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Prime Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Location: Zoluren
Relatives: Twixx, Melgorehn, Nougat


Fred wriggles uncomfortably under your scrutiny. After a moment, he grins a toothy grin, displaying a full set of white chompers in his little Gnomish mouth, one feature that sets him apart from his twin Twixx. He wrinkles his nose with a chortling laugh and says aloud, for no reason, "I like jokes."


  • Auntie: Fred smiles, "Auntie was our favorite, and we were hers. She left us all her machines and wealth!" Fred pushes a lock of limp hair behind his ear.
  • Belly: Fred chortles, "The belly of the beast smells like Twixx when he, well, ya know......" He cracks up laughing.
  • Candy: Fred whispers, "Yeah, better hide your candy from Twixx. He's a fiend for it."
  • Fred: Fred says, "Oh yes, Fred, Fred's the smart twin." He smirks.
  • Gears: Fred ponders and says "Gears? Oh, Nougat probably knows about that." He nods vigorously.
  • Inheritance: Fred pulls on a strand of hair and says, "Auntie left us her treasure as our inheritance. We have to go find it though. That's why you are along!" He grins.
  • Joke: Fred beams, "Jokes are the best, tell me a joke, I love them!"
  • Machine: Fred looks alarmed, "I don't know anything about machines, you're supposed to do that part!"
  • Melgorehn: "Melgorehn is our aunt's name," Fred says solemnly. "Or was, before she died."
  • Twixx: Fred says, "Twixx is a bit twisted, without a doubt." His mouth twists into a sassy grin, "but don't tell him I told ya, but his whole name is -- Twixxpindleepoo!"