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Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Type: Alterer


You see Journeyman Crafter Buzwell, Boneworker of Elanthia, a Gnome Trader. He has laugh lines around his glinting black eyes and a wart-tipped nose. His grey hair is shoulder length and coarse and is worn in a mop of unruly cowlicks. His equally grey beard is full and tangled, reaching down to his knees. He has weathered skin and a broad-shouldered, pot-bellied build. He is wizened with age, but still strong. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pointy red hat, a tooled leather carving case, a faded green broadcloth shirt with white embroidery around the cuffs, a wide black leather belt, some blue canvas work pants and a pair of work boots.


Works in bone, antler, horn, and ivory.