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Status: Dead
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Type: alterer, merchant, shopowner

Malva walked the Starry Road during the closing moments of Hollow Eve 432.


You see Clockwork Artisan Malva, a Gnome.
Malva has a heart-shaped face, sparkling hazel eyes and a button nose. She has cropped ash-blonde hair, with pale skin and a scrawny figure.
She is short for a Gnome.
She appears to be young.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a brown felt top hat, some leather green-lensed goggles, a brown cotton harness with numerous buckles, a baffling clockwork contraption, a sleeveless black shirt, some soft brown fingerless gloves, some black canvas shorts and a pair of glossy black leather knee-high boots.


Alteration Subjects

  • Seems to work on a very wide range of items. Weapons, armor, clothing, containers, etc.
  • Seems to have a preference toward themes that embrace "clockwork"/mechanical concepts. Includes brass, steel, gears, flarmencranks, glarmencouplers, springs, etc in design concepts that originate from her.
  • Seems to explicitly only want to make items "better-er." Seems disinterested in making something look negative/broken/damaged/old/etc.
  • Malva cheerfully says, "OOC: What this means is if you have a very specific design in mind you will need to work with me or look for another merchant in most cases."
  • Malva cheerfully says, "OOC: Anything I work with will be, for lack of a better word, steampunk to some degree."
  • Malva cheerfully says, "OOC: I will work with you as best I can but if you want a classic ballgown and will be offended by gears for buttons or you want something best worn by a perverse necromancer, we may not be able to meet in the middle."

At HE 406

  • Malva cheerfully exclaims, "Today I'll be better-ering divination tools. Mirrors, charts, cards... I work with them all!"
  • Malva cheerfully asks, "So, five people, divination tools only today. Any more questions on what I'll be doing?"