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Zezinka Alorethien
Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Location: Blazons and Banners (Ranik Map 67e)
Type: shopowner

Zezinka is the owner and embroider of the Blazons and Banners shop on the new Shard south bridge arcade.


Zezinka seems like the tallest Gnome around until she steps off the two-step stool she habitually stands on behind the counter. Her green eyes are bright and observant, and although she's friendly, she seems quite serious about her work.

Room Messaging

  • Finding some bales of cloth not folded to suit her, Zezinka folds and stacks them. "Always something to do," she adds.
  • Zezinka threads several needles with different colors of silk floss and sticks them in a handy pincushion.
  • Zezinka makes herself busy, sweeping up loose thread and scraps of cloth.
  • A Gnome enters and says something to Zezinka. She answers, "Tell Sis I'm takin' care of it for her."
  • A Gnome enters and says something to Zezinka. She answers, "Don't worry, I can shorten it for you. In fact, I'll make two of them for you."
  • A S'Kra Mur enters and asks something of Zezinka. She answers, "I'll put a slit in the back so it doesn't ride up on yer tail."

Conversation Responses

  • flag: Zezinka raises her eyebrows, looks around and says, " Yep -- flags. Guess that's what all these cloth things are. We got ready-made flags, and we can make you a custom one, too. Just take a peek at our catalog there."
  • pole: Zezinka says, "Naw, we don't have any. Ain't that something? I asked the boss, what are they gonna do with a flag if they don't have a pole? But he just shrugged as said, 'We're gettin' some real soon now.'".
  • tabard: Zezinka looks you and says, "Yes, I guess we could find something to fit even you. We have them in canvas, silk, and for the custom ones, in velvet. Have a look at the catalog there."
  • Zezinka: "Alorethien," Zezinka says, "I'm not only the most beautiful Gnome now alive, I'm also the toughest one, so you better not try anything! My daddy was a rock troll and my momma was a crockydile. I eat boobries for breakfast and leucros for lunch, and I can whip my weight in Dragon Priests. I also sew a fine seam."
  • anything else: Zezinka says, "Not now, hon -- got a wagon full of work to do."