Son of Damaris

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Son of Damaris
Class: Cutter
Rooms: 4
Pilot: Goshci
Captain: Simas
Crew: Buluc
Source: Barana's Shipyard
Instance: Prime
Status: Active


[Son of Damaris, Bow]
The bowsprit stretches forward from the ship where the starboard and port gunnels meet. An iron-banded oak capstan is bolted securely to the deck for use in hauling up the anchor, setting the shrouds, or any other work where great purchases are required. You also see the flying jib.
Ship paths: aft.

[Son of Damaris, Main Deck]
A brass-hinged gangway is inset into the starboard bulwark, allowing for a boarding plank to be ran in and out from there with ease. The ship's rigging hangs above like an intricate spider's web. You also see the main topsail, the mainsail and the main mast.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[Son of Damaris, Quarterdeck]
In the middle of the quarterdeck is the ship's wheel mounted on a slightly higher platform. Shrouds, running from mast to cleats on the bulwark, are ran overhead along with sheets from the ship's rigging. You also see Pilot Goshci, a hatch, the ship's bell and a large spoked wheel.
Ship paths: forward.

[Son of Damaris, Captain's Cabin]
A deeply-scratched redwood table is bolted to the ship's deck against the cabin's oak-paneled wall and under an oak-framed porthole. The scent of pitch caulk is fairly strong in this tightly enclosed room. Small though the cabin may seem, it still has enough space for an oak footlocker at the foot of a knotted rope hammock. You also see a door.
Ship paths: none.


You see Pilot Goshci, a Halfling.
She is wearing a simple tunic and some sailcloth trousers.