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Origins and Info

The origins of icesilk, like the weaving process itself, are shrouded in mystery. What little that is known seems improbable at best. Icesilk utilizes threads of pure silk and a second rarer type of silk which is found only in the mountains of Albaria. These two silk threads are spun together using an unusual spinning process to produce a silvery white thread which has a faintly sparkling or glittering appearance. This thread, known as the "silvered thread," is used in the warp of icesilk.

The weft is crafted using a second "silvered thread" and a translucent gemstone, such as an emerald or an aquamarine. Exactly how the gemstone is used in the spinning process is a closely guarded secret known to a very few but the thread that is produced is remarkably soft and supple with a strong metallic appearance.

The "gemstone thread" is then woven together with a "silvered thread" to produce a fabric that is lightweight and yet has the unusual side benefit of locking in body heat when worn next to the skin.

Note: The "rarer type of silk" which is found only in certain areas of the Albarian Mountains is used exclusively in the production of icesilk and thus has no name that is openly shared by its weavers.

And on to the technical stuff that will help with alterations and such like.

Only "icesilk" is acceptable.


Icesilk can be made using any translucent AND colored gemstone (e.g. sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, garnet, etc.) *see exceptions below. The fabric produced is ALWAYS named after the gemstone used in the weaving. For example: Using a garnet would produce "garnet icesilk" NOT "red icesilk", using a pink sapphire would produce "pink sapphire icesilk" NOT "pink icesilk" and so on.

NOTE: Only TRANSLUCENT (also known as CLEAR) COLORED gemstones can be used in the weaving of icesilk. So for example an emerald COULD be used because it is considered translucent, but a jade could NOT be used since the jade is opaque (you cannot see through a jade).


  • ANY gemstone that is clear, white or uncolored can NOT be used in the weaving of icesilk. EXAMPLES of white/clear gems are white or ice-white diamonds, a clear/non-colored quartz, topaz or sapphire. Something like pearl or moonstone, which are both white AND opaque would be out completely. NOTE: Any diamond that is not a specific color is considered to be a white diamond.

Using a white or clear gemstone would produce a "silvery white thread", when woven with the basic silvery white thread this would produce a silvery white silk which has none of the gemstone properties normally associated with icesilk.

  • Multi-colored gemstones, such as a starfire topaz, produce an unappealing muddy grey/brown color that lacks the glittering sparkle indicative of icesilk and therefore are NEVER used.
  • Magical gemstones, such as the phantom sapphire, can NOT be used in the weaving of icesilk.
  • Rare gemstones CAN be used provided they are both translucent and colored, but are prohibitively expensive since the equivalent of a huge gemstone is required for the weaving process.


  • Icesilk CAN be used to make gowns, dresses, blouses, formal wraps (shawls), shirts, robes and cloaks.
  • Icesilk CAN be used as accent trim for any type of garment or container.
  • Icesilk CAN be used to make very small containers such as pouches or purses.
  • Icesilk can NOT be used to make medium or large containers such as haversacks or backpacks.
  • Icesilk can NOT be used to make quivers or sheaths
  • Icesilk can NOT be used to make footwear of any kind.
  • Icesilk can NOT be used to make corsets, bustiers, skirts, ruvens, leggings or trousers.

Note: Since icesilk is an extremely flimsy and lightweight material it is therefore not suitable for large containers and some types of clothing items.


Icesilk CAN be used in alterations and wedding items provided a logical amount MUST be supplied by the player. See also colors, uses and required look for guidelines.

Required Look
The following sentence MUST be used in the LOOK of any garment made with any amount of icesilk: the silvery white warp threads of this <item> glitter icily against the <gemstone> metallic threads used in the weft of the loom.

Below is one of the original icesilk items sold in Albarian Imports to use as a reference

TAP: a garnet icesilk gown with a beaded halter neckline. LOOK: Deep red garnets are liberally woven into the tiger lily pattern of the Albarian lace panel that gracefully joins the wide icesilk choker to the scooped neckline of this sleeveless gown. Designed to flair slightly at the knee, the silvery white warp threads of this form-fitting gown glitter icily against the rich, wine-red metallic threads used in the weft of the loom.


ItemSource isRare item
A crimson icesilk shirttrue
Alabaster and khor'vela mask with a pyrope icesilk blindfold binding the eyesSplit Personalities (3)Red gold music box with its gilding flaking to reveal wood corrupted by bone bitstrue
Blue sapphire icesilk cloak trimmed with gold braidIn The Snowtrue
Crimson icesilk shirtSailcloth backpack with leather strapstrue
Cuffed formal pants of dark blue icesilk with minute ivory pinstripesSmaller Side of Life (2)Smaller Side of Life (3)true
Elegant icesilk gown with sapphire and aquamarine accentsGlass egg framed with delicate strands of gold/prizesTreasure map/Prizestrue
Emerald icesilk shirtAlbarian Importstrue
Emerald shireli lace flutertae mask framed with amethyst icesilk hairLimited Treasures (3)true
Ethereal bodysuit covered in fluttery layers of heliotrope icesilk petalsLimited Treasures (1)true
Ethereal spun glitter cape lined in heliotrope icesilkTildi's Blooms (3)Tildi's Blooms (4)true
... further results

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