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Gadmadorz Ogondagazor
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

Gadmadorz Ogondagazor, Gnome hermit who lived in the Hermit's Shack on Ratha.


(Late December 1999/Early January 2000)

During the time known as Sorrow's War, there came a point that the Magus Prayk needed to be rescued from the dungeons of Sorrow's Keep, a nearly impenetrable centuries old fortress.

Prior investigation had determined that both the original plans and the builders of the Keep had been destroyed at Sorrow’s order to ensure that only his most trusted would be able to gain access. It was believed that if there was any hope in figuring out how to gain entry we would need to find copies of the plans or a relative of those builders who might still exist.

Somehow it was determined that Theren's Keep would be a good place to start to search for clues. A search party was formed and after spending hours roaming Theren Keep, the following tapestry was found in a little used room.

A rotting threadbare tapestry, sagging against the wall, straining the grommets which held it in place. Caked grime and heavily frayed edges gave testament to years of utter neglect. Through the flaking crust, we could make out the silhouette of an imposing fortress set atop a craggy hill. Even in its state of disrepair, the skillful depiction of the bastion appeared to loom ominously over the jagged hillside. The tattered lower border was embroidered in finely woven decorative script.

Embroidered into the tapestry were these words:

No way out, one way in.
In total darkness, the Key to light lies within.
For He who destroys those who create, will find there is still one who controlled their fate.
The answer is given when the Builder is found.
The seed of hope lies beneath the ground.
The path to freedom is brief at best.
To be caught unawares means a final rest.

Further investigation turned up the information that someone of interest to us lived on Ratha. With the assistance of one of the ZEF captains a small group sailed to Ratha where we found Gadmadorz.

After spending some time earning his trust, and still more time attempting to hold a conversation with the odd fellow, we learned that Gadmadorz' father had been one of the builders of Sorrow's Keep.

We explained to Gadmadorz that our friend was now trapped in the dungeons of this evil place, and we were looking for a key to rescue him. Gadmadorz said he would consult with 'dafishie' for the answer and would be in touch with us in a few days time.

Concerned and not quite sure we had really gotten anywhere, we left Ratha for Crossing with the Gnome’s assurance that he would give the key to the pretty lady.


You see Hermit Gadmadorz Ogondagazor, a Gnome Moon Mage.
He has one milky blue eye and one milky white eye, is bald, and has pale skin.
He is young for a Gnome.
He is clean shaven.

He is holding a braided silk and leather sling in his right hand.
He is wearing a diamond band, a rotting burlap pouch with a worn leather flap, some puce breeches with stained knees, a floppy bright red hat with a mangled feather stuck in it, a sealskin duffel bag, a duffel bag, some purple stockings and a brightly colored tunic composed of patches of clashing colors.