Black Storm

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Black Storm
Class: Cog
Rooms: 3
Pilot: Lleianna
Captain: Kasto
Crew: Aislynn
Source: Barana's Shipyard
Instance: Prime
Status: Active


[The Black Storm, Bow]
The bowsprit stretches forward from the ship where the starboard and port gunnels meet. An iron-banded oak capstan is bolted securely to the deck for use in hauling up the anchor, setting the shrouds, or any other work where great purchases are required.
Ship paths: aft.

[The Black Storm, Main Deck]
A brass-hinged gangway is inset into the starboard bulwark, allowing for a boarding plank to be run in and out from there with ease. The ship's rigging hangs above like an intricate spider's web. You also see the mainsail and the main mast.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Black Storm, Quarterdeck]
In the middle of the quarterdeck is the ship's wheel mounted on a slightly higher platform. Shrouds, running from mast to cleats on the bulwark, are run overhead along with sheets from the ship's rigging. You also see Pilot Lleianna, the ship's bell and a large spoked wheel.
Ship paths: forward.


You see Pilot Lleianna, a Kaldar.
Showing allegiance to ship and captain, a blackened medal shaped like a storm cloud adorns the tricorne perched jauntily atop her windswept blonde hair. Her longcoat is left open to reveal a thin linen shirt, while a baldric hangs over one shoulder to support the weight of a cutlass and boarding axe. Loose trousers, belted by a black stormsilk sash, gather at the knees as they meet a pair of gum-soled boots that offer her grip on the deck as she stands steadfast at the wheel.


a wide captain's thumb ring cast from blackened moonsilver
Eerily glowing, the tarnished looking alloy serves as the perfect medium for the stunning nautical scene rendered along its broad surface. Large storm clouds work their way completely around the ring, looming high overhead the churning waves created by a mosaic of Drogor's Wrath sapphire shards. The dark cobalt of the ocean on a moonless night, paler striations within these murky gems resemble whitecaps of a storm-wracked sea. A tiny inscription has been engraved on the inside of the ring.
There appears to be something written on it.
A captain's thumb ring reads:
~the Black Storm~


  • Previously captained by Phairdon.
  • Previous Pilot was named Mivman.
  • Received a Pilot and Captain's Ring alteration on 01/04/2017 by Kasto del'Fawkraste