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Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Nawain



You see Elemental Aegis Tekhelet Augtaire, Fruna del Enelne of Siksraja, a Rakash Warrior Mage who is sheathed in an aura of crackling electricity.
A faint shadowy flame red aura surrounds him.
His body is encrusted with an elegant lattice of brownish-white crystals.
His fur has taken on a greenish granite-like sheen, roughening his features and lending him the forbidding appearance of living stone.
He is surrounded by a lattice-like sphere of electricity bristling with crackling spikes designed to generate elemental charge from blows in combat.
Tekhelet has a wolfish face with deeply furrowed lines between the eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, silver-haloed enchanting forfra eyes and a greying muzzle, a katamba-black and sable coat with black masking, a long floofy tail and a well-defined build.
He is tall for a Rakash.
He appears to be young.
His left palm has a tattoo of a stylized butterfly sketched in thick inky black lines.
An inky black configuration of fractals and geometric abstractions slowly creeps across Tekhelet's fur.
He is holding a shadowy flame red electric vilks kodur in his right hand and a rat talisman in his left.
He is wearing an austere uaro's'sugi of unadorned black Musparan silk that is loosely wound around the head and neck, a long rawhide cord dangling a polished darkstone disc, a fitted leather rantija with a deeply cowled hood, a somber Katamba-black dergatine odaj secured by a pin of wrought tursa, a lightweight raw silk shirt, a dark cambrinth armband engraved with elemental symbols, a grey leather armband adorned with onyx carvings, a heavy tel'athi bracer patterned with geometric cambrinth symbols, a black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sides, a wide josta of knotted relna leather, a black leather talisman case accented with amber, a roughened oak tailband marked with deeply burned symbols, some black leather pants with gusseted seams and a pair of rugged nauda.
Behind him, An enormous tower of grey marble rises imposingly from the ground, its stones fitted so closely that it appears to be one seamless spear of earth. The top of the tower gleams brightly, the light reflecting from the panes of a skylight set into the roof. A set of gleaming ebonwood doors inlaid with gold lead into the tower.
You also see a scruffy slate-blue agouti rat with blotchy point markings that is sitting. You find the creature to be a magnificent specimen. There is a soft aura about it and you notice the eyes stare back with a nature which hints at intelligence.

Tekhelet 2.png

Tekhelet has a stern face with deeply furrowed lines between the eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, sullenly glowing flame-hued eyes and a straight nose. His dark brown-streaked black hair is short and thick with grizzled streaks of grey throughout, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. He has warm caramel-hued skin and a well-defined build.
He has a carefully groomed mustache that connects to a short, tidy beard.


Tekhelet is an apprentice Warrior Mage, a battlecaster, summoner of both weapons and familiars. Studying under the vigilant instruction of Woten Muninn, High Wizard of Ilithi. Tekhelet's a Primal Mage, crediting his animal instincts as well as a relaxed connection with the elemental planes as his source of faculty. He aspires to be a protector of his pack, the armor of Enelne and Siksraja, defending the weak from darkness.
A long floofy tail eagerly sweeps at the ground behind him like a broom. His slightly pointed ears are tall and curved, alerting at the slightest sounds. They enable him to appear at times noble and imposing, and other times relaxed and aloof. A deep growling voice, and the faint scent of a wolf, lend well to his rugged and traditional, yet dark and mysterious mien. Soulful eyes gaze at you with a combination of strength and loyalty.
When in moonskin he's covered in fur, powerfully muscled, has razor-like claws and glistening fangs. A stature of tenacity, and toughness. He can be seen thoroughly enjoying his moonskin state, where he feels as his true self. Shapeshifting has taught him that change is a part of life. Before shifting forms, he can feel Katamba inwardly tugging on him and a mild tension builds in his muscles. Scents become more powerful and sounds more intense. Vision is sharper, though colors seem washed out. His vision is narrowed, and his Instincts greatly heightened. Even when not in moonskin however, he retains a touch of his wild nature.
He works as a blacksmith like his father before him, Forging Rakash Weapons. In addition to making them, he thoroughly enjoys demonstrating their effectiveness. He also dabbles in Enchanting where he works to uncover secrets of binding and invoking yet to be discovered. Sometimes found at the Forging Society (Crossing) pounding away hard at work. Sometimes found outside the gleaming ebonwood doors of the Crossing Warrior Mage Guild learning from the experienced or teaching young magelings.
Tekhelet commands spells from all the elemental spellbooks, seeking only the most effective of all the Warrior Mage Spells at his disposal. This gives him a deeper toolbox, and adaptability when face-to-face with the unexpected, and has earned him the title of Elemental Aegis. He's a Summoner and achieved enough total magic skill to become a Primal Mage. His body is aligned with the Elemental Plane of fire and opposed to the Elemental Plane of electricity.
He's bonded with Nawain, his soulmate who he finds to be a sweet, loyal, compassionate and determined companion to share his time on Elanthia with.


He esteems his friends as part of his pack. Remaining loyal, devoted, and tightly knit. Stronger when unified, happiest when together, he lives, fights and on occasion, dies for his pack. Prefers to slip into a room quietly, but secretly craves the attention he gets when noticed. Good natured, with an honest, at times naive sense of humor. He's got an air of levelheaded subtlety about him. Some can find him dense between the ears, but he's far from unintelligent. Often heard growling his speech in moonskin, or when excited. Sometimes speaking in the plural like his ancestors before him. He prefers traditional Rakash Attire that allows for comfort and freedom of movement in both forms. He's keen on keeping good company, spending quality time with companions or breaking the ice on a new friendship over drinks and dice. Often the last to leave a party, occasionally sharing a late-night story or opening up the dartboard one 'last' time. He's rather fond his scruffy rat familiar Nisan, due to her sweet personality, and warm spirit.
He desires to make friends, become a journeyman Warrior Mage and take on an apprentice, protect Siksraja and his pack in times of need, contribute to his community, make and teach how to use Rakash Weapons, and discover unknown Enchanting secrets.
He can be a witty flirt, has a generous heart, loyal to a fault, mostly calm and reserved (mostly), can be naive and too trusting, sometimes misspeaks (which is sometimes funny), loves to gamble and is a terrible insomniac. Hates haughtiness, bigotry, ostracizing, impudence, discrimination, politics, religion and spicy foods. He's a jack of all trades and master of none.
His immortal is Enelne the goddess of all natural growth under the skies, both visible and within the soul. She is the patron of scholars and storytellers, the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Her holy symbol is the Turinstil, to kill one is said to cause three years bad luck. He felt called to her when she visited Nawain and him while they were holding hands on the branches of an apple tree. In the form of a Turinstil she landed on their clasped hands. So compelled by this spiritual experience he sought Nawain's guidance, was sacrificed on Asketi's Mount and walked back from the Starry Road (plane) to find her again.


His origins are somewhat shrouded in mist due to the memory rituals undertaken during Warrior Mage initiation. The time before that consisting only of faint remembrances. For him life seemed to start that pivotal day he joined the Guild. He doesn't speak often of his simple beginnings. Only of a humble upbringing near Siksraja, with loving, and devoted parents.

Tekhelet believes he grew up near Siksraja, the small Rakash Village in the Therengian forest west of Langenfirth. Born shortly after Lyras's death, when the village elders felt safe enough to reveal the village's location to outsiders. Though now open to the world, Siksraja was still a comparatively isolated village, leading him to experience a somewhat sheltered childhood. Being shielded, he developed a relatively innocent and unsophisticated worldview, with a credulous and unguarded personality. To him Siksraja was a restful and tranquil place, but it always felt fairly isolated, and cold.
Educated by his parents, and community elders. Tekhelet was an apprentice to his father, a blacksmith who trained him to make and use traditional Rakash Weapons. He always felt like he wasn't just learning but preparing for something.

When Tekhelet was of age, he and his packmates were sent into the Siksrajan forest for three days, to undergo their last shift as cubs by themselves. Through this coming-of-age rite, they would leave the pack as cubs, and return as men and women. That night a thunderstorm rolled through and lightning strikes ignited a raging conflagration. Trapped together and about to be consumed, he and his mates made the decision not to sit and wait for the inferno to slowly overtake them. Instead he locked hands with them, and ran into the blaze. As he slammed his eyes closed, he had a vision. He saw the flames recede around them as they ran, he felt the heat abate away and smelled pure air in his nostrils. Upon opening his eyes he realized he had parted the inferno and ushered his packmates to safety by controlling the fire. It was at that moment he recognized his potentiality to command the elements.



A scruffy slate-blue agouti rat with blotchy point markings

Petite and scruffy, the remarkable rat's gleaming azure eyes shine like a cloudless sky. Black elongated whiskers flutter with sapient curiosity and endless glossy luster. Satiny fur of charcoal-blue grizzle mixed with inky black guard hairs over a powdery-grey base wrap her back and flanks in chaotic tousled tufts. Dusky variegation, uniquely absent from one forepaw veils a delicate snout, tiny paws and lengthy tail. Glimpses of a soft ebony underbelly can be seen as she scurries about the area.
Nisan is Tekhelet's helper and confidant. She's an old soul, seeming to have inherent wisdom and a grounded sense of being in the world, often far more than would be expected for a creature of her stature. She relishes the simple pleasures in her life, loves plump strawberries, juicy apples, kindly petting and getting attention whenever she can manage to get herself noticed. Often looking up at people with her bright eyes, or nibbling on their feet.


A spectral white leopard with luminous blue eyes

Long and sleek, the creature's magnificently pristine coat blankets its entire form like a freshly fallen snowfield. Wide globes of softly glowing blue light centered with blazing white pupils are disarmingly gentle in appearance and belie its otherwise undeniable predatory potential.
Toya vigilantly guards Tekhelet, and what matters most to him. Try to pet her and she'll pounce on you, snarling furiously. Though aloof, reserved, and cold, she's never failed Tekhelet in combat or refused any task asked of her. She's a beautifully independent, yet truly devoted companion.


A speckled crow

The crow isn't an overly large specimen, its ash-speckled feathers ragged and singed in places, its face nearly missing feathers completely, so many tiny scars criss-cross it. The tip of its dark beak is missing, but its black eyes are bright and intelligent, and watch you intently.

Sfek Vauns Arotru

SVA Maybe.png
Strength Toghether

Sfek Vauns Arotru is a pack of blended Rakash from all over Elanthia, where Tekhelet remains an active packmate in good standing. The pack's based on bonds formed through friendship and camaraderie, rather than blood, and we welcome all who seek unity and purpose. We gather at Rakash Moots, to share stories, eat our favorite foods, and enjoy good company. Here we celebrate our culture and create new traditions. We are truly stronger together.


Kads Raja.jpg
Kads Raja, Natural Barrier

The forest forms a thick backdrop with a mixture of new and old growth and various heights of brush. No visible pathway presents itself; instead the trees and bushes appear to have conspired to form a living wall of limbs and branches entwined with grass and vines. To the southwest, some shacks can be glimpsed through a thin stand of trees. You also see a cedar-trimmed red fieldstone cabin, a honey-colored hickory frame house with a wooden herb planter hanging outside the window, a moss-covered applewood log retreat sheltering a mist-veiled cerulean pond warmed by a hot iron stove

Siksrajan Den.jpg
Tekhelet's Home

A moss-covered applewood log retreat sheltering a mist-veiled cerulean pond warmed by a hot iron stove
A polished ebonwood floor spreads across this small room into surrounding walls of gloomwood. An exquisite obsidian brazier, with an intricately embroidered silk tapestry displaying a detailed map of Elanthia hanging above it, stands guard over the sleigh bed and rich black cashmere sofa that rest upon a shadow-black rug showing wolves howling at a crescent Katamba covering the floor. A faint scent of fresh cedar fills the air. You also see a pot-bellied Siksrajan wolf pup, a wide bow window with decorative glitvire latticework and trim, a gloomwood door with wrought iron banding, a rich black cashmere armchair, a rich black cashmere armchair, a smokewood armor stand with dusky swirls with a couple of things on it, an ebonwood weapon rack carved with wolves in bas-relief with a couple of things on it and an ornate carved mahogany wardrobe with a rectangular seaglass aquarium on it.

Best death

1st person

The lightning selrek effortlessly grabs hold of your spell pattern and pours itself into it, traveling across the mana lines and into your brain. Mercifully, your shorted-out nervous system does not register the rest.
Immense electric currents flow through your body, shaking your limbs with bonebreaking convulsions as smoke effuses from every orifice. In those surreal moments of death, you can somehow glimpse inside you -- the devastation this creature has wrought. Amidst a miniature thunderstorm, the lightning selrek reemerges explosively from the well and truly cooked remains.
> *Tekhelet was just electrocuted!

3rd person

The lightning selrek suddenly discorporates into a geometric pattern of sparking lines that crisscross the distance between it and Tekhelet. Instantly Tekhelet's eyes burn out, and he succumbs to bonebreaking convulsions as smoke effuses from every orifice. In those surreal moments of electrocution, you can somehow see through Tekhelet -- his bones, his heart stopping, and the thousands of little veins and arteries traced in light before they all turn to ash. Amidst a miniature thunderstorm, the lightning selrek reemerges explosively from the well and truly cooked remains.
> *Tekhelet was just electrocuted!

The First Land Herald 439: https://elanthipedia.play.net/The_First_Land_Herald/439-05-18


By Digital Artist/Pixelist, Chrocheter Damiza

Discord: Obsidian#1345

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