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Adaerna Mirglyn
Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Location: Mirglyn Sisters, Goldsmiths (Ranik Map 30)
Type: shopowner

One of the proprietors of Mirglyn Sisters, Goldsmiths in Riverhaven.


Even for a Gnome, Adaerna Mirglyn can only be called tiny. She has cropped blue-black hair that bristles around her face in stiff spikes that resemble a porcupine's quills, a resemblance enhanced by randomly bleached tips. A series of sparkling jeweled studs runs the length of her ear, and more studs adorn her eyebrow and nose, glinting against her nut-brown skin.

She wears a leather apron over a startling combination of tangerine shirt, purple tunic and lemon-yellow leggings with magenta stripes, the outfit capped by bright green boots. Noticing your stare, she says, "Isn't it super? I made it myself. I don't have time to sew for others, but if you're interested in jewelry, just ask me about CUSTOM."

Metal information from Adaerna

When asked about:

  • Animite:

Adaerna Mirglyn sniffs. "Well, it's supposed to represent a steadfast nature, but I think most people just think it's trendy."

  • Black Gold:

Adaerna Mirglyn gets a sly expression. "Ahh," she says, tapping her nose with a wink. "That's a family secret, that is. It's real gold, with some... work done on it, that's all you need know. It's difficult, it's time consuming, and it rightly costs the earth for anything made with it."

  • Bronze:

"Bronze is a mix of copper and tin. It's strong, but it sometimes is unsuitable for finely detailed work," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.""

  • Copper:

"While it's a common metal, I do think the deep, rich color of copper is beautiful," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Electrum:

"It's an alloy," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "an old Gnomish recipe mixing gold and silver."

  • Elven Silver:

"An Elven goldsmith taught me how to make it," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "Unlike ordinary silver, it's slow to tarnish, so it stays bright without all the polishing."

  • Gold:

"Gold represents an unchanging nature," Adaerna Mirglyn replies, "sometimes even stagnation."

  • Pewter:

"Pewter's an alloy of tin with a small amount of copper, and a bit of lead thrown in for some of the lower quality stuff." Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Platinum:

"The rarest metal I work with, platinum costs the earth because of its scarcity," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Silver:

"Silver's lovely, all wintery and cool, and wonderfully easy to work with. Its main drawback is that it tarnishes so," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

Gemstone Meaning and Information from Adaerna

When asked about:

  • Adderstone:

"Adderstone represents a child with an agile mind and glib tongue," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Agate:

"Agates are believed to promote courage, and as such are often given to warriors of all guilds," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Alexandrite:

"They change color depending on your light," Adaerna Mirglyn says apparently at random. "It's rather a sarcastic stone, I think. We mostly give them to politicians.

  • Amber:

Adaerna Mirglyn smiles and says, "Amber represents faith in adversity."

  • Amethyst:

"Amethyst is supposed to protect against compulsion as well as addiction," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Aquamarine:

Adaerna Mirglyn nods and says, "Aquamarine is a talisman against drowning, we believe."

  • Autumn Jasper:

Adaerna Mirglyn says, "The shifting red and gold swirls of the autumn jasper make it a popular stone for those entering middle age, to remind them of the beauty of autumn at a time when they may be feeling down about getting older."

  • Beryl:

Adaerna Mirglyn just blinks at you, then shrugs blankly.

  • Bloodstone:

"Bloodstone is said to represent self-sacrifice," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Carnelian:

"Carnelian is believed to speed regeneration of energy by the old grannies," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "and a lot of mages will superstitiously carry a carnelian bead hidden beneath their robes."

  • Cinnebar:

"Cinnebar is a symbol for passion for a concept rather than a person, Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "It's sometimes given sarcastically by a rejected lover."

  • Citrine:

"It's related to amethyst, you know," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "but it represents one who practices compulsion or manipulation upon others."

  • Coral:

"The rough surface of coral represents serenity, oddly enough," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Crystal:

"The crystals offer a deceptive clarity, but traditionally," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "we regard them as stones representing false vision or a misguided nature."

  • Diamond:

"They're a bit overrated, I think," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "but a diamond is supposed to represent clarity and an unchanging devotion." She sniffs.

  • Emerald:

"Emeralds represent flawed beauty," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Fire Opal:

"They're popular gifts for children with an affinity for elemental magic," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "The fire aspect, you know."

  • Garnet:

"Well, all garnets are associated with some kind of healing," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Golden Beryl:

"It's related to the emerald, you know," Adaerna Mirglyn replies, "but the golden beryl traditionally represents beauty, revealed through music or art."

  • Hematite:

"Hematite? It represents a reflective nature, someone perhaps prone to second-guessing themselves. Not something we'd give a child, but more as a talisman for an adult with those tendencies," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

  • Ivory:

"Ivory is a talisman for those of a deliberate and thoughtful nature," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Jade:

"Jade is given for protection, to ward off ill-wishing," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "It's popular to hang above a cradle, for example."

  • Jasper:

Adaerna Mirglyn says, "Jasper is a lovely stone, and depending on the variety, conveys a lot of meanings. Plain jasper signifies a heartfelt respect for the recipient."

  • Lapis Lazuli:

"Lapis lazuli, with its deep blue color and flecks of pyrite, represents the universe, and is commonly gifted to Moon Mages and others of a questioning nature," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Malachite:

"Malachite?" Adaerna Mirglyn answers distractedly. "It represents harmony, nature in a state of balance. Very popular for rangers, actually."

  • Moonstone:

"Oddly enough," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "the moonstone isn't at all popular with Moon Mages among my people. It's held to be unlucky for them, as tradition holds that it clouds the vision. Now, Thieves, on the other hand..."

  • Moss Agate:

"A pretty stone, all translucent cream-color with streaks of green. All agates are associated with courage; this one is believed by my people to counter irrational phobias," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

  • Onyx:

Adaerna Mirglyn just blinks at you, then shrugs blankly.

  • Opal:

Adaerna Mirglyn smiles. "My favorite stone, though sadly fragile. Perhaps that's why I like it. Traditionally my people give it to someone they feel has hidden depths, as a kind of way of acknowledging what they can't say aloud."

  • Pearl:

Adaerna Mirglyn smiles and says, "Pearls are given to people we find irritating, but whom we like despite that. We believe they are a symbol of patience and acceptance." Note: Baroque Pearls are pearls that are irregular in shape.

  • Peridot:

"The peridot represents water and cleansing. It's a powerful ingredient in talismans to ward off disease," Adaerna Mirglyn replies, "though few believe in such things these days."

  • Pyrope Garnet:

"Beautiful stones, with that deep, blood-red color. Almost looks like a ruby, but a slightly more orange tint to it. The traditional meaning is one of spiritual healing," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

  • Quartz:

"Quartz is believed to offer protection against heartache," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "I've worn a quartz ear-stud ever since..." Her voice trails off, and she turns back to her work, shaking her head.

  • Rose Quartz:

"Ahh, rose quartz. Strength and a delicate blush -- among my people it represents young love," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

  • Ruby:

Adaerna Mirglyn says, "Most races regard the ruby as a stone of passion and true love. We actually regard it as a stone of ill-omen, foreshadowing the loss of all that is valued."

  • Rutilated Quartz:

"Trapped within the clear quartz, rutilated quartz has hair-thin threads of glittering gold," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "To my people, this stone is given to a child to celebrate an innate gift revealed."

  • Sapphire:

"Sapphire, with its deep, true blue color, is an emblem of the blood returning to the heart, and true love returning to the giver of the stone," Adaerna Mirglyn replies, adding, "It's a gift you give when you hope the love will be reciprocated but aren't sure." After a moment, she adds, "A woman wearing a lot of sapphire jewelry is usually regarded as a heartless flirt, to be honest."

  • Sardonyx:

"A lovely stone, with its bands of cream and orange and red. Among my people," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "the sardonyx symbolizes a courage so ingrained that the wearer may not even regard it as such since it is so much a part of him. It would be like a fish questioning its ability to swim."

  • Tiger's Eye:

"The tiger's eye represents wisdom," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Topaz:

"Topaz is thought to be another so-called 'gift' stone, as legend has it the stone will bring the wearer joy," Adaerna Mirglyn says.

  • Tortoiseshell:

"Tortoiseshell is symbolic of long life," Adaerna Mirglyn replies.

  • Tourmaline:

"Tourmaline comes in several different colors, and looks so nice with pearls," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "Traditionally, it represents breadth of vision, the kind of person who sees the whole picture, rather than just a narrow slice."

  • Turquoise:

"Turquoise is thought to offer protection against malign magics," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "Barbarians, in particular, are fond of it."

  • Water Opal:

"It's not really an opal, you know," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "It's a kind of shell, but the lovely bands of blues and greens give this stone its traditional appeal to those wishing to find the love of their lives."

  • Zircon:

"Zircon is often confused with topaz, but it's not worth as much," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "Traditionally, it represents an inconstant or fair-weather friend, the kind who you suspect would talk about you behind your back to make herself popular."

Information about Birthstones

Adaerna Mirglyn makes amulets with gems in the shape of objects representing the various Elanthian birth months. You can ASK her about birthstones.

"Well, we don't really have birthstones like northerners do," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "What we have are amulets such as I offer here. The background represents the year of your birth, and the foreground figure, the month. When made for an infant, the gemstone chosen for the foreground figure is traditionally picked based on your wish for the child, or based on what you know of the person if you are giving it to an adult. The shape of the background represents the influences which support, or which you hope will be given to the recipient."

"She smiles quickly and adds, "For the most part, since we came to the northern continent, people just pick the stones and shapes they think look nice, though."

Other Commentary

When asked about:

  • Baron:

"I've never met him, of course," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "A tradesman's daughter meeting the Baron? But I saw his father once, in a parade."

  • Riverhaven:

"We came here back in... 362 AV, I think. At first, we just made a bit of jewelry as a sideline, but some friends encouraged us to open this shop," Adaerna Mirglyn says with a smile.

  • Adaerna:

Adaerna Mirglyn shrugs and says, "Nothing much to tell, really. I was born in the south, but I don't really remember it -- we came north with the other refugees when I was very small. I grew up here in Riverhaven, actually."

  • Sister:

"We came north with the exodus back in 357 or 358 AV," Adaerna Mirglyn replies. "We were very young, of course, so I don't remember much of the trip. Mother was a jeweler, and taught us all our craft. For the most part, the Gnomes kept to themselves, but we broke tradition and opened our shop in Riverhaven. I must say," she adds, "the people here have been very supportive of us."

  • Mother:

"Mother was a goldsmith, too. She taught us her trade before..." Adaerna Mirglyn looks sad for a moment. "Well, no matter how advanced the magic, some things the healers just can't cure."

  • Father:

"He died when I was little," Adaerna Mirglyn says, "but mother always wanted us to act as if he would know and be proud of us."

  • Gnomes:

"Like the Kaldar, the Gnomes migrated here from the southern continent back around 357 or 358 AV," Adaerna Mirglyn says. "We're known down there for being what folk call 'clever-handed' which is just a fancy way of saying we like to make stuff." She gives you a big grin.

Response for not having an answer when asked about something:
Adaerna Mirglyn just blinks at you, then shrugs blankly.