Midnight Ruby

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Midnight Ruby
Class: cutter
Look: a sleek dark-wood cutter with crimson sails named the Midnight Ruby
Captain: Gossford
Crew: Amala

[The Midnight Ruby, Bow]

The bowsprit, a slender maiden whose outstretched arms hold a giant gem-cut shape to the sky, leads the ship to its destination. Black and red silk bunting adorns the lifelines and the brass turnbuckles have been polished to a lustrous shine. Inside a dank alcove rests a keg of rum, a barrel of fruit, and a fluted smoking lamp to provide a brief respite for the busy crew. Thick black mooring lines run from a wench, through the hawse-hole and to a large iron anchor.

You also see the flying jib.

Ship paths: aft.

[The Midnight Ruby, Main Deck]

Black and red bunting flutters in the sea breeze, mounted on the forward and aft deck rails. Cast iron cleats are affixed along the sides, through which heavy black mooring lines are threaded. Towards the starboard bulkhead a brass-hinged gangplank is securely stowed. A small boson's shack is used to store tools and extra coils of rope. A gnome-sized mop has been secured next to the rail, while far above hang numerous crimson sails, held fast by a complicated network of black rigging.

You also see the mainsail, the main mast and the main topsail.

Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Midnight Ruby, Quarterdeck]

Centered on deck, a stately ship's wheel is mounted upon a raised platform. A slight depression is worn into the wood where the peg-legged pilot stands with an empty rum bottle rolling idly around his feet. Red and black silk bunting surrounds the platform and furls from the deck railing to cover the ship's gangway. The mahogany deck planks have been soap-stoned to a shiny finish, reflecting the brass gleam of the ship's bell. Thick mooring lines lay coiled on the deck, awaiting the next port-of-call.

You also see Snark and a lacquered teakwood scuttle with a tooled brass door latch and matching hinges.

Ship paths: forward.

[The Midnight Ruby, Captain's Cabin]

The Captain's quarters are warm and cozy, a faint scent of spices lingering in the air wafting from a pot of mulled cider. A bright feather lies next to cat-shaped indentation upon the quilt folded at the foot of a four-poster bed. Hanging from a polished brass hook attached to the dark walnut wall beside the bed is an empty parrot cage. Light filters through a glass porthole, dancing around the room in a rainbow of color. You also see a lacquered teakwood scuttle with a tooled brass door latch and matching hinges, a brass-banded hickory sea chest with a skeleton-key lock and ornately lathed feet and a boxwood and ebony gaming table trimmed in mahogany and gold with a few things on it.

Ship paths: none.

look wall (storage)

Attached to the dark walnut wall by brass hinges is a long instrument shelf, above which hangs a hand painted oil of the Captain and his wife framed in rich ebony. A triangle, compass, sextant, and rule are stowed upon the shelf alongside a half-empty bottle of blended Merelew cognac, two crystal snifters and a fine silk tobacco pouch with the curved stem of a pipe sticking out.

look table (storage)

Separated by a thin strip of gold from a mahogany frame which has been inlaid with platinum sharks and ivory albatrosses, the gaming table's play area is fashioned by alternating squares of white boxwood and black ebony. The pieces are stored in perfectly-fitted red velvet depressions and secured by a black leather strap. Painstakingly carved with life-like details of fantastic sea creatures, the pieces themselves are works of art

look chest (storage)

The sea chest has been fashioned from sturdy hickory wood braced with thick brass bands. Frayed and braided black rope handles hang to either side. Appearing quite heavy and strong, the well oiled wood belies many a voyage. Evidence of small nicks and gouges in both the hand-hewn wood and brass show that even though it is well cared for, it has seen many years of service.

look Bed (storage)

A marbled oak four-post feather bed, with sheets and pillow cases that are sewn from fine crimson silk with black piping, rests upon an oak platform containing several large drawers for linen storage. At the foot of the bed is a neatly folded quilt depicting scenes of various ports-of-call, upon which a cat-shaped depression lies next to a single feather. The towering headboard, also crafted from heavy oak, contains various cubbyholes for books, reading glasses and other brick-a-brac. </p>

look port Framed by a round heavy brass frame carved with a bas-relief of a prayer to Phelim, is a very bright and colorful stained glass window. A very detailed nightingale lies at the center, composed of tiny shards of glass held together by a thin platinum frame. Above the nightingale is a depiction of Kertigen's hammer and below is a slumbering dragon.



A battle-scarred goblin of questionable background stands at the helm, his salt-encrusted cloak swirling around him while his peg-leg taps rhythmically upon the polished deck. Hunched over the wheel, his right-hand hook keeps a steady course while the other clutches a half empty bottle of rum, the golden liquid within lapping at the glass like waves against a ship. Glancing at the large scimitar hanging by his side, you decide that the diamond filling his right eye socket is just fine where it is.


  • As of 2007 was captained by Gossford with Amala serving as command crew
  • Auction Cutter. Custom built with GM