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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Platinum

You see Blight Bringer Vordon, Protector of Gnomes of Elanthia, a Kaldar. He has a square-jawed face, observant blue-grey eyes, and a classical nose. His flaxen hair is shoulder-length and straight. He has tanned skin and a broad-shouldered build. He is of commanding height for a Kaldar, has a broad-shouldered build, and appears to be an adult.

His forearm has a tattoo of a hauntingly dark galleon with silvery-red sails cresting stormy waves, its formidable presence slipping through the perilous sea with ease. A brooding ink-black sky backdrops the azure tones of the waves crashing against the ship's sides, each detail evoking the ocean's raw power. Unfurled overhead is a grey banner with the words "Crimson Blight" in blood-red ink.

He is wearing some salt-stained shadowleaf leathers set with dreadful kraken-beak epaulets, a weathered crimson dragonar sailor's seabag secured by whitleather straps, a ship captain's sweeping crimson cloak of rich oilcloth-lined lotusweave, a pair of knee-high demonscale boots with square kertig buckles, a pair of black wool pants with narrow cuffs, a black cotton blouse with long sleeves, a glowing crimson moonsilver captian's ring engraved with an open eye, a supple punka leather backsheath embellished with windsteel accents, a sleek crimson leather quiver embossed with a nautical map, an agonite dragon's talon clutching a chakrel globe, a kau leather belt entwined by a crimson sea snake edged in blackened moonsilver, a stately crimson captain's harness clasped with an ocean jasper compass, a waterproof steelsilk kit fastened with zuzaret dolphins, a salt-stained seasilk uaro's'sugi dyed with rich twilight hues and an icesteel shield awash with Gorbesh iconography.