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Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Guild Necromancer
Instance Platinum


As of 438.245.07

Insomniac Uzmam, Follower of Zoluren, a Gnome.
She has a bright, freckle-sprinkled face with bushy eyebrows, a pair of hendecagon demonbone spectacles over sparkling frost blue eyes and a freckled nose. Her auburn hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tousled. She has faint scars that do not diminish otherwise radiant skin and some wildlace bandages tinted in muted shades of eventide wrapped tightly around a petite figure.
She is profoundly minuscule for a Gnome.
Skillfully applied cosmetics accent her natural beauty, giving her artfully darkened lashes with a hint of glittering copper along her lids to emphasize her eyes. Her skin has a youthful glow, with a delicate peach blush highlighting her cheekbones. A sheer emerald tint stains her lips.
She is mature.
Thin strands of chitinous tomiek fluidly drape across her forehead, each wrapped with a withered vela'tohr vine. Tangled in the midst of the decayed tendrils is a single bloodstone-pierced wraithheart.
Her thigh has a tattoo of a vibrant vortex of flames that surround a female who is imposing yet benevolent. Her eyes exhibit a purposeful and resolute air as she clasps a dove that has been finely crafted in a matte grey metal which can only be iron to her bosom. The flames swirl and pulsate of their own accord, glowing in their ferocity, and the dove's eye glints and twinkles, almost as if giving a knowing wink.

She is wearing a luminous black gold crown enveloped in gaethzen flames, a violently churning eddy of dazzling light imprisoned within a loimic cage, some insubstantial moonsilk wings framed by a lattice of meteoric iron, a gais-paneled ritualist's reliquary traced in blue gold, a flowing gown of ethereal mists swirling with tiny voids, a faintly glowing chitinous buckler illuminated by a loimic and moonsilver boss, a thick chitinous ring crowned with a brilliant moonspun ruby, a blackened thurible streaked with moonsilver veins and a pair of shireli lace-trimmed slippers with lofty windsteel heels.

Past Appearances

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Favorite Things

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Uzmam arrived in Zoluren from a small unknown Gnomish village to find some stable jobs that would help her support her aging parents (and to finally live independently). These jobs came mostly from Mags and Cormyn, fishing for Nahida and obtaining various pelts and skins for other adventurers. She also acted as an intermediary courier for a number of people during the Welkin Gift Exchange for Chris' Mass. Slowly becoming an avid hunter, she's shown a great interest in magical devices as a result of classes taught by the locals, but has yet to make a commitment to any particular guild. She worries that she may be working a bit too hard lately, as she's recently become prone to forgetting how long she's been out of town hunting.


Uzmam's internal dialogue has been presented through a series of letters she sends to her family.


  • Worships Albreda.
  • 190 kill tasks, 104 delivery tasks, 60 escort tasks, 58 item recovery tasks, 286 foraging tasks, 120 skinning tasks, 199 crafting tasks and 231 searching tasks
  • Completed 2 Easy, 401 Challenging and 1019 Hard Blacksmithing work orders.
  • Completed 4 Easy, 367 Challenging and 67 Hard Carving work orders.
  • Completed 11 Easy, 311 Challenging and 0 Hard Remedies work orders.
  • Completed 0 Easy, 0 Challenging and 3 Hard Tailoring work orders.
  • Was previously harassed by three or more voices which want her to "wake up."


Hunting Ladder