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This page is about the player-owned ship system. Also available is a listing of important boats.

Also known as Player Ships, these are ships that were formerly purchased at a shipyard, such as Barana's Shipyard, or those available at auctions or raffles.

The shipyards have been closed for several years now and the only sources for new vessels have been through auctions or raffles. This halt in production has caused all private ships to become more valuable, selling on average for far more than their initial cost during the shipyard's production years.

Free Accounts characters are restricted from boarding private ships.

Ship Classes

There are four classes of ships available at shipyards: Cog, Cutter, Brig, and Galleon.

The amount of rooms for use and the speed at which you sail depends on the class of vessel which you are sailing. Larger vessels can sail faster and have more available area, but also come with the drawback of having the largest amount of crew wages required for use.

A number of special Auction-quality ships feature more rooms and some are rumored to have faster than average speeds for their class.


This is a single-masted, single-sailed vessel with three rooms above deck.

Cost: 8,000pK
Crew Wages: 3.8pK every 30 Real Life days
Build Time: 15 game days
Speed: Moderate


This is a single-masted vessel with five sails, three rooms above deck, and a customizable cabin.

Cost: 12,000pK
Crew Wages: 5.8pK every 30 Real Life days
Build Time: 30 game days
Speed: Moderately Fast


This is a double-masted vessel featuring eight sails, four rooms above deck, a customizable cabin, and the choice of either a hold or a galley.

Cost: 15,000pK
Crew Wages: 6.6pK every 30 Real Life days
Build Time: 60 game days
Speed: Fast


This is a four-masted vessel boasting twelve sails, four rooms above deck, a hold, a galley, a customizable cabin, and a second simply-furnished cabin.

Cost: 20,000pK
Crew Wages: 14.4pK every 30 Real Life days
Build Time: 90 game days
Speed: Very Fast


You can learn about the crew positions on a particular ship using ASK <PILOT> ABOUT CREW.


The owner of the ship is automatically assigned as the Captain of the vessel and is the only one able to assign positions on the ship to other players.

Historically the Captain of a vessel is responsible for its safe and efficient operation, including cargo operations, navigation, crew management and ensuring that the vessel complies with local and international laws, as well as company and flag state policies. All persons on board, including officers and crew, other shipboard staff members, passengers, guests and pilots, are under the captain's authority and are his ultimate responsibility.

Ship's Mate

Also known as the First Mate.

The mate is responsible to the Captain for the safety and security of the ship. Responsibilities include the crew's welfare and training. The Ship's Mate is considered to be part of the command crew for the vessel.

Ship's Master

Also known as the Quartermaster.

The master's main task is to steer the ship and apply the helm orders given by the Captain or watch officers. The Ship's Master is considered to be part of the command crew for the vessel.


The pilot is an NPC attached to the vessel and serves as the means for which Players command the ship itself.

A pilot is a mariner who guides ships through dangerous or congested waters, such as harbors or river mouths. Pilots are expert shiphandlers who possess detailed knowledge of local waterways.

Notes about Sailing from the Ship's Pilot NPC

  1. You can ask me about position and speed for helpful info.
  2. You can use the TRIM command multiple times to increase the speed of the ship.
    • The use of this command is incremental.
  3. You use the EASE command to slow the ship.
  4. The ship's wheel must be centered for the ship to reach optimum speed.
  5. A 30 degree turn of the wheel is enough for a nice, controlled turn.
  6. Keep a LOOK out because at full speed it could be easy to miss something.

Pilot Commands


 Pilot (NAME) says, "I can help you in a number of ways, (Rank)."

    Available locations: 
    Crossing, Ratha, Riverhaven, Aesry, Mer'Kresh, Taisgath
    Alfren's Tollbridge (Alfren's), North Road Ferry dock at Riverhaven (northferry)
  COMMAND (NAME) TO SAIL TOWARDS {[adjective] noun}
    Sail towards a visible ocean target
    Prepare the ship to unmoor.
  COMMAND (NAME) TO MOOR [TO {target}]
    Moor ship to target if possible.
    Have the ship's crew adjust the disposition of sails for maximum efficiency.
    Have the ship's crew adjust the sails to slow the ship.
    FULL actually uses the anchor to add drag to ship, slowing it even further.
    Drop or pull up the ship's anchor.
    Toggles the ship wheel's usage.
    Sets your rank's title.
  COMMAND (NAME) TO ASSIGN {name|clear} {Master|Mate|Seaman}
    Assign a position to someone.  *Captain Only Command*
    Removes someone from the ship.  Only works while at dock.
    Guards the boarding plank, only allowing you onboard.
    Cancel all current commands.


A general rank for any other players assigned to the crew.

A seaman is generally any person who navigates waterborne vessels or assists as a crewmember in their operation and maintenance. Anyone assigned the Seaman rank cannot get past the ship's guards (if on) and cannot command the ship's pilot.

Other Positions

These positions are accessed without using the ship's Pilot NPC.

While not supported by the Private Ship system itself, there are other positions which are available though using the title system in the game. These titles are recorded within the Ownership Titles.

Captain's Ring

The captain's ring is owned by the captain of the boat. Unless altered, the ring will appear as "a gold ring".


Some general merchants will alter the TAP of the captain's ring only (per Keishalae at Hollow Eve Festival 417). A very select few festival/auction/raffle boats (or boat alteration vouchers) allowed customized captain's rings that include a LOOK.


Once every 24 hours you can command your ship to sail to one of the main ports by remote with your Captain's Ring.

  • TAP: To set the destination.
  • RUB: To command the pilot to sail to the set destination.
  • STUDY: To receive a gweth message from your pilot with the whereabouts of your ship.
  • TURN: To sync the ring with you, enabling use of the ring and permission to board the ship.

Transferring Ownership

Only the Captain may transfer ownership and they must have the captain’s ring in their possession. Go to the broker’s office inside the shipyard office, put the captain’s ring in your right hand and GIVE {new owner}.

The new owner must wear and TURN the ring to activate it.

Travel Times

Travel times between ports by ship's autopilot.

There is an area in the game when traveling from the Arthe Bay into the Segoltha Bay that causes the pilot to get stuck sailing in a circle. This happens on routes that take the ship from Arthe Dale to Crossing, Alfren's, or Ain Ghazal. These routes are marked in the tables below with an "∞". Should this happen, you can try manually navigating to the Segoltha Estuary or command the pilot to sail for Ratha before heading up the Segoltha River.


Departing Destination
Acenamacra Aesry Ain Ghazal Isle Alfren's Arthe Dale Crossing Hara'jaal Mer'Kresh northferry Pokeke-hekepi Beachhead Ratha Riverhaven Taisgath Throne City Tiger Clan
Acenamacra - 19m 51s
Aesry -
Ain Ghazal Isle -
Alfren's - 2m 4s
Arthe Dale -
Crossing 26m 41s 1m 54s - 23m 56s 13m 30s
Hara'jaal - 16m 36s
Mer'Kresh -
northferry -
Pokekehekepi Beachhead -
Ratha 19m 50s 19m 39s 19m 1s -
Riverhaven -
Taisgath -
Throne City -
Tiger Clan 12m 54s -


Departing Destination
Acenamacra Aesry Ain Ghazal Isle Alfren's Arthe Dale Crossing Hara'jaal Mer'Kresh northferry Pokekehekepi Beachhead Ratha Riverhaven Taisgath Throne City Tiger Clan
Acenamacra -
Aesry -
Ain Ghazal Isle -
Alfren's -
Arthe Dale -
Crossing -
Hara'jaal -
Mer'Kresh -
northferry -
Pokekehekepi Beachhead -
Ratha -
Riverhaven -
Taisgath -
Throne City -
Tiger Clan -


Departing Destination
Acenamacra Aesry Ain Ghazal Isle Alfren's Arthe Dale Crossing Hara'jaal Mer'Kresh northferry Pokekehekepi Beachhead Ratha Riverhaven Taisgath Throne City Tiger Clan
Acenamacra -
Aesry -
Ain Ghazal Isle -
Alfren's -
Arthe Dale -
Crossing -
Hara'jaal -
Mer'Kresh -
northferry -
Pokekehekepi Beachhead -
Ratha -
Riverhaven -
Taisgath -
Throne City -
Tiger Clan -


Departing Destination
Acenamacra Aesry Ain Ghazal Isle Alfren's Arthe Dale Crossing Hara'jaal Mer'Kresh northferry Pokekehekepi Beachhead Ratha Riverhaven Taisgath Throne City Tiger Clan
Acenamacra -
Aesry - 20m
Ain Ghazal Isle -
Alfren's - 1m 48s
Arthe Dale -
Crossing 1m 52s - 15m 15m30s
Hara'jaal -
Mer'Kresh 15m -
northferry -
Pokekehekepi Beachhead -
Ratha 11m 18s 12m47s -
Riverhaven -
Taisgath -
Throne City -
Tiger Clan -


Most of the questions in this FAQ were compiled by Kraelyst.

Where can I buy a ship?
You can no longer purchase a ship. In the past, they were purchasable from Barana's Shipyard in the Crossing by joining the appointment book and then entering the door when the clerk says they are ready for you.
How do I get a custom name?
When you enter Barana’s office, type REQUEST or REQUEST [ship name]. If you want the ship to be preceded by “the” then you need to include that in your request.
>REQUEST the Frayed Knot
Your ship would be seen in the room as… You also see the Frayed Knot.
>REQUEST Frayed Knot
Your ship would be seen in the room as… You also see Frayed Knot.

Custom names must be approved by a GameMaster, so obviously prime time is your best chance of getting a GM. If you make a request and don't get a response, try back during prime time another day. Once approved, the name will become an option available in the ship-buying process. If the name you want is not there, do NOT complete the ship transaction. You MUST wait for your name to be choosable because once you choose a different name they will not change it.

How do I customize my cabin? (cutter, brig, and galleon only)
Your cabin will have five pieces of furniture in it: table, bed, chest, wall, and window. While ordering your ship you will choose from a pre-set list of descriptions for each piece of furniture. You may enter the ship office and get a list of the furniture options by using ASK BARANA ABOUT FURNITURE. A list of available furniture options is available at Barana's Shipyard.
Can I customize my pilot? (name, race, gender, clothing, etc)
No. You receive a randomly generated pilot with a randomly generated name.
How do I find out how much time is left until my ship is ready?
You can ask the foreman at your ship in the shipyard. The foremen are only present during daytime hours. Additionally, for the first 12 real life hours the ship will not be far enough along for the foreman to tell you anything about it. Syntax: ASK FOREMAN ABOUT SHIP or ASK FOREMAN ABOUT TIME
How do I bribe the foreman to speed up work on my ship?
ASK FOREMAN ABOUT TIME and then GIVE FOREMAN 100000 KRONARS. The foreman is only present during daytime hours and you may not be able to bribe him during the first 12 Real Life hours.
My ship is completed. Where is it and what do I do next?
Once the ship is completed it will sail to the nearest dock. In Crossing this is either the Crossing Docks (2 rooms west of the shipyard gate) or the Landfall Dock (from the bank go E, S, S, S, Climb Stair, Down, Go Dock). Immediately board your ship, go aft, and do 2 things:
What happens if I lose my captain's ring?
Go back to your pilot and ASK <PILOT> ABOUT RING
How do I interact with my pilot?
See Pilot Commands
Who can control the ship?
Only 3 people at any time are able to control each ship – the Captain, Ship’s Master, and Ship’s Mate. The Captain assigns the Master and Mate. The Captain can also assign the rank of Seaman to 10 people, but a Seaman cannot control the ship and cannot board the ship if the ship is being guarded.
Can I pay Crew Wages in advance?
Yes, you can pay in advance. GIVE {pilot name} {amount} KRONARS
What happens if I don’t pay my wages?
If your wages are not current the pilot will not respond to commands. If your wages go unpaid for 3 months your ship will be RECLAIMED AND SOLD AT AUCTION! It is wise to pay your wages well in advance, and if you are planning any extended absences you should also alert Simutronics via Feedback or Billing.
Can I withdraw from my Crew Wages account?
How do I buy additional ship routes?
Only the Captain may buy ship routes and they must have the captain’s ring. Go into the shipyard, go corridor, and go west into the “Cartography Services” room. Type ORDER.
Do the ships travel at different speeds?
Yes! The more sails a ship has the faster it travels. Cogs are the slowest, cutters are faster, brigs are faster still, and then galleons are fastest of all.
How many items can be stored on a ship?
WARNING: Items stored on a ship are NOT secure! Items can be picked up by other players, they can disappear in a game crash, and it is even possible a rogue janitor can get them, and if lost the GameMasters will NOT replace them. Do not put any items of value on your ships!
Now, to answer the question. You can put many items in and on furniture without fear of the “regular” janitor. In the captain’s cabin (cutter, brig, galleon) there is a table/desk that will hold a few things including large items (including weapons, containers, pyramids, etc), a cabinet that will hold a lot of smaller items (such as food, drink, herbs). In the hold (brig, galleon) there is a chest and a net, each will hold a fairly large number of smallish items (like herbs, lockpicks, ropes, torches, gem pouches, etc). Other furniture exists also that can hold items. So in other words, the ships will hold tons of items if they’re relatively small and a number of large items as well, but again, don’t put anything there you aren’t willing to lose!
The janitor is known to frequent ships, this is because some players abuse the number of items stored within the furniture on their boats. If anything is left on the floor of the ship (such as a single bait box), it will usually be taken by the janitor within a couple of minutes. Captains should be responsible about the items kept on their boats.
Can a player-owned ship be damaged?
Not currently.
How do I buy mangonels, trader tables, forges, stoves, or other major permanent items for my ship?
You don’t. These are not currently available. You got a stinking ship, isn’t that enough?
Can I attack other ships, pirates, sea monsters, harbors, or anything else?
No. And if you interfere with any regular route ships (like the Skirr’lolasu, Halasa Selhin, Kree’la, etc) you will be in serious trouble and possibly have your ship taken away. Do NOT moor to these ships!
Are there limitations on where different classes of ships can travel?
No. All player-owned ships can travel to all the same areas.
Can I AFK script on my ship?
No. If you or anyone else is caught AFK-scripting on your ship all learning may be permanently turned off on your ship, same as what happens with homes. Just say no!
Can Captain's Rings be altered?
Yes, if you find an alterer who is willing to work on it. See Captain's Ring Alterations.

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