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Originally developed by Gorbesh Gnomes, the technique of firestaining is utilized by the Gorbesh, the Kaldar, and the Gnomes. Firestaining can be done to nearly any metal and is done by utilizing Elemental magics to control the heat of a forge fire to create stylized and silhouetted designs. Coloration varies from black, grey, charcoal, and can be tinged with crimson, orange, red, or purple along the edges. Kaldar utilize the technique primarily, but recognize Gnomes as the masters of this technique as they are often much more capable of coaxing the most detailed designs.

Notes for alterations
  • May not have intricate detailing that requires forms of shading more akin to painting.
  • May not be used on wood or other flammable items.
  • Purely ornamental. Does not give an item anything extra.
  • May be freely used/requested from any willing merchants (including LTB scrolls.)