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Akeiro Nakohu Akeiro Portrait
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Spider
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives none


You see Candy Pirate Akeiro Nakohu, a Prydaen.
A diffuse, honey-colored light undulates lazily across his fur, swirling and eddying with every movement.
Akeiro has a bestial face with an undulating scar across the cheek, a pair of squircle-shaped demonbone spectacles over cold cat-slitted crystal blue eyes and a slim animite septum ring threaded through an amaranth riftstone piercing the septum of a deeply scarred nose.  His silver mane is long and thick, and is worn in a tousled arrangement of upswept locks held in place by some chitinous blade spider barbs fashioned into a crown.  He has glittered ghostly white fur with silvered black stripes, a long bushy tail and a sleek build.
He is pint-sized for a Prydaen.
He appears to be young.
He has an elaborate arrangement of piercings in the flesh surrounding both of his eyes.  Thin bone shards of various sizes jaggedly perforate the flesh of each brow, transitioning as they turn back under the eye to small silver rings that dangle tiny bone beads and skulls across his cheekbones.
His right wrist has a tattoo of a lush symbol of growth.
A radiant dragonfire amber dragonfly with fluttering opalescent wings buzzes around Akeiro, glowing with inexhaustible energy.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a charcoal grey felt tricorn hat with a garnet-red cockade, a charcoal grey silk eyepatch with garnet-red silk ties, an intricate windsteel earcuff dangling a dragonfire amber spider, an oceanic orichalcum ouroboros, a white seasilk shirt with a ruffled neckline, a cambrinth wildling spider inlaid with vortices of moonsilver, a heavily faceted blood ruby rose, a burly desert rat, a grey stuffed parrot with a bright red crown, a massive sunbleached drake skull etched with spidery expansive mandalas, a garnet-red seasilk frock coat with charcoal grey silk lapels and frontings, a white seasilk shirt with a ruffled neckline, a hammered band of blue gold flecked with Eu's promise crystals, a pair of lava samite knee pants trimmed with charcoal grey silk and some simple rope sandals.


Birthdate: 10th of Ka'len the Sea Drake 390AV
Birthplace: A far away desert
Guild: Empath
Diety: Eu


a tattered length of thornweave dyed the shifting hues of the low desert sands that is loosely wound around the head and neck
Well worn, this harsh garment is fashioned to drape around the head and neck in a style often favored by desert-dwellers. Sepias, greys, and reds blend together seamlessly to offer ease of concealment in low desert terrains. A lifelike shale sand spider clasp adorns one corner, fastening the thornweave securely when worn.
A length of tattered thornweave reads:
"The desert doesn't suffer the weak to live."

a wispy cloak of pale spidersilk that seems to float over its underlayer
The fabric of the cloak is marred by silvery spiderweb tracings and a few empty insect husks.

a deeply hooded linen scavenger's longcoat dyed in shifting sand hues
Various shades of sepia, red, and grey blend together to create this loose-fitting garment designed to provide comfort and concealment when traveling through the desert. A variety of pockets and pouches line the exterior of the longcoat, each attached with thin bits of dried cordage. A small sand spider carved out of shale is pinned to the collar.

a massive sand spider wearing a linen vest and a diminutive driftwood slingbow
Eight sharp eyes peer from atop the head of this extraordinarily large arachnid. His eight legs, displaying sensory spines and hair, extend from under a tiny linen vest embroidered in red with an intricate pattern covering its thorax. A full abdomen speaks to the spider being well-fed and cared for. It has a tiny driftwood slingbow loaded with a tiny rock strewn across it's back. The spider regards you with a steady gaze, its mandibles constantly twitching.

a glinting eddy of striated light zealously cradled by a mighty sandstone spider
Caged by the sprawling arms of a colossal sand spider, the bound light swirls in striped hues. The sepia toned arachnid seems to nestle the beam within it adoringly, its multiple eyes all focused directly on its pulsing illuminations.

a driftwood slingbow draped in grey linen and inlaid with a shale sand spider
Despite a pocket and bands made of desiccated leather of indiscernible origin, this weapon appears to be well maintained. The driftwood worn smooth through exhaustive use has a lifelike sand spider delicately carved from shale inlaid in its grip. Blackened iron hinges and mechanisms finish the slingbow along with hammered iron sights. Marked along the bottom of the wood and visible through a loose linen wrapping, completed groups of tallies have been hastily carved.
A driftwood slingbow reads:
"There isn't always time for warriors and unicorns."

a massive sunbleached drake skull etched with spidery expansive mandalas
A massive drake skull has been fashioned into a makeshift container, straps of rotting leather with bits of dried flesh still clinging to it allow the skull to be worn about the shoulders, while a crude weave of rawhide cordage is nailed about the hollows of the skull, securing the contents. All over the skull geometric mandalas are etched into the skull centered on the likeness of a spider burned in between the eye sockets. Two violet iolite stones have been inset into the drake skull's vacant eyesockets.

a worn demonbone thigh quiver inlaid with a luminous crimson moonsilver mandala
Worn at the edges from heavy use, the quiver is well constructed from chalky black demonbone panels laced with desiccated leather of indiscernible origin. Intricate silver geometric patterns emitting a silvery-red glow surround a void black spider set within the quiver's largest panel. Secured to the flap with a tie of raw cordage, several small bone beads dangle next to crudely scratched tally marks.
A demonbone thigh quiver reads:
"For the fallen."

a cambrinth wildling spider inlaid with vortices of moonsilver
Tendrils of polychromatic moonsilver -- crimson, verdant, blued, and lilac -- coalesce in eddies of color throughout the abdomen. Serving as its eyes are eight Velakan pearls of a rich aubergine hue. A web-shaped clasp of aldamdin allows the spider to be worn.

some fitted thornweave trousers with tapered legs accented by buttons of blackened bone
Resembling wind-blown dunes, lines of wavy embroidery flow along the sides of the pant legs. Sand spiders carved from blackened bone poke out from the dunes as if lying in wait.

a brass bucket encased in a matrix of cogs and a stout lever
Completely enveloping the round vessel is a series of repeating silversteel toothed gears. Each section rotates in sequence, seemingly churning the whirlpool of unknown substance within. A blue-grey painted knob adorns the lever positioned at the front of the vessel.

Affliations, Funny stuff, Personality.

  • First mate of The Crimson Blight.
  • Formerly a member of The Bardbarians.
  • Formerly a member of The Grey Dragons.
  • Almost never lies, to the point of risking strategic advantage for being too honest. He is aware of this but makes no attempt to curb it because...
  • He loves chaos.
  • Organized the memorial for Barbara the la'tami. (https://elanthipedia.play.net/The_First_Land_Herald/444-08-36)
  • Was once arrested for Disturbing the Peace and sentenced to the stocks in the middle of active conflict.
  • Holds an almost religious reverence for spiders.
  • Generally people are surprised to discover that he is an Empath, even amongst close acquaintances.