream and another fireworks.

Regardless of the origin of his idea, Lograr's enchanting did have a side effect. Any enchanting always drained energy of some sort from the weapon's user. Lograr was never able to prevent this and was even remarked to have said that it was only logical that the weapon functioned in that manner. However, through much experimenting, he was able to direct the type of energy drained and created versions of the weapon for each type of drained energy. See Energy bow.

He is also credited with development of the enchantment variations on the gath mysanda. is a commonly agreed-upon fact that Lograr didn't create the first gath mysanda. His first enchanting of the mysandas appears to have occurred during a time of war when he was approached for help. Lograr's contribution was a variety of mysandas that could aid various military units. The mysandas were used by exhausted commanders, clerics and empaths. However, many were hidden shortly after the war in fear that they might fall into enemy hands and were then forgotten. Lesser versions of the mysandas made occasional appearances but never in large numbers or of a power comparable to the originals.

It is also agreed that Lograr's energy bows likely came before the different mysandas. Scholars believe it was his research into the energy bows that allowed Lograr to develop the variety of mysandas that he later created.

Records indicate that Lograr created five different types of mysandas. Those could be used to restore attunement, spirit, concentration, fatigue, and health. Due to the unique nature of the mysanda, it can only be used by the same person that charged it.