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Khalikryst Kuthric
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Thief Khalikryst Kuthric, Duskwalker of the House of the Ivory Scroll, an Elothean.
A protective cage of black lines surrounds Khalikryst. The lines are thin and crazed, creating the illusion that he is a broken glass sculpture.
Khalikryst has silver-flecked crystal blue eyes. His blue-black hair is long and straight, and is worn loose. He has fair skin.
A set of reflective stars float lazily around his head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin. He appears to be in his prime.
He has a tattoo of a shadowy black moongate rippling beside a messy red splotch on the ground on his shoulder.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a calcified femur, a pair of midnight blue Elothean silk shoes with soft leather soles, some steelsilk footwraps, some bloodvine thorn knee spikes, a finely polished knife etched with deep grooves down the blade, a pair of midnight blue Elothean silk pants embroidered with stars and moons, a silvery pouch embroidered with the glowing spheres of Elanthia's moons rising above a windswept ocean horizon, a soft black leather lootsack clasped by a tiny golden padlock, a Katamba-black samite case clasped with an animite phoenix buckle, a polished silverwood telescope case inlaid with a carved black onyx dolphin, an albredine crystal ring, a platinum ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, a brushed platinum and gemstone ring bearing the crest of the Moon Mage Guild, some storm grey gloves, some steelsilk handwraps, a silver betrothal bracelet set with blue and clear gems, an empty prayer bead chain, a crocodile-skin buckler, some gryphon talon elbow blades, a bronze armband inlaid with a cambrinth nightingale, a sleeveless tunic of midnight blue Elothean silk with moon-shaped buttons, a scuffed traveler's pack, a carved dragonwood staff set with an orb of iridescent cambrinth, a set of reflective stars, a Katamba-black nightsilk astronomer's longcoat, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan and a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan.