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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


    You see Bootlegger Kamisama of the Zoluren Cavalry, a Human.

He has slightly pointed ears and leaf-green eyes. His golden hair is long and wavy, and is worn pulled up in a topknot. He has tanned skin. He is mature. His face is decorated with wispy tendrils of silversteel wire dotted with pale green svelae, creating fern-like arabesques that curl around his left eye before ending in a bevy of small spirals on his cheekbone. He has a tattoo of a sleek panther that is stalking a dark armored warrior through the depths of a forest on his neck.

He is holding a generously poured glass snifter of Bootlegger's bourbon in his right hand. He is wearing an oiled leather huntsman's hat adorned with various animal teeth, a barfly's challenger badge crafted from tyrium, a portable bar covered in midnight-black crushed velvet, a dark dragonwood beer barrel with onyx-hide straps, a long forest green tunic wrapped in a veil of soft mists, a whimsical bracelet with dangling bottle charms, a sculpted leather beverage holster, a leather drunkard's belt covered with various stains and scars, a portable ironwood liquor cabinet edged with carved e'erdream wood, a slim spiritwood liquor cabinet with a hammered windsteel lock, some black suede pants embroidered with a shark along one leg and some cuffed black boots adorned with fanciful embroidery.


Kamisama's earliest memories were growing up in a modest shack in the wilds outside of Leth Deriel. He lived with his mother, a kind, quiet woman who always seemed more at ease in the forest than the cities. She never talked to him about his father, always subduing him with a "When the time is right...". Some time in his early teens, she went off into the Forest of Night, foraging for the wood she used to make bows to sell in Leth when they needed coin to get by. Kami never saw or heard of his mother after that day. He survived as best he could with what she had tried to teach him of the forest, but eventually the stores grew slim and he found himself heading North, keeping to the shadows along the trade route following the caravan traffic.

Kami first stepped foot in Crossing in a rush after being discovered as a stowaway on the ferry, full of awe at the city around him. He tried to find a place to regroup, and a means of food for survival, but quickly found the city to be harsher than the forests he came from. His pointed ears... something his mom never made a big deal about, and something that was the norm around Leth Deriel, marked him as different in the largely human neighborhoods where he thought he would find people like himself. Shunned by his own, he took to the wilds outside of the West gate, surviving on what he could snare or find in the woods. One afternoon, while searching for berries, he came upon a tall, Elven woman doing the same. She introduced herself, Kalika by name, and they sat, shared a meal of what they had found, and chatted. After their conversation, she told Kami she knew of a place and people he could finally call his own. That evening was the first time he walked through the doors of the Ranger guild. Through the years progressing through Kalika's lessons, Kami found and lost several friends, including a few he held quite dear. The loss of those so close to him was a painful blow to his sensibilities, forcing him to pull away from people and wander off into the forests around his childhood home.

Present Day:

Emerging from the forests after more than a decade and a half of seclusion, Kamisama is much more reserved around people. Having taken to drink to deal with the loss of those he knew, he now uses it as a crutch to try to ease himself back into society. Always having preferred helping others to appeasing Kalika's relentless push for advancement, The Drunken Ranger seeks a place in a world foreign to that which he came from, and people he can once again call his own.


Type Height (hands) Color Markings Gender Training!
Horse 16 blue roan narrow white stripe running from below the right eye to just above the nostrils Male Lead, Saddle, Beg/Sit, Jump, Kneel, Prance, Rear/Spin, Animal, Combat, Joust, Magic, War
Horse 16 white none Male Lead, Saddle, Beg/Sit, Jump, Kneel, Prance, Rear/Spin, Animal, Combat, Joust, Magic, War
Horse 16 gold-colored white mark on the right hind leg extending from the coronet to the hock Male Lead, Saddle, Beg/Sit, Jump, Kneel, Prance, Rear/Spin, Animal, Combat, Joust, Magic, War
Horse 14 light chestnut a white mark on the right hind leg extending from the coronet to the hock Male None
Horse 16 rose grey a white star-shaped mark surrounding the left eye Female None
Horse 16 dapple grey a wide white stripe running down the center of the face Female None
Horse 15 smoky grey a white marking on the heel of the left hind leg Female None
Horse 16 cherry bay a white mark covering the right foreleg's fetlock Female None