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Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Type: alterer, merchant


You see Intrepid Andriette, a Gnome Adventuress.
Andriette has a round face with large, guileless green eyes and a pert little nose. One of her eyebrows is missing. Barely held in place by grey leather-framed goggles, her pale and messy hair has a peculiar dustiness to it. She has rosy skin and a slender figure.
She looks young and healthy.

She is wearing a pair of badly dented platinum-framed wings ornamented with muracite, a tailored deep green cotton blouse marred by scorch marks, a faded green leather utility belt with platinum rivets, a well-worn split skirt of sueded platinum silk and a pair of low-heeled dusty grey boots adorned with several buckles.


Andriette owns The Gear Shop. She works on many items.

Works On

  • armor
blue-white ice-veined leathers with silver buckles
  • beard jewelry
  • bird charms
  • cambrinth
can add up to 50 mana of cambrinth to a worn item with no other special verbs or mechanics
  • clothing
  • furniture
  • item hiders
  • jewelry (including floaters, feature-worn and beard jewelry)
  • journals
  • moonsilver
  • pets (rats, kittens, and pigs)
  • planetary gems
  • ritual foci (appearance only; no creating new foci or changing the mechanics)
  • toys (some mechanical/enchanted)
  • warhorns
  • weapons

Does Not Work On

  • chakrel
  • pilgrim's badges
  • ritual foci (no creating new foci or changing the mechanics)
  • sigilated platinum rings
  • soulstones
  • weapon holding ties

Rule Discussion

Hodandu, 5 Skullcleaver 421 (11/9/2016)

[18:35] Tweet: Andriette is in the Merchant Lounge to talk about alterations. Come learn what's going on! #alterationinfo #drprime

[18:36] Andriette exclaims, "Lots of new peoples!"

[18:36] Andriette exclaims, "It's me!"

[18:36] Andriette says, "I'm so famousicle they made a figure."

[18:37] Andriette says, "Let's see. I know some faces."

[18:37] Andriette exclaims, "Oooh, these are comfy!"

[18:37] Andriette exclaims, "I'm going to disapoint and yet hopefully make everyone happy too!"

[18:38] Andriette says, "I'm not going to be altering tonight BUT I will be tomorrow. I'm here to talk about my rules ahead of time and nudge everyone to get READY."

[18:38] Andriette exclaims, "Booze!"

[18:38] Andriette says, "Here's my plan. Plot. IDEA."

[18:38] Andriette exclaims, "I love plotting!"

[18:39] Andriette says, "My plot is to show up tomorrow a wee bit early to open the list."

[18:39] Andriette says, "That one."

[18:39] Andriette says, "And then pick someone to work the list. Because I don't want to break it."

[18:39] Andriette says, "And pick a couple of helpers to glance over things and stuff that people want done."

[18:40] Andriette says, "Then close the list. And for THREE hours, we'll draw names and work through the list."

[18:40] Andriette says, "So the more people that are SUPER ready, the more people who will get alterations."

[18:40] Andriette exclaims, "And everyone can tickle anyone who joins the list and isn't ready until they pee!"

[18:41] Andriette says, "As for what I work on."

[18:41] Andriette says, "I'm sure people would like to know."

[18:42] Andriette says, "I will work on: Armor, weapons, clothing, hiders, bird charms, cambrinth, feature jewelry, face jewelry, beard jewelry, planet gems, some toys, I'll dye kittens and rats but I won't do anything mean to them! Ditto with piggies."

[18:42] Andriette says, "Sadly no on those."

[18:42] Andriette says, "Floaties I can do."

[18:42] Andriette says, "I can't do badges, it would make Kauko crankypants."

[18:43] Andriette says, "Homes are seperate."

[18:43] Lydaiva asks Andriette, "What about furniture vouchers?"

[18:43] Saragos asks Andriette, "What about windboards?"

[18:43] Andriette says, "I can do furniture."

[18:43] Andriette says, "I'd have to see a windboard first but maybe."

[18:44] Andriette says, "If it's a one-eyed kitten, I totes can give it an eyepatch."

[18:44] Andriette says, "I'd have to see the runestone stacker."

[18:44] Andriette exclaims, "I could!"

[18:44] Andriette exclaims, "Tiny little pegleg with claws!"

[18:45] Dreaderic asks Andriette, "Please inform us of the time?"

[18:46] Andriette asks, "Did I miss any other questions?"

[18:46] Andriette exclaims, "There are lots of them!"

[18:46] Andriette exclaims, "You!"

[18:46] Caidie asks Andriette, "So..hiders.. can we cram all the hiders together at once or is there a limit?"

[18:46] Andriette exclaims, "You can cram them all together on one item if you want!"

[18:47] Andriette says, "What he said."

OOC: Andriette will work from 10 PM Eastern until 1 AM Eastern.

[18:48] Andriette says, "I really, really suggest everyone turn to their smartest friend and get help before then."

[18:49] Andriette exclaims, "I'll pick helpers tomorrow when we know who shows up!"

[18:49] Andriette exclaims, "I don't want anyone to feel bad if they get picked today then fall off the spider and get lost!"

[18:50] Andriette exclaims, "Likely I'll need three helpers total. But we'll see how it goes!"

[18:50] Andriette says, "One listy person and two to glance over designs."

[18:51] Andriette asks, "Anymore questions about what I do?"

[18:51] Andriette asks, "I guess?"

[18:52] Riverlynn asks Andriette, "Are you able to work on journals?"

[18:52] Andriette exclaims, "That's The Witch's job!"

[18:53] Andriette exclaims, "I can!"

[18:53] Perune asks Andriette, "Are you able to work on magical foci?"

[18:54] Andriette says, "I can alter some foci, it depends on the type."

[18:54] Andriette says, "I can't make new things foci though."

[18:54] Andriette exclaims, "Tomorrow!"

[18:54] Cyiarriah asks Andriette, "Do you think you will be doing a second session later on?"

[18:55] Andriette says, "I'll be here a little early to open the list and get everyone who wants a chance on it."

[18:55] Andriette says, "I just ask that everyone be as ready as they can be."

[18:56] Andriette exclaims, "That way we can get more people worked with!"

[18:56] Andriette exclaims, "All the tickles if you're not ready!"

[18:58] Andriette says, "The readier the betterer."

[18:59] Andriette asks, "Any last questions before I go off and get ready?"

[18:59] Andriette says, "I can't work on soulstones or pilgrim's badges or umm that Barb stuff."

[19:00] Andriette exclaims, "That stuff!"

[19:00] Isharon asks Andriette, "Not necessarily for tomorrow, but for future reference: if one has an omni-hider like the worry beads, is it possible to transfer that magic to another item?"

[19:00] Andriette says, "I can do that, yes."

[19:00] Andriette says, "Depending on the item."

[19:00] Andriette says, "Keep in mind that in most cases any one item can only do one 'special' thing."

[19:00] Isharon says to Andriette, "Assuming the item does not already do anything special."

[19:00] Andriette exclaims, "Right!"

[19:01] Andriette says, "Ohoh. That icey leathery stuffs. I can work on that too."

[19:04] Andriette exclaims, "I'll hop off to find just the right everything for everything!"

[19:04] Andriette exclaims, "Thank you all for coming to learn and get ready!"

[19:04] Andriette asks, "One last question?"

[19:05] Andriette exclaims, "Hopefully everyone listens!"

[19:06] Andriette says, "I'll see everyone tomorrow."

[19:06] Andriette exclaims, "And remember, be ready or else!"