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Vaxin Remill
Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Associates: Marstan

Sorcerer Vaxin was a Gnome warrior mage who was raised from the dead by Marstan. Extremely loyal to Marstan, there were some personality quirks attributed to him being raised from the dead.

Vaxin accompanied Marstan when he attempted to destroy Sorrow and helped him escape to Aesry. He was captured along with Marstan, tortured and killed.


He has black eyes, thinning black hair, and pale skin.
He is mature for a Gnome.
He is holding a panther talisman in his right hand and a silver-hilted bastard sword in his left.
He is wearing a crossbow crafted from pure ebony wood, a pitch black sorcerer's robe and a black leather long scabbard.